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The Arnold Classic Armwrestling Results!

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This was copied off of another Armwrestling Board but I figured I would post it here for the Gripboard guys!!!


65 KG

Karen Cooley over Tonya Wood

Tamara Mitts over Karen Curavoo

Karen Cooley over Karen Curavoo

Tamara Mitts over Karen Cooley

1st Tamara Mitts

2nd Karen Cooley

3rd Karen Curavoo

4th Tony Wood


70 KG

Flori Dutra over Fernando Ferriera

Simon Berrichoa over Scott Ballinger This guy really gave me a lot of Inspiration. He is Bill Balingers son and he is 16 years old......I hope to be up there like him someday!! (added by me)

Brian Thomas over RJ Molinere

Simon Berrichoa over Flori Dutra

Simon Berrichoa over RJ Molinere

Brian Thomas over Simon Berrichoa

1st Brian Thomas

2nd Simon Berrichoa

3rd RJ Molinere

4th Flori Dutra

80 KG

James Smith over Bill Ballinger

Anthony DallAntonio over Gord Squire

George I over Chris Chandler

James Smith over Anthony DallAntonio

James Smith over Chris Chandler

James Smith over George I This was an impressive match when you had to be there to see it.....Crazy George wasn't happy about it but it was a very nice take down!!(added by me)

George I over James Smith

James Smiths win over George I put George into the B sided. George won the final match.

1st George I

2nd James Smith

3rd Chris Chandler

4th Anthony DallAntonio

90 KG

Don McClaree over Brian Johnson

Michael Selaris over Bill Sinks

Don McClaree over Bill Sinks

Michael Selaris over Don McClaree

1st Michale Selearis

2nd Don McClaree

3rd Bill Sinks

4th Brian Johnson

90+ KG

Shawn Turner over Rich Barbe

Travis Bagent over Marcio Barbosa

Harold Owens over Shawn Turner

Marico Barbosa over Harold Owens

Travis Bagent over Marcio Barbosa

1st Travis Bagent Travis Dominated IMO......looked unbeatable!(added by me)

2nd Marcio Barbosa

3rd Harold Owens

4th Shawn Turner

I hope you enjoyed the results lol.....it was much better being there!! :laugh

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Florian Kellersmann

Thanks for posting this, Kyle

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