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I train Westside Powerlifting style M/Tue/Th/Fri.

Run tues/thurs around 1-2 miles fartliek style for rugby conditioning.

I do grip COC + either forearm rolling/nail bending/pinch grips on Mon and Friday.  Sometimes I add a extra Wens workout if I feel strong, although I dont do COC's only pinch/rolling thunder/lever work etc...

At night on MWF I also do extra shoulder rehab work and sometimes sled dragging on my lifting days(depending on the weather).  

For most of you this might be considered overtraining, but I am 23, in college with a light course load, and no job.  I also drink alchohal only every fourth week, eat well(extremly strict Monn-Fri) and get 9 hours of sleep a night.

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