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    I finally achieved the first grip goal I ever had, COC 3 certification. Thanks for reffing @Tommy J. http://ironmind.com/news/Tanner-Merkle-Certifies-on-the-Captains-of-Crush-No.-3-Gripper/
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    Today was the Grand Opening of my Gym, PEAK Strength and Fitness. I was going to kick off the festivities by pulling a Fire Truck, but due to rain, I felt it would be unsafe to do so, so instead, I put on an impromptu Strongman Show, consisting of various feats of strength, including trying to Clean and Press (Push Press) the Thomas Inch Dumbbell Replica.
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    The Last Gripmas Carol Not sure where to start really. It started out where it was just going to be a sort of Listmas Carol. No contest – no Arm Lifting – no Medley. I wanted it to run it short and simple and then have a long session of visiting and feats of strength. Hopefully a few people would arrange some certs through Iron Mind and the various companies who did those. But no – I had to go and shoot for the moon. I added this – then that – and so on until pretty much there wasn’t anything left to add. As it turned out I think I tried for too much. I knew (or at least hoped) Gripmas would attract more people than my garage gym would hold – which added a whole new level of complexity to things. Living in Crooksville only gave me one choice which was Underground Athletics Gym here in town, a really nice facility that just opened last year. Thankfully they were fully on board – Jamie and Brittney Brannon were wonderful hosts. I agonized over moving everything down but in the end it turned out to be nothing – several of the Gripmas guys showed up – Jamie and several HS football players showed up – one of my climbing buddies was there – moving was a non-issue. In years past Teresa and I had cooked breakfast for everyone but that wasn’t going to work this year so I arranged with Peaches place (the only restaurant in town) - for a catered breakfast and supper for competitors and workers – wives etc. I thought the meals were really good even though we had to order more supper as we went through in like staving wolves. I had visited the gym several times and measured the floor etc working on where to put everything - which fell apart as soon as the doors opened and people showed up with bags, coats, more equipment etc. Every plan looks good until you get hit in the face LOL. At this point I realized my “plan” was out the window. Thank god for Katie Leitheiser – who must have been born with some “organizing” gene. She asked me if she could “take over” and being pretty much overwhelmed I said yes. So please say Thank You next time you see her. People started arriving, weigh ins and breakfast went down smoothly and it was time for certs and then grippers. We had a Red nail cert by Gary Stuart which blew my mind – not one but 3 Reds destroyed in one minute – insane! Brian Hunsacker did an IM #3 cert which looked like a toy gripper in his hand. The Don Cummins was up for a David Horne cert (2 David Horn 6” nails pre wrapped (a whole table top covered with them) – bend as many as possible in 2 minutes) – he blew through 15 and then I started I getting ready to catch him if he went down – his breathing got pretty hard by then. But all was well and he fought for 2 more before time ran out – a total of 17 – WOW! We started Grippers then – 20 mm block set on the NAGS gripper set of calibrated grippers. Going two at a time really speed things up – grippers went nice and smooth – with my injured hand making me do even worse than I would normally have done. I got 125# and missed 130#. Not to make light of the injury but I wouldn’t have done much better anyway. Next up was the David Horne two hand pinch. We had three stations – one for warm ups and then one set for each width – seemed to be a good system except not allowing at least a couple warmups on the competition set ups hurt people with their choices I think – I know it did me. My 2 HP training leading up to the comp had been horrible – with a top out of only 190 – then the last week jumped to 210 just one time – so I set that as my goal weight. It just so happened I ended up on Jedd’s Euro setup – and it felt amazing to me. Goal coming in was 210#. I don’t remember my exact attempts but I ended up with around 217# for my fourth attempt – and it felt like nothing at all. So I ask for an extra attempt – and then another (one nice thing about being the meet director hehe) – ended up pulling 232# (didn’t count of course) – only 3# off my all-time best ever – and at 70 years old – big smile! The pinch also ran smooth with one seeming hiccup in weight I failed to address – my fault. Next up is the Iron Mind Axle – a 2” barbell that had to be deadlifted – held to a down signal – then lowered. Once again a warmup station – and two comp setups. My goal coming in was 325# - a weight I had gotten up in training but wasn’t able to hold – so my comp goal was 325#. Ended up with somewhere around 336# so quite happy here as well. This was lower than the big boys even started lifting at ! We had a bunch of darn strong guys here! The Axle results counted towards the Arm Lifting part of that comp so they had one down. Those interested went over to do their other Arm Lifting competition pieces. I was glad we could include this in Gripmas – there is a rift between NAGS and Arm Lifting that I would like to see mended somehow – maybe this would help? While this was going on some of us were setting up the Medley. I went first and got 30 points – Aaron got 31 and Andrew Durniant got 29. I beat Andrew in a Medley! After my Hercules hold at BBB one time maybe the high point of my Grip career. Not everyone chose to do the Medley – lots of people started doing feats – bending horseshoes etc etc. About that time the food came and a pack of wolves couldn’t have hit it any harder – I had to order more pizza and wings before a mutiny broke out. Not much went on after this so we started handing out awards – of which there were many – thanks to the tremendous generosity of all the competitors bringing items to add to the mix! I want to give Jedder a big Thank You as he gave me back his first place cash award – he’s one hell of a friend and such a positive to the sport of Grip. Seemed people were winding down and ready to leave but many stayed to help take all my equipment back up to my gym at home. A couple thousand pounds of muscle and a couple trucks made mighty short work of it. We all said good byes and all of a sudden Tee and I were on our own with sons Sean and Josh – the quiet was deafening! Once inside - a drink and several glasses of water – a bath and a bed. Slept in the next day – pancakes and eggs – then out to the gym to start putting things back in their proper place. Six or so hours for Teresa and I and it was pretty much back to normal. And The Last Gripmas Carol was done – a very bitter sweet day!
