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Wannagrip's Workout

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Tried Wannagrips routine on Wed and Thurs.  I spaced each workout about 5 hours apart.  I warmed my hands under hot water and then did one rep with the Trainer, #1, and the new #2.  Then I waited five minutes and attacked the Old #2.  On the first rep I actually ground the handles, the best I've ever done!  I spaced the other four reps five minutes apart.  I came very close on each rep but no closes.  Every session was done in the same fashion.  I had to stop after the second workout of the second day because I didn't have any skin on my fingers.  The pain wasn't allowing me to focus on closing the gripper.  I'm a wimp.  I will rest till Monday and then only do a few singles with the New #2.  Then next Thursday or Friday I'm going to grind the heck out of that Old #2.  I'll keep you posted.  Thanks for sharing Wannagrip.


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I got a little sore in my pinkies skin wise as well the first time I tried it.  You may have gone far enough anyway for the kick.  Rest a couple days and then ATTACK!!

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Wanna, Tried your workout last week and will go at it again this week, and then go back to regular training.

I was tired but not super sore until after day two.

What I found interesting is that you can really determine exactly where on your hand you sqeeze the hardest by the sore spots that develop from the friction on the gripper.  In my case, the pinky was pretty sore, which is funny because I did not think that the pinky was providing much assistance in closing the gripper before this little experiment.  Not sure whati will do with that knowledge but another peice to the puzzle.

I will let you know the final outcome in next week.


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