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Vinegar, To Toughen And Thicken Hands?


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I was told the great Joe Frazier dunked his face in "pickle brine" to toughen it up

Pickle Brine was used by the old time bare knuckle guys. A lot of martial artists believe that methylated spirits will harden the hands.

When I was in the service a lot of guys used Meths on their feet to stop blisters same with pissing on the feet which also hardens them supposedly.

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Well I believe this topic is a paradox.So if Warren Tetting said pickle brine then ill try the pickle brine just to see what happens.Is vinegar the same as brine? I think brine is salted wated right?

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Scott Styles

The best thing I've done to toughen the skin on my hands is to start eating a cereal with flax in it almost daily. I get 1.5g of ALA (omega 3 fatty acid) per bowl and it really seems to have helped.

The other thing I've found to be key is to make sure my environment is well humidified, at like 50% humidity. Dry air pulls moisture out of the hands and makes them prone to cracking. Especially in the midwest during winter, where the humidity indoors can easily drop below 20%. I have two humidifiers, one at home and one at work. I keep them filled and on from late fall to early spring. This is even more important if you use loads of chalk while gripping.

I grip 2 or 3 times a week, yet the skin on my hands is smooth and supple. I don't even think about grip work impacting it anymore. The only time in the recent past I've had any issues was when I was doing KTA, but it's to be expected on a program like that.

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As a climber, i find it works better to actually "sand off" any callouses. A thick callouse is more likely to tear than regular skin.

Use 400-200grit sand paper from the hardwear store and sand them away. Make sure your hands are dry though.

As climber said, increase your oils and water intake and youll have less cracks.

If you do tear a callous off, keep it moist and covered, expecially if it is a region of flexion. if it dries up it cracks again. Use petroleum jelly and a sticking plaster.

A funny anecdote about martial arts and preventing splitting...My brother used to compete on world circuit for kyokoshin karate. To stop getting hit square in the face and solar plexus he would rub petroleum jelly over his cheeks, eyebrows, and solarplexus. always made a strike slide off and not catch properly.

I also believe it was his doing that made it illegal to do such things in kyokoshin world tournaments.

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I always thought that the vaseline used in fights was to keep sweat from going into the eyes???I dont know though I may be wrong.

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the vaseline will help to prevent cuts

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