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    Hello All, Did some revolving handle lifts last night. I will try the crusher next, then the Rolling Thunder. Hopefully I will be able to do some official lifts in the coming months. Good luck. Laine
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    Tried the Silarukov handle tonight with 108kgs - I was lacking a bit in the thumb department - and I'd also run out of chalk...not the best way to test what I could do! I will try the Crusher with 106.5kgs next week and see if I can get a similar amount of reps?
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    The guy with machine hands is back with another ridiculous video. I count 24 reps.
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    Just like the title says 500 double over, no hook! I've been working my sumo again the last 10 weeks and my grip always feels stronger with my hands closer together. I think most recognize this on the axle especially. So I've been pushing what I can do DO. I pulled 450x3 DO two weeks ago and decided to go for the big 500 last night! And before anyone mentions it, yes this is not an olympic bar. Its the 1 inch diameter, 6 foot long bar that comes with most standard weight sets. I'm very curious at what point I'll have to upgrade to a stronger bar.
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    Report following investigation into Crusher post King Kong. I'm not going to post the summary here. 5 years of experience working in a R&D center taught me that if I put the summary out, nobody will read the body of report. Crusher-investigation-11-5-2018-edits.pdf
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    Second time using it....figuring out hand position initially was the key but once I got it locked in I was able to increase up to this lift at 259lbs. This is a 6" lift so I think I cleared that by enough 🤣 Current record held by Thomas Larsen is 247.14lbs
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    Finally got it offhand! As an aside, can we start a section in the Community Record block weight list for the York Legacy Dumbbells? I would be interested in seeing who all has lifted the different Beelzeblob, Blobzilla, Blobfather, etc.
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    I did my test last night with 98kgs on the Rolling Thunder - did the 'legal' handle demonstration, and then weighed afterwards for weight confirmation. It was hard work. Good luck. Laine
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    Wow. I am so lucky I fell into the grip crowd before Chris stopped doing Gripmas. This was a most excellent day, filled with good people and satisfying exercise. I did tire out sooner than I sometimes do, so I skipped the medley, which was something I was looking forward to but was just too spent to attempt. But, that was only because I pushed myself and did my best all day before then. So, at King Kong in October, I pulled something in my right arm. It hurt so much I was pretty sure I would be doing Gripmas left handed. Others were telling me to go to a doctor, and that I might need surgery. Even now, in December, it is not 100%. But it is much better. Much better. And today was a really good day. First, I was definitely interested in doing the comp part of Gripmas. So I ate carefully for a couple of days and made my weight by just about a kilogram - 82K on the scale, with light clothes on, got me into the 83K class. Then I chowed on the generous and yummy breakfast that Chris had arranged. Excellent start. Grippers - at Nationals in June I closed a 140 and failed on 145. Because of my injury, which has healed quite a bit, I have been avoiding max attempts. They have been hurting. So I decided to open with 135, which I have done pain-free at home recently, and to see what developed. It closed pretty easily, so attempt 2 was 140. I wouldn't say that was easy, but really not too bad. So I perked up and thought; 145 maybe? Even a little injured? Let's try it! Nope. Failed. But it didn't hurt! That was a win. So I did a 4th attempt and tried it again. Failed again! But another victory, because no pain. My MM0 was a 145 and I've done more in practice without passing a block through, so almost getting 145 today signaled to me that I may be ready for a full on gripper workout again now or soon. And the 140 for the books was the same as I've done before. Very pleased! Euro - at Nationals I pulled 182. So I opened at 172, having warmed up well and feeling like slightly lower weights were not close to my max. It went up fine, so I jumped to 182. FAIL! But someone remarked, I think it was Nate, "It looked like you had it and just decided to put it down before you got it all the way up!" Yeah, that must have been it ... lol. Well, I got 182 on the next try. Then for my last shot, 187 just wasn't willing to go the whole way. I'll take that 182! Axle - anyone who saw me do that knows that I don't know how to deadlift. And I don't deadlift. My axle is limited by what my legs and core can lift (with bad form), not by what my hands will stay on. I opened with 237, went to 250, then 263. Before my last attempt, I hemmed and hawed over whether to go 270 or 277. I chose 270, and it went up, so I held it for quite a while and set it down slowly and lightly like I was in someone's upper-floor apartment, because it was my last attempt. But then when they upped it to 277, I just needed to know if I should have tried that instead. They let me try it, not to count, and it went up! Very pleased, except for the strategy snafu; should have been a little greedier there, but that happens. My biggest impression from this event is the inclusion. Everyone is made to feel like this is a place we all belong. A year ago I had just met Anton and Anthony, and they were going to last year's gripmas and told me that week's workout was cancelled. A year later, I drove the two of them to Gripmas. And liked it, even the 8 hour drive. They made a newcomer feel welcome, and Chris made me feel welcome, and the sport makes me feel welcome. In return, I say welcome to all the newbies who want to jump on this expand your hands bandwagon! It's a great ride. That is all. Humor next time. I had a blast, and many thanks to Chris Rice, his wife, and all my many grip mentors and friends! Good night!
