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Mobster's Wrist Roller Work

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Solid session with Paul (Dom on school run duties)
[U]SSB Hatfield Squats[/U]
to 290kg x 4 reps

[U]45-degree Leg Press[/U]
to 654kg x 8 reps

[U]Leg Extensions[/U]
to 10p x 10 reps

[U]Lying Leg Curls[/U]
to 9p x 10 reps

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Saturday I got the call that my new (used) Leg Extension machine was on its way so having humped it in with 3 other guys to the foyer I spent a LOT of time and energy getting it into the home gym. S

Friday Benched today as we did (mainly her) a zip wire thing yesterday.  Close Grip Bench Press to 140-kilos x 1 and then 3 x 3 reps Mid-Iso Row to 80-kilos a side x 6 reps @ Roll

Friday Close Grip Bench Press to 162.5kg x 1, F, 1, 1 reps Lat Pulldowns - wide bar to stack x 8 reps ATB to 117.5kg + set up x 3 x 3 reps @  


Shay and Paul. Gym busy. Had a coffee coughing fit (thought I was gonna puke lol)
[U]Dumbbell Seated Press[/U]
to 70lbs x 16 reps

[U]Hammer Dumbbell Curls[/U]
to 70lbs x 17 reps

[U]Skull Crushers[/U]
to 53-kilos x 18 reps

[U]Wrist Roller Work[/U]
102.5-kilos x 3 x 15 reps

[U]Reverse Dumbbell Wrist Curl[/U]
24lbs x 3 x 16 reps

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Started taking on #lockdown clients as of today. 

[U]Chest Supported Rows (M)[/U]
bar x 20 reps, 60kg x 12 reps. 90kg x 12 reps, 120kg x 8 reps, 130kg x 8 reps, 140kg x 4+3 reps (PB - gonna work on that)

[U]One Arm DB Rows (N)[/U]
86lbs x 12 reps, 2 x 90kg

[U]Lat Pulldowns (W)[/U]
Did a bit of volume
1/2 stack x 20 reps, +2 stack plates x 20 reps, +5 (just under 3/4 stack) x 20 reps

[U]DOH Deadlifts[/U]
60kg x 12 reps, 110kg x 9 reps

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Lower back a little stiff today. Paul and Ken on the team.

[U]Close Grip Bench Press[/U]
to 120kg x 1 rep, 140kg x 4 x 3 reps (right elbow tweak), 60kg x 30 reps

[U]Wrist Roller[/U]
102.5kg x 16 reps, then 2 x 20 reps (hands locked in)

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No one else but me (inc the new client... lazy (bad word filter). Lots of locals hit the beer to celebrate a win in Rugby). Jarrard to spot me (doesn't train with me)

[U]Lever Squats[/U]
to 280kg x 6 reps

[U]Iso Lever Leg Press[/U]
to 135kg x 6 reps (HAF) a leg. One at a time

[U]Leg Extensions[/U]
to 10p+2.kg x 10 reps

[U]Lying Leg Curls[/U]
to 10p x 7+3 reps (HAF as per)

Doing a deal (hopefully) on buying a Pec Dec for the gym

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