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Plate Pinch Grips

The Mac

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Looking through most of the pinch info I could find, most pinch lifts are either done on two "free" plates (ie. 2x20kg) or are done with a bar through the centre which allows extra weight to be added. I think that 50kg (2x25kg plates) is the most I have heard of being done with "free" plates, and David Hornes' 65-odd kilo pinch with a bar through the centre is the heaviest in this manner (please forgive me for not remembering the exact weight). My question is this - does anybody use 3 or more plates to pinch grip (without a bar through the centre), and if so, what is the most that has been done in this fashion? Obviously if you use more plates it is not just a wider pinch, but also the plates will slide against each other. I would imagine that thee upper limits for pinches with more than two plates would be around 3x15's or 4x10's.

I look forward to hearing details of your pinching feats.

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Bearcat 74

I've seen Scott Clayton pull 3 22lb plates.

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Guest 77-1005097254

I don't have any weight plates that are suitable for pinch gripping so I use a  two feet by two feet ,43kg concrete paving slab with 2" width grip. The gripping surface was initially much rougher than plates so I sanded them down to be as smooth as plates. I have lifted a best of 45.5kg one handed and 47kg about 6"

There is a picture in the June 2000 issue of Milo, lifting

my 43kg slab. I have a lighter slab of 31kg that I use for training, simply adding small weight plates on top when needed. For two hand pinching I have a three feet by two feet slab 68kg that I add weight to, and have a best of 91kg. It's definately not as ideal as weight plates but as they say " Necessity is the Mother of Invention ".

Cheers Michael.

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Was it Richard Sorin that stated that pinching three 35 pound plates was a incredible feat of grip strength?  Has anybody done that yet?

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Has anyone on the board tried this: get two pieces

of smooth, flat, sheet metal, each perhaps 1/2" in

thickness, with the same width and length as each

other, pinch them together and deliberately let them

slide in your hand as you work the thumb against the

four fingers, raising and lowering one piece against

the other piece. The more polished the metal the better,

even oiling the sides that contact each other. Would this

be an effective way to put the pinch gripping muscles

thru a range of motion?

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This would be a good way to work the muscles through a range of motion - but for pinch grip you don't need range of motion, as it's an isometric contraction. Might give it a try though, Joe, as it would seem to build the muscles of the thumb.

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