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Hello everyone,

Here is my workout for today.  Nothing real fancy.  I'm at my apartment during the week for school so I'm kind of limited to what equipment I can use.  I've got my grippers and my Atlas Grip Machine (does that get some looks sitting on my desk).  

Goal: Shut Old #2

Workout:  Run hands under hot water

Trainer 1 rep

#1 1 rep

New #2 1 rep

BB #2 3/4in or so from close wait 5 minutes

Old #2 close? Very close but not sure wait 3 minutes

Old#2 1/16 away wait 3 minutes

Old #2 negative closed for a second and then 1/16 held for 10 secs or so, wait 3 minutes

BB #2 negative 3/8 held for 10 sec, wait 3 minutes

Old #2 1/16 held for 10 sec

The times between sets and the times held close were just guesses.  This is the best I have done on the Old #2 in about one year.  Its great to see some progress.  The BB#2 felt like a brick about 2 months ago.  Next workout will be on Mon. or Tues.  I can't wait.  Comments and criticism are welcome.  


PS Forgot to add this was for my right hand only.  I have a terrible pain in my left wrist.  I'm getting it looked at this week.

(Edited by JD79 at 12:08 pm on Mar. 9, 2001)

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