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What did you do your last workout?

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The members want to know!

Post your workout results and observations here!

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Guest Danjo

I don' t do much of a workout, but here it is anyway. I bent a 3/8" by 12" zinc bolt into a U shape. I then bent 4 60d nails. I did the initial bend of the bolt by leveraging it over my thigh, then finished it off with just my hands. the nails Ibent over a three hour period of time allowing plenty of recoop time for the last two. the first two I did in a row. The 60d's now take me about 20 seconds to bend into the V shape. I can't quite close them as far as I can the 40d's, but I get them to within an inch of closing them. I bend 60d's every day, though usually only one or two.

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