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Not a good one today.  Missed closing my Old #2 by 1/16.  Didn't wait long enough for hands to recover from last workout.  The gripper wasn't positioned right either.  Focus just wasn't there either.

Hot water

1 rep Trainer

1 rep #1

1 rep New #2

Missed Old #2

Missed it again

2 negatives with BB #2

Try again Sunday.


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Not to worry. Even David Horne must have bad ays and I know that my strength can vary.

You may also have been pushing hard on the full body workouts.

One tip, which I have had to learn the hard way is not to keep picking up the grippers (they sit on my sofa arm) while watching TV and having a few squeezes...

Mind you, this is how I do my gripper workouts. During the advert breaks.

Focus, I think, is one of the most importent aspects of the grip work. I also do very little by way of warm-ups but that works for me, it may not work for you.

Lastly, refering to chats about grippers varying in strength, I have also noticed the better knurling on the later grippers. This will make the hand nice and sore too.

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Thanks for the advice.  I know everyone has a few off days.  The key is to realize why you are having them, I think.  In this case it was a lack of focus, I wasn't fully recovered from the last workout, and I didn't position the gripper right.  You are right about overtraining on the grippers.  I used to squeeze them everyday, it sure is hard to put them down.  I know better now and will correct my mistakes.  Thanks again.


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