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SOS Gripper Update

John Szimanski

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John Szimanski

Several of you are on the waiting list for seasoned and calibrated SOS grippers. This update is for you specifically, and others in general.

1. Our torsion spring supplier was taken off guard by the seriousness of our included angle tolerances. It will take more checking and sorting than they are used to (big surprise) but they have agreed to comply. It will take more time to do so and that will impact our schedule. We are slipping the target shipping date to mid-October as a result.

2. As expected and planned, grippers are being reserved in torque ranges and in progressive lots. Statistically, most of the springs we receive will fall into the mid-ranges. Many of you are seeking grippers in the top ranges so you can transition to the next Class. To be sure we can accommodate those requests we expect to adjust wire diameters slightly as required. This means, for example, our Class III spec will be relaxed to read 'nominal 0.280" wire diameter", and we will be trying some 0.290" wire right off the bat. We will see what we learn from the 0.290 and go from there. Regardless of the wire size the gripper tag will still state exactly what you are getting (wire size, torque, etc.). We do not believe this strategy will compromise our main objective to provide a uniform configuration, and a calibrated, stable gripper with appropriate documentation.  

Comments welcome as always.


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