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    Steel Bending Roadmap Overview of Major Changes · Athletes will be required to pay a fee of $3 per certification. · Athletes will be required to fill out a new standardized form containing information for the bend. · Judges will be compensated a $3 store credit for each bend judged. · Multiple Judges will be brought on and it will be a work as desired system. · Records list and Credits will be updated on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month. Plus-Minus 48 hours. Concept and Thoughts I thank everyone for the ideas and suggestions on how to handle the bending certs I’ve decided to go with a pay to cert system. What I want to create here is a true win-win-win scenario where benders are judged not by some arbitrary store owner but peers and friends within the bending community. So first and foremost the Judges will be compensated with a store credit matching the cost of the certification. This for one will pay for the time but more importantly encourage that the Judge is an active bender using this to help fund the habit and watch the video’s he would already have enjoyed studying. The athlete will have the benefit of getting feedback on the bend from a fellow active bender and a more responsive system overall. As the organizer this will increase steel sales which go right back into maintaining the store and covering my time and energy updating the website. Also the paying in store credit gets me around some of the accounting issues. Now the negative point I loathe to bring up is the number 1 way that people cheat a FBBC cert is they don’t use FBBC Steel. If the judges are checking the style and such is good the only thing then that I have to verify is the materials authenticity. I still have a significant amount of background work I need to do so I’ll lay out the task list for everyone here. I’m not going to make any promises when I’ll get it done with the Holidays and Gripmas here but I’m trying. Tasks: · Honor all past certifications. Someone whose initials may have C-A-M is almost done and that was a lot. · Open new Certs email account. Current server works but is not new user friendly and Judges don’t need to add that to things they need to figure out. · Consolidate all the bending rules into a single PDF · Clean up rules on webpage. · Generate form Athletes Submit with bending video. · Generate instructions page for Athletes. Video’s, Form fillout, ect · Set up credit tracking system · Bring Judges on board · MAKE BENDING GREAT AGAIN Long Term Tasks: · Expand bending to include braced bending · Generate new certificates for bends.
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    Hello Grip Guys. Last year we had King Kong here in Dubai. It was great and many liked it. I decided to host it last moment thanks to my friend Jedd Johnson. Now I am hosting another grip contest on Friday March 8th 2019. Plan is around 6 hours for the events to be completed. Long list of event. There will be WR too here I hope. First will be the IM RT. IM rules. All IM rules will be recognized by IronMind. Second, Baseline dyno Crush. No jerking allowed. Arms at 90 degrees and can straighten it out to 180 degrees but without jerking. Can twist the hands/arms so palm is facing the sky. Should start slowly then accelerate. But no jerk is allowed. Two attempts allowed. The best attempt is chosen. Third, IM blockbuster. IM rules Forth, IM little big horn. IM rules. Fifth, IM hub. IM rules Rest for 45 Minutes. Sixth, Two hand pinch euro hold. David horn rules. Seven, Axle for maximum reps or Apollos Wheels Replica for reps. If the Apollo's wheel came on time then we use it. Deadlift for Maximum reps. Both type of grip is allowed; DO and mixed. One DO grip will be more than any reps using mixed grip. You get the point. Conventianal and Sumo stances both are allowed. If the Apollo's wheeles didn't come on time then my Axle and only DO lift will be allowed and 3 attempts. Eight, Pinch endurance, Blobs for reps 1.5 (90 seconds) minute to a stand. Starting weight is 50 LB blob (blob 50/half of 100) and 2.5 pounds less up to 40. the next one down is the 32.5 blob. Again, one rep on blob 50 will be more than 10 reps on 47.5 blob. It is York blobs. Only chalk is allowed here. Prizes are: First prize AED 1500 + Medal (AED 1500 will be over USD $400) Second prize AED 1000 + Medal Third Prize AED 500 + Medal Next 7 people will get Medals. There will be prizes by IM too but I will confirm what it is later when I get more information. Competition is called Strongest grip in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA region). All locals and residence can compete and win. Invites will be sent starting tomorrow to people in the region. Guest lifter who is not a resident here CAN compete but will not be ranked in the region. Will get Medals as a guest lifter and overall winner (assuming he won). World records by guest can and of course be counted under the organization standards.
