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    Second time using it....figuring out hand position initially was the key but once I got it locked in I was able to increase up to this lift at 259lbs. This is a 6" lift so I think I cleared that by enough 🤣 Current record held by Thomas Larsen is 247.14lbs
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    Well, this is my first post on this forum! I had the chance to break in my Stirrup from Barrel Strength System tonight and surprised myself with a huge lift of 242.52 lbs! Psyched to be part of the Grip community and to share and grow with you guys! https://www.instagram.com/p/BufKj7EhvFT/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
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    York Barbell was hosting the PA Powerlifting Championships today. Jedd and Luke had a booth there. Since it's only 1:20 away, I drove up to play. Great time as always with these guys. Luke made me look bad on the arm wrestling table. They had the crane scale set up for all the Napalm handles and pinch blocks, which were a blast to try out on that setup. Hilight there was 257 on the 1 5/8" 1H Nightmare. Also pinched a 40 lb kettlebell by the bottom. Tons of blob lifts with Fatman. Got it the hard way and got a bunch of little hops with Blobzilla. Jedd got a video to finally document me getting some air on that beast right before I left. For the record, it was done with a cheap block of Chinese chalk and no chalk whispering. 😂 Great time and fun lifting York blobs at York!
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    Back in 2002, at the tail end of the AOBS (Association of Oldetime Barbell & Strongmen) dinner, Mark Henry cleaned and push pressed a Thomas Inch Dumbbell Replica. It was considered, at the time, as perhaps the greatest feat of strength ever. It was posted on this website, and it may have been prior to it being called the Gripboard. It was several years before Youtube came into existence. It was filmed by John Hicks, aka Sybersnott on the Gripboard, an enthusiast gripster who was an active poster on the Gripboard until his death around 5 years ago. Here is his video: It was the first time I had ever heard of the AOBS, and I learned that it was a "big deal". Richard Sorin was present, as was Steve Weiner, and a few other grip guys. If you look at the video, you will see some fellow with a very expensive and professional camera. That was because The WWE was filming it. The feat had been planned in advance as a type of WWE promotion for Mark Henry. I know at least two "Iron Game" veterans who were upset that in some ways, the feat upstaged the rhythm of the dinner. The founder of the AOBS, Vic Boff, died shortly after the event, and it turned out to be his last banquet, having passed away before 2002 was over. Four time Olympic Gold Medal champion Al Oerter, who was one of the AOBS honorees that year, these veterans felt, did not get the full amount of his due because of the Mark Henry feat. I don't know that, I only know what I have been told. Mr. Oerter passed away in 2007. The Replica belonged to Sorinex, and Terry Todd was the person responsible for staging the production. He was Mark Henry's manager, trainer, mentor, friend. I have wondered for over 10 years: Why has the WWE been sitting on their footage all these years? Well, apparently, this past February, they released something that looks to be a promotion for some type of documentary. There is quite a bit on the Internet already, with millions of views for this footage here: The camera pans the crowd more than Sybersnott's video. I see Jan Todd in the audience, and I see perhaps the first and possibly only person to give Henry his due with a standing ovation, the late great respected Steve Jeck, author of the book "Of Stones and Strength". It has been over 16 years since this happened. Interesting that it is being released now.
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    So, looking one year back in Feb my best attempt on a 150 LBS inch was the same. I am seeing a decent progress. I believe if I keep on training I'll hold the inch by the year's end. Coached by Laine Snook here, the king of thickbar. This bell as made by Nathan Holle for Laine Snook.
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    When you get sick of just deadlifting Blobzilla...yawn lol @Lucasraymond @Mike Rinderle Been wanting this feat for a while. As it turns out, it only took a small adjustment to finally get it. #MissesAreJuatWarmUps 😎
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    Wow! What a weekend! The Arnold Sports Festival is something else. The volume of events, athletes, and attendees is simply incredible. So much to see and do, but difficult to move! Split up from your friends for a moment and you might not see them again for a few hours! I arrived at the convention center early on Friday morning and got to meet many grip athletes that I had only known through the GripBoard / Facebook. With so many talented gripsters in attendance, we all knew we would be involved in a fantastic contest. The Friday event was the Rolling Thunder. My goal lift heading into the contest was 110 kg (242 lbs). I expected the stiffest competition in this event (in my class) to come from Andrew Durniat and Tanner Merkle. I opened at a lighter weight than both of them. My first lift was 95 kg, and then I proceeded to attempt the next three weights: 100, 105, and 110. I was thrilled to get the 110 up -- it equaled my personal record. It felt right at my limit. Andrew was also successful at 110, but at this point he still had one attempt left. 115 didn't go up for him. Tanner came very close at 115. He got it up, but then dropped it just before getting the down signal. So it was a three-way tie in the 100 kg and under class. I was the heaviest, so took third. But score-wise, I was in excellent shape heading into Day 2. On Saturday morning, it was time for the Double Overhand Apollon's Axle Deadlift. I felt very confident in this event. Andrew Durniat had only registered for the Rolling