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What reps are best for crushing grip?


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  1. 1. What reps are best for crushing grip?

    • Lots of reps with easier Gripper?
    • Low reps with tougher Gripper?
    • Partial positive reps with Gripper you cannot fully close yet?
    • Negative reps with Gripper you cannot close yet?

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Depends what type of crushing grip.  Do you want to be able to crush someone's hand?  Full reps with the gripper upside down.  Low reps, but only if you can't manage more.  If you get to higher reps, start working on a harder griipper.  Negatives might be a good choice in this case.

Crushing strength for closing grippers (to eventually get certified) would best be attained by... well try all of the methods and see what works for you.  What worked for me hasn't worked for a lot of people on this board.  I did reps.  Try each method for a while and see where it takes you.

Michael Falkov

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Lots of reps with a easy gripper will do nothing to build your grip strength.

My answer is partial reps with a gripper I can't close yet.  This will help to develop your "hold" and your "sweep".  To train my close, I use the SW and do HEAVY negatives.

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Snott, the guy above you said that reps was what worked for him. I believe he said in another post that he was closing his BBM and might realistically get his #3 closed this year if he buckles down.

Many people on here would say (experientally, not theoretically) that negatives on a grip machine will do nothing to build concentric crushing strength, but if I remember you are having good progress that way. In fact, I think you are the only one that has publically stated gripper progress here in this manner.

Obviously your method works for you, since you closed your #3 and came back from injury to close and certify. What works for one person doesn't always work for the other.

BTW, good job overcoming adversity to certify. A lesser person would have thrown in the towel.

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Exactly, I'm telling steiner to experiment and find what works for him.  Not potentially waste time thinking that there is only one way to do it, and possibly giving up if he chose a method not suited to him.

Negatives are pretty good, give them a shot.  Don't think they are the be all end all just because someone says so.  Check for yourself.

Michael Falkov

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baldy and QuikGrip,

Right you are!!  I'm kinda nuts about negatives, and they are definitely NOT for beginners.  But re-read my follow-up:  I didn't tell him to try them, I just said that THAT was my answer.  You do need to experiment.  I hate reps - but if they work for you - continue them by all means.  I would like to help someone that is experiencing sticking points in their grip training.... rather than listen to someone tell about their routine that doesn't work anymore (and they can't figure out why).  Vary your workouts for maximum gains.... everyone will agree with me on that!!  ;)

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Guest T-Bear

I have found that this works best:

One warm up set at 50% of the  first workingsets load.

Then a working set, so heavy that you reach failure between 10 and 12 reps. Then I rest 3 minutees so I can work as heavy as possible at a load about 92% of the first working set again to failure, I do 2 more sets at this load with 3 minutees rest and to failure then I rest 4 days.


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Recently, I have found something that has worked quite well for me.

First, a little background.  A little less than a year ago, I ordered a #2 gripper from Ironmind.  Shortly after I received it, I closed it once.  Until recently, I have not closed it since.  I don't know why.  I suspect inconsistent training.

Just over two weeks ago I started with 5 sets of 5 reps with the Beef Builder Advanced (BBA) gripper.  The next week, I performed 10 sets of 5 reps with the BBA.  Then a few days later I decided to try the #2 and I closed it for 3 singles easily and probably could have done more.  And this was after only 2 weeks on my new program.

For me, adding volume (using low reps) with a certain gripper helps my strength.  I also plan on detailing my quest for the #3 in a training log that I will post.

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I've found that different training methodologies worked better for me at different stages.

When I could only get a few reps on the #2 I worked primarily with reps. In a very short amount of time I was able to work up to 20 reps or more. This had tremendous carry over into my crushing strength. For example, when I could barely manage 3 reps with the #2 I couldn't even get the #3 to parallel. When I was able to hit 20+ reps on the #2 I was able to get the #3 to within a ¼ of an inch.

The reps worked great for me in regards to my crushing strength, until I hit a certain level. Then that type of training ceased to increase my crushing power. At which point I experimented some more. I found that at my current level that strap holds are producing great results.

So my advice is to not only experiment with training methodologies to see what works for you. But never marry one method. Be willing to reevaluate and experiment some more if/when you hit a plateau.

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I think whatever works for you is best, I say experiment and find a way. For some reason, I was able to close the the #2 a few days after I got it, Im not sure why, since before I got it the only thing I really did was rep after rep on the trainer. Now I can do 4 reps with the #2 (without resetting it) and can get my new #3 to about 3/4ths of an inch (a tad past parallel) when Im fresh. Im not sure how this will add up in the long run though. Just have to keep training and see, everybody is different.

I most recently started to get back into the grippers. The last month or so I was trying to get my #2 closed again after the summer of no-grip :p ! Time after time you could not get the bulk of a pencil tip through the gap. Then I found a pin, it was incredible,  :D !!!! Cleaned the dirt out of my gripper, and I have to say it was a great feeling just after cleaning out the dirt and smashing it like it was nothing, then after that and a little rest.. doing a rep, resetting it, holding it for ten seconds and then closing it for another rep. Then another close, and at the end of an hour I had ~10 more closes on it. That was more clicks my #2 had seen since the time between when I got it and that night. The last week I have closed it at least 40-50 times and counting.

P.S. Hello again QuickGrip, havent seen you post here in a long time, hows your trainin comin along?

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