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    14 September 2019, Los Vegas Convention Center. 2019 was the first year a grip contest in any format was ran at the Olympia. I predict after this weekend it grow from here. What a fantastic success! I flew in to Vegas from DFW Friday night at 11:30 pm, arrived at 12:15 am Saturday morning. I got in to my hotel room about 1:30 am. At 8:30 am I made my way to the convention center. Wrist band pickup was smooth, the staff let in a group of lifters to the center early. I weighed in at 8:40 am at 98kg and went off to hunt for something to eat. For the event we had 4 ladies, 6 men in 83 kg class, 6 men in 110kg class, 5 in 110kg+. We opened the event with silver bullet. I used a #4 for 5.78 seconds result. I was perfectly content with that result starting off. My training for the contest was focused on a 5 second hold and being able to recover a miss load with a 4. Steven Anderson ran away with 1st place with a 18.35 #4 hold- pr for him and one of the best results we have seen in 2019 for a contest. Steve Millard had a 6.53 second #4 hold for 2nd place and a contest pr for him. I was in 3rd. Riccardo Magni held #4 for 5.35 seconds a contest PR and #4 position. Rolling thunder was second event. The expo was taking off and we had great crowds as the event unfolded. I lifted 100 kg and missed my lockout at 103kg for 2nd. Tom lifted 103kg for 1st place and missed at 106kg. Steve M took 3rd with a PR 97.5 kg lift, Riccardo 4th with 93.5 kg and John O’Connor at 5th with 90.5 kg. I was pleased with that lift as my RT training has been shifty the last 9 weeks. The last week before the meet I was struggling with consistent reps at 95kg with my competition handle. We took a break for awards and lunch then set up double overhand axle. Axle as a third event definitely feels different than 1 or 2. I lifted 180 kg and missed 185kg. Tom lifted 180kg and missed at 187 kg attempt. I took 1st being the lighter lifter. Riccardo took 3rd with 170kg, Steve M 4th with 165kg and Tom Filus 155kg for 5th. I was predicting a 190-195kg lift but this laceration on my right hand was giving me just enough problems to shut that down. 3” Saxon bar pinch was 4th event. This for me would be my chance for a PR lift and a struggle to overcome Steve M’s tremendous Saxon ability. I lifted 112.5 kg and missed 115kg. Steve took 1st with 112.5kg being lighter lifter then I at 2nd. Tom took 3rd with 100 kg, Riccardo 4th with a Pr 97.5 kg and John O with 5th at 97.5kg. Final 5 was Me at 394.4 points, Steve M with 386 points, and Tom with 374 points, Riccardo with 368 points and Steven A with 345 points. Full score sheet is posted on www.ArmliftingUSA.com under contest results. I have lifted at 3 expos this year- the Olympia was the best run of the 3. The venue was fantastic, the expo was well executed. The whole experience was a major thumbs up. There wasn’t one thing I would want to see changed. I predict it will be substantially larger with each year and I look forward to returning next year.
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    Yesterday in Las Vegas a vendor had a Sorinex Inch replica as a challenge with free supplements as a prize for lifting it. Three of us lifted it. I lifted it seconds after Nick Best had a nearly locked out lift with it. He laid a fist bump on me for my trouble. Adam took a video for me, but I have my back to him. That was the first time I touched a bona fide replica. I walked away with a tub of protein powder too.
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    Steve has no trouble lifting the inch after a 5 hour contest 💪💪💪💪
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    I'd also be very interested in knowing how many people have lifted the Inch after they turned 50. Again, not a list of who could, but a list of who has. I'm very very very close to a full, locked out lift. There are also two other team AARP members on this board, @Kluv#0 and @WestSlope, that will probably lift it the first time they get their hands on one. Would be interesting to know how excusive the geezer club is. @EricMilfeld has gotten close too. We came up with some names at Living Legends. I'm sure there are more: Odd Haugen, Mark Felix, Steve Gardner, David Horne, Bob Sundin, and 2 or 3 others I can't remember off the top of my head. Dave Thornton maybe? Then there are guys like Chad Woodall and Arto who could easily do it, but I'm not sure if they have actually done it since they turned 50. If you guys know of some names to add to the list, that would be a big help.