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    I posted this over on reddit and figured I would share here too. Yesterday I competed in my first grip contest, Cupid's Nightmare in the 120kg weight class. It was hosted by Jedd Johnson and Luke Raymond at Peak Performance gym in Wyalusing, PA. I met a lot of good people and had a great time. Jedd streamed the whole event on facebook so you can watch everything if you'd like. Here's the video of my lifts if anyone is interested (BTW the sound isn't synced up right for some reason, I definitely was not holding well past the down commands) First event was silver bullet. We had 1 minute to set the bullet but only one attempt once we had it clamped. I got 8.66 seconds on the COC 3. Someone said I should've tried to start with the 3.5 but I don't know if that would've happened. Just hitting the 3 was my goal and I got it so I was happy, Next was a one hand 2 3/8" Napalm's Nightmare to a 6" crossbar. We had 4 attempts, 30 seconds per attempt. I successfully hit 135.75, 146.?, and 156.01lbs. On my 4th attempt I lifted 165.95 and actually hit the cross bar but then the weight dropped out of my hand before I lowered it. I tried a couple more times but it wasn't happening. 150 was my goal so I was happy to pass that but damn I was so close with the 165. 3rd was one hand 3" blockbuster pinch block to lockout, 4 attempts, 1 minute per attempt. They were being super strict on lockouts and making us hold for a second, like literally a "one one thousand" second. I hit 60.11 righty and then switched over to lefty for 65.? and 70.0 because I wanted to save the skin on my right thumb for one big last lift. I attempted 75.11 for my 4th but it wasn't budging. My goal was 70 and I was happy I hit it. Probably should've tried for ~72.5 on my 4th though. Next was two hand 2" Napalm's Nightmare to a 6" crossbar, 4 attempts, 30 seconds per attempt. I hit 325 and 350lbs pretty smoothly for my first 2 attempts. On my third I lifted 375 to just below the bar and it slipped out of my left hand. I took a breath, tried again, hit the cross bar, and then slammed the weight down just because I was worried it would slip out at the top again like with the one hand nightmare. I attempted 385lbs for my 4th and broke the ground several times but just couldn't get it to the crossbar. My goal was 350 so once again I was happy to pass that. The last event was the little big horn to lockout, 4 attempts, 1 minute per attempt. They were being strict with the long pause again here. I hit 136.08, 146.1, and 156.? smoothly on my 1st 3 attempts. my final attempt was 161.15lbs. I lifted it to just below lockout righty, then lefty and was starting to freak out a bit. I had 30 seconds left so stepped back, took a breath, rechalked, and then came back and hit it strong for a lockout. This was my favorite moment of the day for me and felt great to finally hit a 4th, especially after floundering at first. I have no idea how I placed but I had a great time. I achieved or exceeded every one of my goals going in so it was a great performance for my expectations. Everyone was super friendly and cheering for each other and trying to help the other competitors. Jedd and Luke are great and put on a good show. It is amazing to see the massive weights that the top guys hit after I hit a PR. At the end of the day I stood 5 feet away from Luke breaking the little big horn world record, it was awesome. For anyone that is on the fence, I encourage you to try a grip contest. You don't have to be the biggest or the strongest, you just have to go and give it your all. Everyone was more than willing to help show techniques and talk about weight attempt selection. Any one within driving distance of Jedd's place should definitely come on out to the next contest he hosts. Well that's about it, thank you to anyone that read all the way through.
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    Yesterday I was at the Los Angeles Fit Expo competing in the Visegrip Viking All-American Armlifting Challenge. This was my third time attending this event, and as always, there were many very strong competitors. In the 220-lb class, there were four men: me, Riccardo Magni, Steve Millard, and Devinlee Brown. Riccardo I know quite well at this point, but it was the first time I had met Steve and Devinlee. Both have previously competed in 2-3 grip contests, including King Kong in 2017 and 2018. I knew they were good a thick bar, as they had both lifted more than 200 lbs on the 2.5” Crusher. I put my hand against Devinlee’s because he looked like he had very long fingers. I was correct. I didn’t have a ruler, but I estimate his hand length is close to 9”. I believe he lives in Minnesota and he also armwrestles. The first event of the contest was the double overhand axle deadlift. This event was part of the strongman contest as well as the armlifting. There must have been close to 50 competitors in all. Two axles were used: a brand new one for those who were lifting heavier weights and a well-seasoned one for those lifting (relatively) lighter weights. My goal heading into LA was to lift at least 425 lbs on the axle. Training for the Arnolds has been going well, and I felt this would be possible. (Note that I’ve been moving up in weight for the past three months, which has helped accelerate strength gains.) I started at 385 lbs for my first of four attempts, and it went up fine. I then moved to 407 and then 418 – smooth sailing so far. I went for 429 on my last attempt and was successful. This tied my contest record, which I set back in 2013 when I weighed close to 220 lbs. It was nice to hit this number again, and it has given me confidence in my quest to lift 440 at the Arnolds. I believe the most weight lifted by anyone in the contest was 462 or 473. Next up was the Rolling Thunder. Traditionally, the RT has been contested prior to the axle in Odd’s events, but not this year. I don’t know if this played a part, but seemingly everyone’s numbers were down from usual. I expected to lift at least 231, but only managed 220. I just couldn’t get a comfortable grip on the handle. Martins Licis, Odd Haugen, and Carl Myerscough all lifted 220 and then moved to 242 --- and all three missed! Carl in particular couldn’t believe it because he hadn’t missed this weight in years. The only person to lift more than 250 lbs was Russian Roman Penkovski (he lifted 253 lbs). Even world record holder Alexey Tyukalov only managed a lift of 248. Everyone seemed a little confused by the results. The good news for me was that because there was a four-way tie for third place, being the lightest competitor I won the tie-break. This meant I also won the third place cash prize! The Saxon Bar was up next. It was a beautiful bar recently made by Sorinex. Everyone agreed that the bar had a great texture. I wasn’t sure how I would do. I was expecting to lift close to 225 lbs if the bar was similar to mine. The dimensions of the bar were the same, but the texture was even better, so I was thrilled when I was able to lift 242 lbs! But in my opinion the most impressive Saxon Bar performance was Steve Millard’s. At a bodyweight of about 210 lbs and in his fifties, he outlifted everyone except Martins Licis! He lifted 253 lbs – a weight that even the great Alexey couldn’t manage! The final event was the Silver Bullet. My goal is to be able to do a hold with the #4 at the Arnolds, but I’m not quite there yet. So I just attempted the 3.5. Judging by how my training had been going, I thought I should be good for about 15 seconds. I tried to set the gripper, and then it slipped out of position. I tried to set it again, but was still having trouble. Starting to panic that I would run out of time, I settled for a horrible hand position, and only held the bullet for a little more than 3 seconds. (I realized after that I still had plenty of time. Upon Riccardo’s suggestion, I will re-enact this scenario in training so that I can better manage my time at the next contest and avoid panicking.) Luckily, I had built up enough of a buffer to secure the overall class win. The LA Fit Expo always get fantastic attendance and there was a great-sized crowd throughout the contest. If you haven’t been there before, I suggest putting it on your bucket list!
