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Got My Powerball Today


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man this thing is great.....my forearms are fried.

at first i just tried to see how fast i could get it...best was 10,458.

Then i did the 30 second test a few time with each hand.

It must be doing something because i had to squeeze hard to hang on to it, and my forearms are hurtin.

Going for top speed doesn't see to be the key for this being a good grip workout...gotta go for time and rpm. I love it, and i think this will be a great tool to add to my hand strength collection.

anyone else still using it?

btw...big steve used one in his video......

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I still use mine.

I think the fact that they are hard to reach "top records" and they DO fry you bad that a lot of people don't use them as much or at all anymore.

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thats too bad...i thought gettting that burning sensation was a good thing. oh well.

mine is great...screw records....i bet most people on the board still bench and squat..but will never set records.

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Having just seen the thread I thought I would add that the powerball offers a good warm up and warm down cycle pre or post training. It will disperse the 'pumped' feeling in the forearm after a heavy set too.

I have found as previous messages have said that going for the high RPMs does not provide the best benefits. This comes through a good steady pace (as fast as you can without having to concentrate) with a fluid motion and maintaining the speed for as long as possible. Once the burn kicks in pass to the other hand and repeat the process.

Keep this going for as long as you can or your patience will allow and forearm endurance will increase.

Also try changing the directions of the rotation, this changes how the exercise feels.

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Hi guys!

Im new to this board,after watching a couple of bios from some of the mash monsters,i decided to join;)

I also have a powerball,and was wondering if u guys train everyday with it??

Do u use any other equipments too for training the hand?


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