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    The vendor was announcing that the bell was 200 lb, so after Adam tossed it around with both hands he put it on their scale. 172. The whole vendor scene was like being in the center of a weird circus. Tom lifted the Inch before Adam and I. Tom is a monster on thickbar
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    This weekends Training: Saturday 9/14/19 Deadlifts with Wrist Wrap Hooks 2 warm up sets 225 lbs - 3x 275 lbs - 2x 335 lbs - 3 sets of triples 2.5" Crusher Lifts 67.5 lbs - 2 sets of 10x each hand 72.5 lbs - 10x each hand 77.5 lbs - 2 sets of 10x each hand - Just like all grip work, I'm starting light and I'll slowly up the weight each week Medium Grip Cable Rows with 2.25" Yes 4 All Grips 120 lbs - 4 sets of 10x Lat Pull Downs 120 lbs - 4 sets of 10x with 2.25" Yes 4 All Grips Sunday 9/15/19 Standing Barbell Overhead Press 135 lbs - 8x 165 lbs - 2x 195 lbs - 2x 215 lbs - 3 sets of doubles Machine Rear Laterals 100 lbs - 10x 110 lbs - 10x 120 lbs - 10x 130 lbs - 10x Seated Machine Shoulder Press 140 lbs - 3 sets of 10x Seated Machine Side Laterals 70 lbs - 10x 90 lbs - 10x 110 lbs - 10x 130 lbs - 10x Sledge Levers to front 6 lb Sledge - 3 sets of 10x each hand Sledge Levers to Rear 6 lb Sledge - 3 sets of 10x each hand Sledge Supination/Pronation 6 lb Sledge Choke up on the handle (hand in front of blue tape)- 3 sets of 10x each hand
  7. 2 points
    You exuded this energy all day - loved it. It felt a lot like climbing with friends.
  8. 2 points
    Interestingly, one person who probably never lifted the Thomas Inch Dumbbell without cheating is Thomas Inch himself. Many don't know that the original bell has a hole in it. Mr. Inch (I hear he was a good 2 1/2" when angry) had a pin that came down from a wrist strap he wore. That pin would be inserted in the hole and stop the rotation of the dumbbell, making it way easier to lift. Whether he ever successfully lifted it without using this old time strongman trick has been debated, but probably not.
  9. 2 points
    September 15, 2019 Before Supper Couldn’t manage to get this in yesterday as we had the grandgoobers from breakfast time to the evening. Left squats as I’ll be doing them on Tuesday and my lower abdominals are tweaked a bit. Bench Press wu to 119.5k x 5/5/7 Screwed up my air and mis-grooved Dip 280 x 2 x 8r Neck Harness 30# x 4 x 30r
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    Bench 50x12 70x10 90x7 105x20 PR!!! This is an all-time projected max PR.
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    Left shoulder still.messed up but working around it pretty well. 2 firsts today: new red nail in imps (little under 2 min, it was rough) and spiral red nail imps no bands under 1 min, cert conditions! Bastard pretty quick in BBW, about 26 seconds. Wobbled a 150 kg irongrip bar in BBW, didn't measure because my caliper batteries were dead but it's probably a 5/16 or 8mm hex. I'm taking a lot of extra time with the gripper crush because my chest crush usually leaves me at 2 1/8 or so. If I can get that sorted I'll be killing this stuff a lot faster. My blood pressure was high and "very high" cholesterol so I'm cleaning up my diet a lot, so far no negative effects on strength but too soon to say if it's helping. Losing a bit of weight, 191 lbs in flip flops. Not a bad day in the garage. Some vids on instagram. And my wife wanted to take a picture to explain all the chalk on my shirt.
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    Awesome & Congrats Steve💪 Also, great contest performance ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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    Kept them in the yard for probably 6-7 hours yesterday. Popsicles and keg rolling!
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    Gotta work around the important stuff like grandgoobers!
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  16. 1 point
    Lots of thick bar yesterday. Lots of pinch today. Then a bunch of these lefty. Would love to lift this with both the right and left.