Thunder, so in his absence, I felt I was the favourite to lift the most weight. My goal was 200 kg (440 lbs). I had lifted 195 in Lon Angeles in January, and knew I was close to the magic 200. I opened at 180, then lifted 190 and 195. With few competitors attempting 200, I had to make my final attempt just two minutes after my third lift. I got it up and almost locked out, but I couldn't quite get it done. Though I failed, the fact that I came so close reassured me that I'll soon be able to get it. My lift of 195 was enough to secure first place in the event. All of this meant that I was heading into Day 3 with a perfect score. I had calculated that I didn't even need to get a hold with the CoC #4 in the Silver Bullet event to win the contest -- I just needed the best time with the 3.5. I could have attempted the 4, but I had never succeeded, even in training. I was pretty confident with the 3.5 though, having managed a hold of 16 seconds with it just 8 days earlier at the Canadian National Grip Sport Championships. But this time, I just really had trouble setting it. I also just didn't have the strength I expected. So after trying to set the gripper three different times and failing, I dropped to the 3 with just a few seconds to go. But by this time, I was drained, and couldn't even manage to get a bite. So I bombed the event. Needless to say, there's no way to maintain a competitive overall score when you bomb an event in a three-event contest. I went from believing I had a good shot at winning the contest, to not making the podium. Was I disappointed? Sure. But the fact that I did so well during the first two days helped a lot. I got to see a lot of cool things at the Arnolds. I enjoyed watching many of the Arnold Strongman Classic events - especially the Elephant Bar deadlift where Hafthor came very close to breaking the overall deadlift record and $50,000! The Rogue Record Breaker Challenges were also fun. The Dinnie-Stones hold for time and the Inch Dumbbell walk were particularly fun to watch. I think Brad Ardrey may have even got the second best Dinne-Stones hold with a time of about 20 seconds. The Inch walk featured Jedd and Adam Glass, as well as Mark Felix. They all did very well. Clay, Riccardo, and Odd did an excellent job running a very professional contest. Everything went very smoothly. I hope their success will lead to the contest returning in 2020. Bravo!
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    I finished this guy up Saturday night. Pivoting Saxon top for my solid loading pin. Same 2x5 dimension as my main bar and I expect it to feel like the full length bar with this center pivot setup. Will be testing this week 2H. Tested this weekend with one hand at about 80# which is weight in the pic with those 12.5# plates and it felt like the full bar minus the balance issues of the full bar. Will have it available for warmups and spectators to try during the comp. - Aaron
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    And a bonus video.. 20 pound stamped sledge x 10?
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    Okay guys. Everything was done less than 48 hours back. It was such a great contest. There were two classes. Pro and Amateurs. Pro is anyone who usually does will in a grip comp (based on the members decision) and the pro strongmen, well because they are. Josh Thigpen (who did a thumbless lift of the Inch after approx 5 hours of competing) and Bryan Benzel are professional strongmen and Bryan has 200KG log press with ease. Amateurs are the people who doesn't train grip often (or at all). Or just train once in a while. I would like again to thank Pro Strongman Marc Van Der Haer for hosting the comp at his gym and keeping the score-sheets, arrangements, and made things tons easier for all of us. Of course I thank all of Leader Sports staff that helped in everything else. There was plenty of food for everyone. Free entry. Prizes for both Pro and Amateurs division. Things just were perfect. Dr. Randall Strossen was there too to make sure things are moving well and is up to the standard of IM. I again thank him for coming. All chalk were cleaned before any new attempt on new implements. Now to the comp and results. Let's start with the pro division. I'll write the best lift and the final miss lift except the dyno we took the best out of two attempts. All weights in KG and names are arranged top the first and bottom the last. Scores were reverse strongman scoring system. Pro Division: RT BaselineDyno IMpinchBlock IM LBH IM hub 2hp euro hold Apollon axle replica in 90sec Blob to 25 inch stand in 90sec Laine Snook 115/131.5 110 41/45 87/109.3 22.5/25 85Kg 8 seconds 1 DO grip Blob50 24 reps Josh Thigpen 110/115 105 31/33.5 82/87 25/27.5 No Attempt 12 DO grip No lift at blob50 didn't go less Bryan Benzel 90/95 97 31/33.5 77/82 20/22.5 No Attempt 5 DO grip 1 rep blob 40 Amateur Division Sam Sopolinski 105/107.5 101 38.5/41 82/87 25/27.5 85KG 5.5 Sec 10 DO grip Blob50 16 reps Bader S.T. Alawadhi 70/75 108 31/33.5 72/77 22.5/25 70KG 16 Sec 6 mixed grip Blob50 7 reps Jack Mousell 80/85 93 31/33.5 67/72 17.5/20 55KG 31 Sec 0 (didn't go mixed) Blob50 5 reps Salem Herzallah 70/75 89 31/33.5 57/67 17.5/20 55KG 16 Sec 11 mixed grip 40 LBS blob 4 reps James Garrad 80/85 85 26/28.5 72/77 17.5/2 55KG 14 Sec 0 (didn't go mixed) 32.5 blob 4 reps Christoph Koch 55/60 69 23.5/26 57/62 15/17.5 No Attempt No attempt 32.5 blob 7 reps Yeah yeah why is the euro so hard? The euro is as sharp as hell and very slippery. Overall it was an amazing experience. Next year will be even bigger and better! Overall Rank in the region Bader S.T. Alawadhi Jack Mousell Salem Herzallah James Garrad
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    Three things: 1. Big props to Adam and Jedd for going for this. Amazing to walk any distance, much less over 10 yards. 2. Check out Mark's hands on the close-up right before he starts. His fingers more than touch. Crazy 3. Had Felix not done the Dinnies for time the day before, I think he would have taken the record from Burke. Still got an amazing distance.
