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3/10/01 Workout

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Warmups - T-BBM singles only.

1 Attempt at the #3.

Strap hold, BBM (7.5lbs + pin weight) approx 8 sec.

Strap hold, BBM (8.5 + pin) approx 5 sec.

Negative with the 4.  

That's all she wrote.

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Ahh I am in hard training for the OHF dinner next week (17.3.01) and did the following. NB: pissed myself off mucking up the loading of the big db (so hyped got numbers wrong and then couldn't get plates as tight as they need to be).

Four attempts at 259 - 1 successful - on a power rack pin using the 2.5 inch handle from Pullum Sports. As an aside, the set up is that I use a bulldog collar to keep it all as solid feeling as poss and the plates must not revolve at all.

Then, as a finisher, Rolling Thunder 90 kg x 1 (198lbs), 100 kg x 1 (220lbs), and a skimming across the floor not quite lifted 112.5 kg (?).

This is the heavy session performed very sat night. I also use the COC grippers (I have 1-4) and when in training use them on Tuesday evenings. Mostly singles with the 3 - five plus mins apart and some reps better than others :)

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Tom Black


I am curious how many times you do this workout per week.  It seems like the type of routine that can be done at least twice per week.  When I was more focused on the grippers alone, I did a routine similar to what you are doing now.

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