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    Hello All. Had some fun(?) with the Crusher tonight - much harder than the Silarukov 60mm handle. I had to dig in to get the reps out tonight. At one point, I thought I was going to expire!!! I will try the R/T with the same weight next time. Good luck. Laine
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    I dropped my dog off at my friend's house Thursday night. The Wife and I woke up early on Friday morning to get around rush hour traffic, since New York City is unavoidable going basically anywhere from Long Island. After a 7-11 pit stop to pick up snacks and water, we hit the Southern State Parkway at about 3:20 AM for the long ride out. I'll spare you the details (PA turnpike west, 85-95 mph) and just tell you we checked into the hotel about 4 PM. We made three brewery stops and attempted to visit a distillery but were unsuccessful; the two good breweries were Wooly Pig in Coshocton (very high quality local brew, including a saison fermented on white wine must that was absolutely delish) and Weasel Boy in Zanesville (also served pretty good Italian-style flatbread, but as a Long Islander I can't in good conscience call it pizza). The stouts were the star of the show at Weasel Boy. After The Wife went to sleep, I headed out to TUMBL__EED [some of the lights were nonfunctioning] and grabbed some tacos and Sam Adams with everyone there (Nate, Anton, Vinnie, Anthony, Andrew P, his wife Katie, Rich, Tim, Don, and I'm certain a bunch of other people I've failed to mention) . I managed to nearly dump a chicken avocado taco in my lap despite not actually being drunk at the time. Afterward, we headed back to Nate's hotel room but quickly relocated to go see the Charlotte Pickup Artists. Everyone was generous with their booze and stories. The morning of the competition I was miraculously not hung over, despite having posted that I was going to miss weight and thinking it was hilarious. At the gym on Saturday morning, I had the pleasure of meeting Chris, Jedd, Joe Sullivan, and numerous others. The breakfast and coffee were ample; the cell signal, less so. I'd like to join the chorus of people shouting that Andrew's wife Katie was unbelievable in her self-appointed role as contest coordinator; she and Andrew Durniat's wife, whose name I regret I don't recall (and I'd rather not go by her nametag), ran the contest without a hitch. The Astoria crew showed up so late that I was certain that Anton was dead and Vinnie and Anthony were going to marionnette him Weekend at Bernies style through the contest. The pre-contest certs were incredible. Gary bent 3 red nails in under 1 minute, all while using a placement lower on his chest than I'd seen due to flexibility issues. Bryan Hunsaker closed the 3. Don Cummings bent 17 pairs of 6-inch nails in two minutes. Unbelievable! I also spent a lot of time talking two the two Rochester climbers - fun guys. Real dipsticks. I got to see them do some truly dizzying pullup variants, as well as watching Aaron do warmup shoulder presses with more weight than my 1RM and watching Nigel Blackburn pull a world record on the Euro. Grippers: My PR on grippers was about 118 or 119 from SJ4FF. I'd been practicing the set but not much else. I think I opened at either 105 or 110, then jumped to 115, failed by a credit card's width on 120, and closed 120 for my fourth attempt. Jedd did a great job judging this; running three flights to avoid downtime between attempts was very helpful, as was the presence of a squat rack downstairs. Euro: I was at 54mm. I had pulled 173 in training so, because of the available weights, I planned to open at 162.xx and make the 5-pound jumps to PR on the fourth attempt. Andrew Pantke was judging this and after I pulled 162 I asked for 167. Andrew raised his eyebrow and said he'd give it to me if I insisted, but was I sure I only wanted to make that jump? I took the bait and jumped straight to 172, then to 177, and made both attempts. 177 I made by a hair - I wasn't sure if I'd hit the bar, but apparently there was enough sound to convince Andrew and Joe Sullivan (who was observing, waiting to jump in). 182 stayed glued down - not sure I could have made it fresh, but it was difficult as it stood. The Armlifting contest started next. Since I didn't want to crush my hand for axle by doing Silver Bullet, I took a hike to the gas station. (Summer sausage: the fuel of champions.) I also rehydrated a bit with the Astoria guys and Will Gibson. Axle: Here we go. I'd done 303 in training and knew I had more left. I opened at 281, then jumped straight to 302. I believe the next jump was to 311 - another good pull. My last attempt was at 326.xx. I flung the chalk around, rosin-bag-style, and Wooed before my pull. I got the bar up, locked it out, and put it down - good lift for a 20+-pound PR on comp day! Woo! Pretty sure Joe opened a few pounds heavier than that. Grip is humbling. After the comp, the feats started. I won't bore you with all the impressive things I saw - I'll just tell you that I think everyone attempted the Goliath bar that I brought. The modal attempt began with someone stating their degree of confidence (ranged from "Come on, let me at that sucker" to "I haven't touched a braced bend in years, but what the heck"), frowning, trying to kink the bar, declaring that it had flexed, looking for the wobble they'd put in the bar, seeing no wobble, and declaring the bar for the birds. My plan had been to bend the whole thing myself in an impressive show of strength, or, failing that, to kink it and magnanimously hand it off to Anton to pass around and get as many benders on it as possible before offering the finished bar to Chris as a token of our appreciation. That, uh, didn't work out. I'll get it some day. I met some wonderful people this weekend. If I've forgotten or neglected to mention you, I'm sorry - I enjoyed talking and lifting with everyone this weekend. Thank you, Chris, for hosting, and thank you, Tank, for taking on the responsibilities next year. Epilogue: On the drive home, I bought a bottle of absinthe at 10:30 AM in Pittsburgh. We stopped at Troeg's for food and beer and Hershey Park for chocolate. It was a good ride home.