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    9/15/19 Did a nice sledge feat this A.M. after my pinch workout. Double coin DL Front 8lb stamped & Rear 12lb stamped. This looks easy but it is very, very difficult strength/coordination
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    Some lists I've found from David Horne's forum and gripboard. Please note, some people appear on several lists. I have edited the lists so that each name only appear once (hopefully without any errors). That makes it easier to count. 78k replica Inch Dumbell Deadlift and Hold for time (no tilt) Juha Harju - 18.5 secs - 22 Nov 2013 - Finland [Gladiator] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3Ub_Azi ... e=youtu.be Eric Roussin - 12 secs - 25 Feb 2012 - Canada [Adamski] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ecd9agBG ... e=youtu.be David Horne - 9 secs - 20 Mar 2012 - England [78.5k Holle] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9uHEIw0 ... tube_gdata Nick McKinless - 4 secs - 16 June 2013 - Gripathon - England Tommy Jennings Jr. - 2 secs - 21 Dec 2014 - USA [Adamski] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p63uHZl ... e=youtu.be Chris Lowe - 1.84 secs - 11 May 2013 - British Grip Champs - Stafford, England Rob Russell - 1.1 secs - 11 May 2013 - British Grip Champs - Stafford, England Adam Glass - 16 Feb 2012 [beer cans] - USA [Adamski] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGlfu_XO ... e=youtu.be David Horne - 18 Feb 2012 - England [78.5k Holle] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzSRZ2Pm_54 Wade Gillingham - 24 Feb 2012 [beer cans] - USA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWbjG_432nk Matt Brouse - 6 May 2012 [beer cans] - USA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osPkcs3B ... e=youtu.be Matti Harju - 26 Apr 2013 - Finland [Gladiator] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yemug1Cu ... e=youtu.be THUMBLESS GRIP 78K INCH DUMBELL DEADLIFTS Magnus Samuelsson (Sweden) – Jan 2001 – Atlanta, USA [Sorinex DB] Marcel Pelletier (USA?) – 2004 – New Haven, CT, USA [Sorinex DB] Steve Gardener (England) – 16 Aug 2008 – Haltern am See, Germany [Holle DB] Devon Larratt (Canada) – 20 Nov 2010 – Kingston, Ontario, Canada [Adamski DB] Brian Tamblyn (Canada) – 20 Nov 2010 – Kingston, Ontario, Canada [Adamski DB] Shea Dickie (Canada) – 20 Nov 2010 – Kingston, Ontario, Canada [Adamski DB] Ron Bath (USA) – 13 Dec 2014 – Dalton, GA, USA [Sorinex DB] Florian Kellersman (Germany) – 14 May 2016 – Bochum, Germany [Holle DB] Marco Buhl (Germany) – Dec 2016 – Bochum, Germany [Holle DB] Storm Chellino (USA) – 3 Jan 2017 – Scranton, PA, USA [Sahlaney Iron DB] Andrew Durniat (USA) – 22 Mar 2017 – Wooster, OH, USA [Adamski DB] Jesse Pynnonen (Finland) – 31 Mar 2017 – Heinola, Finland [Gladiator DB] Tomi Tuomi (Finland) – 5 Apr 2017 – Heinola, Finland [Gladiator DB] Eirik Bruun Ingebretsen (Norway) – 5 June 2017 – Norway [Slaters Hardware DB] Ivan Beritashvili (Russia) – 31 Mar 2018 – Russia [BruttoBells DB, Ekaterinburg, Russia] Thomas Larsen (Norway) – 30 June 2018 – Arendal, Norway [Slaters Hardware DB] Jedd Johnson (USA) – 15 Dec 2018 – Wyalusing, PA, USA [Sorinex DB] Listed on Gripboard Richard Sorin Jim Wylie Nathan Holle Chris James Bob Woodard Jeff Bissonnette Ryan Brown Shane Larson Shawn Littleton Eli Kiener (Eli72) Clay Edgin Ron Mazza David Thornton Travis Alcorn Ryan Klein John Eaton Chad Woodall Martin Ressel (Martinch) Laine Snook (also lifted the Millennium DB at the same time) Rex Hubbard Aaron Corcorran Jonas Samuelsson-Säll Kupinckiy Igor John Wojciechowski Double Inch Farmers Walk Joel Sward Inch Dumbbell and 50# Blob Brian Shaw* Bob Sundin Tanner Merkle Some people I have seen videos of and heard about. Or it's reasonable to assume that they have lifted an Inch DB. Alexey Tyukalov Mike Burke Rich Williams Odd Haugen Mark Henry Eddie Hall Mark Felix Paul Savage Sl-Ghi Choi Håkan Carlsson Oscar Bertrandsson (was only 15 years old when he did it and is to my knowledge the youngest person to acomplish this feat) Martin Arildsson Kalle Lane Cim Johansson Yves Gravelle Luke Raymond Jon Call Carl Myerscaugh Carl-August Mertz That is 76 names. I can easly count to 100 if I wanted to search the web a bit more and there's at least twice that amount who has done it. I remember seeing many videos of people I don't know the name of. And that's only by people who post videos. I would say that 200 people would be the absolute minimum.
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    People who can and people who has are two completely different things. There are probably tens of thousands of people who can lift an inch, but most of them will never get to try to lift an inch. Most of them will have no clue of what an inch is.
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