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    The springs are drier than you’d think right out of the package. GHP is the only one (IMO) that has enough oil that you can even get it on your fingers. I believe IM puts something on the spring, but it’s not wet to the touch by the time it’s opened. (Side note that Randall has confirmed you CAN oil the spring on a cert gripper because that’s just recommended maintenance.) All others are essentially dry. Oiling the spring can drop anything from 0 to 10 lbs off a brand new rating. Depends on how dry it was and if the spring binds it can really make a difference. I’ve seen 20 lbs drop off a dirty/dry used spring. Also, Tettings are not polished springs and even brand new you can get a TON of grime off of them. With Baraban and HG it’s not uncommon to find the fine polishing medium in the spring grooves. It is easily tooth-brushed off, but if you don’t then it amounts to basically having sand in there. The only way to hope for a repeatable rating is to take the rating on a clean/oiled spring and then keep the spring clean/oiled. There is no way to replicate any amount of grime or dryness. But clean and oiled is repeatable. A spring that has been allowed to degrade may never return to its original rating. You can usually steel wool off rust so you’re only left with discolorations (which cannot be felt) but it’s REALLY hard to get the rust out of the inside coils. The spring effectively only touches itself around the bottom (settle down), where the coil starts and ends at the spring legs and between the two coils as viewed from the bottom (there are three coils as viewed from the top but those flex apart during a close). Around the bottom where it touches are the hardest spots to return to fresh and clean. Really, the only defense is to not let it get bad. As a final recommendation, I would oil with a product like 3-in-1. Any actual oil. In my experience, WD-40 is a good solvent for cleaning a dirty spring (you can even soak it overnight in a cup) but WD-40 dries tacky. It’s more of a solvent. It gets things moving by freeing them up, not by lubricating. So I would add actual lubrication. Sorry, long post. 🤗
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    7th Annual International King Kong Grip Challenge "The Biggest Grip Sport Contest on the Planet" Main Contest Date: Saturday, October 26th, 2019 Multi-City Mega Contest Events: Flask One Hand Pinch Deadlift (Barrel Strength) 2.5” Crusher (FBBC) DubHub Shallow Hub (Barrel Strength) Little Big Horn (IronMind) All events will be done to a crossbar. All other details to be finalized and released in the coming weeks. We're just posting the events now, because many people have been asking about them.
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  23. 15 points
    Just noticed I am coming up on my 10th anniversary of my first #4 close in 5 weeks. It was an exciting milestone for me and still is even after all this time.
  24. 15 points
  25. 15 points
    The legend continues to build... @Jedd Johnson
  26. 15 points
    Ahhhhh my first, And apparently not the last Gripmas, thanks to @Tank Andrade picking up where @climber511 has left off after all these years. Where do I begin? Well, an hour and a half into the 8 hour drive I had to pee. Sped up to 70 in a 55 zone to get to a rest stop and got nailed by a sheriff who gave the kid a ticket on his 40th birthday. I offered to do some hammer feats for him as payment, as my trunk was filled with them, but to no avail, he was not amused. First stop was to pick up the boys @Lucasraymond @Jedd Johnson @Tank Andrade And @Nigel Blackburn and headed to our stay at Paul Knights house the night before, who was gracious enough to invite us to stay in his beautiful home with his lovely family. We cooked some steaks and did some grip feats and gripper closing in Paul’s garage. Probably not a great idea before a competition. On the morning of gripmas I got to meet so many people I wanted to meet. @apantke @anwnate @temmmeeee @climber511 @Anthony C. @Anton.Torrella @Saff@Donc101 @Squeezus @acorn @DAVE101 @Tom Flesher James Retarides @Bryan Hunsaker Who I missed in Syracuse last time, and so many others where we all broke bread after weigh in to a delicious breakfast provided by Chris and Mrs. Rice. Before the contest, Andrew Pantke showed me a row of various inch dumbbells. I had to lift a few of them. I couldn’t resist, just like I can’t resist levering hammers in the hardware stores! Also before the contest, my buddy Bryan Hunsaker slammed a COC #3 cert as easy as closing a trainer, Don Cummings bent nails in succession for David Horne, and @PITTisKING certified on not one, not two, but THREE RED NAILS IN A ROW!! I won’t post my lift numbers as they are listed in the results write up and I don’t want to bore you with numbers. I was very pleased with my placing 3rd behind Bryan Hunsaker and Arron Corcoran in the 120+ class consisting of a field of 6 competitors and taking 6th overall out of 29 total competitors in the gripmas Portion of grippers, axle and euro pinch. Next up was the armlifting USA portion. This was to reclaim my placing in the top 3 in the 125+ class for a spot at the armlifting world championships in St. Petersburg, Russia 5/2019. I took 2nd overall with Andrew Durniat taking first in Saturday’s contest . This put me in 2nd place in my class on the rankings list for the 125+ kilo class behind 1st place ranked @ClayEdgin. I accomplished exactly what I had come for. I also contest PRd on every event of the day, I believe, except for the 20mm blockset, because stubborn me doesn’t do block sets. Post contest was feats of strength. Too many to list and so many going on at once. My buddy Lucas Raymond increased the world record on the LBH and FBBC anvil handles respectively for the records list. All in all I am so glad I came. I actually had to cancel earlier in the week due to unforeseen issues. Things turned around for the better and I was thankfully able to attend. Thank you to all that made this possible. If I forgot to mention anyone I met for the first time, I am sorry. Good luck in your training all! Can’t wait for the next competition. Joe This pic of me and Bryan is hilarious. First time I had to look up to anyone in years. I am 6’4 keep in mind, for perspective of how tall big Bryan is!!!!
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    Some extra stuff Before the contest Jedd gave Teresa and I a beautiful plaque for what we have done for the Grip community – sorry if I got a little teary eyed there guys – didn’t want to ruin my tough guy image (like I had one to start with). A little later we received another beautiful plaque – a milled out “A Gripmas Carol 2003 – 2018” done in steel – both will hang in a place of honor. As the contest was winding down Chris Andrede stood up and announced that the name The Gripmas Carol was not ending but that he was going to carry it on – except at his place! Lots of cheering and clapping! He and I had been in discussions about the move beforehand. I’m thrilled. Aaron came down early Friday and we had a great visit – got to know him a whole lot better – one smart fellow with more innovative grip toys in the oven than anyone I’ve heard of! Can’t wait until they are done. Gave me a key ring gripper also – thanks buddy! He also helped move everything down to the gym – thanks again! Met tons of new people and saw old friends again. This is what Tee and I are going to miss – the people. Tee and I look at all of you as our “kids” as you all are that age to us. We Love all of you!
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    I was feeling unusually strong this afternoon and decided to exceed the world record by well over 100 pounds with this solid 655 effort. 0EF3D676-DBF7-4011-B731-79599C34C42D.MOV
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    Hello All, Eased up 250lbs on the Crusher tonight, after my training session. I'd done 5 sets of 8 with 100.5kgs, so my back wasn't very happy with me. Thumb seems to be holding up to the abuse!
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    @Tommy J. had the maniacal idea to try an inch dumbbell hot potato style of pass. Check it out! Adam and I pulled this off AFTER a full competition.
  32. 14 points
    Yol Bosun – May there be a road - All done at 70 years of age at The Last Gripmas Carol • 20 mm Block Gripper – 125# - 70 to 79 year old Masters Record simply because it’s the only one in class but a pretty lousy close in the scheme of things – I suck at grippers. I did have an injury to the palm of my hand but I wouldn't have done much better without it. • 2 Hand Euro – 217.33 official -70 to 79 year old Masters World Record – would be #47 on the open Top Fifty list and #8 in the 93 K class • 2 Hand Euro extra attempt – 232.33 – did not count but still done – would be #22 on the open Top 50 List and #3 in the 93K class • Axle DL – 336.54 Official - 70 to 79 year old Masters World Record – tie for #81 on the Open List and #15 in the 93K class • 2 3/8” FBBC Axle Not on the top 50 Lists but on the FBBC lists – a three way tie for #10 on the FBBC site Perhaps a small bit of answer to how age affects Grip Strength. Remember every lift of mine you see anywhere was done when I was in my 60s or now 70s.
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    I began researching prior steel bending contests when I started planning the Michigan Steel Bending and Breaking Championship that will take place in Michigan in May of 2019. I wanted to see what had been done before and how everything was contested. The information was spread all over the place. I decided to make a document that compiled the information that I found. This information was mainly obtained from the Gripboard, David Horne’s website and Facebook. This document is a compilation of the information I found, including results, photos, information from the promotor and contest reports from participants. I mainly just copied the information I found directly into this document and formatted all the information. If anyone has information, photos or contests that should be added, please forward me the information. I will update this document as it needs to be updated. I hope that this document serves to be a good source of information on bending contests. Here is the document: Steel Bending Contest History Book May 21 2019.pdf
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    I am sharing this because I like new ideas and I hope it inspires someone else to make their ideas. Thanks for checking it out!
  35. 13 points
    So, looking one year back in Feb my best attempt on a 150 LBS inch was the same. I am seeing a decent progress. I believe if I keep on training I'll hold the inch by the year's end. Coached by Laine Snook here, the king of thickbar. This bell as made by Nathan Holle for Laine Snook.
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    Used 106kgs on the FBBC 2.5" Crusher tonight...lacking power, and have a bit of a back issue to contend with. I am going to go up to 250lbs next time and hope for a better result. I will probably do a video using the Monster Crush too, as I have been doing some training with it.
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    My first time clamping down on a #4 at Jedds 2 weeks ago. This one had little knurling. The handles were very smooth. Was very surprised I was able to clamp down on it at all.
  38. 13 points
    I know I don't normally post cert video's here as I watch them, but seriously a 4.5" DUKE, that's nuts.
  39. 13 points
    Saw a post with someone doing 500lbs sumo so i tought i would give it a go!
  40. 13 points
    Pleased as punch. Little under the weather with a cold, so kinda surprised me.
  41. 13 points
    So it’s been a long long while since I’ve posted. You guys deserve an explination. As you know I tore my pec years ago. Then I made it my life to get picked up with the Dept of Energy Police, protecting nuclear “stuff”. Well I got hired and got their crazy clearance. Now I’m looking to make their shooting team. It’s not easy and I’ve been training hard for it. But in the bending world I want the gold nail. I have all the tools, steel and knowledge. I just need to make the time
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    Congratulations to all the competitors! Greatest contest in history - 210 participants! Special congratulations to Alexey Tyukalov (KK win twice!), Carl Myerscough (New WR 106 kg on Crusher!) Tanner Merkle (overall 2-nd place and 104.55 kg on Crusher 83k division!) Jedd Johnson (New WR on Flask 55.86 kg !) Krivykh Ivan (New WR on Moontop - 26.3 kg!) Luke Raymond (New WR on 2.5" Jug 131.58 kg!) Lorna Paton - winner of woman division! Arto Joronen - winner of Men’s 50+ Years division! And sure, i join those grateful athletes who say "thanks" to the founders of this wonderful tournament, which every year expands the boundaries of the grip in all senses - Andrew Pantke and Eric Roussin!
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    Date: June 8, 2019 - Titan Strength in Elmira, same location as 2018 Entry Form Based on votes and feedback here on the Gripboard, I have decided the events for the North American Championship this year. Thank you to everyone who put forth effort and opinions. Keep in mind, I am only competing if I can get to 105kg, when I post these events. 1. Silver Bullet - One Hand 2. Euro Two Hands Pinch 3. 2 3/8" Napalm's Nightmare - 6" Lift, stand on boxes if needed 4. 2.5" Jug - 6" Lift, stand on boxes if needed 5. Medley I took out the Wrist event in favor of a Vertical Grip, but there will be Wrist Testing Feats in the Medley, so bring your Wrist Strength A-game. More info to come. I just didn't want to keep people waiting anymore on the events. I will also list out the Medley items as soon as I can. Entry Form will be available as soon as possible as well. Thank you!
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    Did some work with the Monster Crush...hopefully, I will get 8x160kgs and then drop the reps and get the weight on the pin in preparation for the contest at the end of March.
  46. 12 points
    Great episode. I was really surprised and excited to hear @Jedd Johnson list my bending at Gripmas #3 on his list. I just recieved the certificate for the record from David today. I am excited for this to be up in the gym!
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    Cardio grip training 463 lb x 5, 485 lb x 2, 496 lb x 1
  48. 11 points
    I'm sorry if I misunderstood your comment - I am 'neuro-atypical', and sometimes I struggle to see the meaning in things, it also makes me socially awkward, which is why I tend to keep myself to myself. Added to that, I have other 'issues' to contend with. That said, I have decided to do some things worthy of note in 2019, and I plan to enter some contests and see where I end up. Once again, I apologize for any misunderstanding. Laine
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    Becca's starting point to try get #3 done credit card set. She's aiming to do it with both hands.
  50. 11 points
    With Gripmas destined to be one of the most epic gatherings of grip sport competitors and enthusiasts in the country what more could one ask for. You get a tshirt, 2 catered meals, a NAGS contest, opportunities to try out and test your grip on a seemingly endless number of implements, possibilities to set prs and get your name on leaderboards, a gargantuan medly and last but certainly not least the opportunity to mingle with a virtual who's who in the grip community. With all this awesomeness you may be thinking to yourself, Wow that's a lot going on, could Gripmas get any more astronomical? The answer to that my friends is, absolutely. In conjunction with @climber511 I present to you fine competitors a 3 event Armlifting USA sanctioned contest. Events included are Silver Bullet hold, Apollon's Axle and Rolling Thunder. These are the same 3 events that Armlifting USA will use to determine the top 3 competitors in each weight class to go to World's in Russia this coming spring. This will be one of the last chances to qualify before Dec 31st. The Armlifting portion will run with the NAGS contest. You can choose to do both contests or one or the other. Since this has been a NAGS event from the beginning those events in the contest will take priority. The Apollon's Axle portion will count for both contests. Also, in the spirit of giving, there is no additional charge. Chris and I love grip sport and are hoping that we can begin to bring the 2 federations a little closer together. Thanks everyone and can't wait to see you all Saturday. Mike Saffell
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