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    Here are some clips from Dubai guys Next one is Laine Snook interview Congratulation again brother @LAINE SNOOK on the win! Here aresome other clips like after comp Inch and pre comp grip in my gym. Sorry very excited here to do a lift no one did 😄 I am training for that 2 45's myself. And Joseph excuse Razaq's excitement Here is Sam and Josh Thigpen on the inch Thumbless and normal after the grip comp. And finally the Orangutan almost grabbed Razaq fully knowing he is afraid of it (her) lol
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    Okay. We had a blast here in Dubai. The big grip marathon comp. Enjoying Dubai and so on (Clips from the comp will be released soon). Long story short, Here are 5 WR attempt by @LAINE SNOOK here in Dubai. It's up the decision maker now to pass it or not. But I think it is more than clear. In the end there is hand size comparison too to break the myth of 12 inch hand size.
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    Took me a few sessions, but I'm finally figuring out how to place my hand on this thing for better results. Yesterday I got a 3 lb PR and today was able to add 7 lbs to that. A little more tinkering and I hopefully will be able to complete the 220 that I missed today in my next session.
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    @Eric Roussin posted on FB a video of his daughter doing a little medley. After showing my boys they asked if I could do one for them too. I was of course happy to oblige I find in interesting that Adrian intuitively set the gripper when he couldn't close it easily. Also digging Sascha's upside down two hand technique for the GHP kids grippers.
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    Got to see what’s under the wraps today. I won’t be winning any hand Beauty contest:
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    I'm counting it as a training PR. I'll be working on pausing at the top for @acorn 's comp.
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    Date: June 8, 2019 - Titan Strength in Elmira, same location as 2018 Based on votes and feedback here on the Gripboard, I have decided the events for the North American Championship this year. Thank you to everyone who put forth effort and opinions. Keep in mind, I am only competing if I can get to 105kg, when I post these events. 1. Silver Bullet - One Hand 2. Euro Two Hands Pinch 3. 2 3/8" Napalm's Nightmare - 6" Lift, stand on boxes if needed 4. 2.5" Jug - 6" Lift, stand on boxes if needed 5. Medley I took out the Wrist event in favor of a Vertical Grip, but there will be Wrist Testing Feats in the Medley, so bring your Wrist Strength A-game. More info to come. I just didn't want to keep people waiting anymore on the events. I will also list out the Medley items as soon as I can. Entry Form will be available as soon as possible as well. Thank you!
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    Cactii for the trophies in progress... A few action shots with an arm right out of the coal. Still need to shape the ends a little bit on these. These are all hot cut, and bent on the anvil. The long segment is 10" This is all 1" (#😎 rebar.
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    Rogue Fitness plates. I rested a day and recalled what Chris Rice told me about thumb positioning - Iam so thankful to Chris Rice and Mike Rinderle. Hard work pays!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6wD7PfLttM
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    I think Randy changes rules when folks take liberties with current rules, and then tries to standardize them the best he can. I applaud his courage to do this, despite the fact that we have not always seen eye to eye on quite a few things over the years. Years back, he called me and asked me of my opinion about setting grippers when he was contemplating a rule change about how deep grippers could be set prior to a close attempt. I told him that when I closed grippers, I would set the gripper enough so I could wrap my pinky around the handle, which for me would leave the handles about 1.5" apart prior to my close attempt. I never thought of doing anything otherwise. At the time this conversation took place, the number of people certifying on the #3 was on a very fast rise, and there were some folks who just went about things the wrong way. Some people were "foot stomping" grippers to aggressively season the spring, deep setting grippers so the handles were a fraction of an inch apart when starting the close, or heating up the springs to weaken the springs. All sorts of stuff was going on, which Randy eventually fixed by settling on the credit card rule (which I told him may be an unsafe starting distance for some people) and sending brand new grippers to those who were attempting #3 certifications. Personally, I like the idea of the credit card rule (to keep things uniform) but I prefer the handles being a bit closer together when I start to close a gripper as it is not as strenuous on my joints. So, I like the rule but disagree on the distance between the handles. Does my certification on the #3 mean any less to me because I did it under the old rules? Absolutely not, as I played fairly within those rules without taking any shortcuts along the more than two year road to certification. If the rules changed along my journey to certification prior to successfully certifying on the #3 gripper, then I would have just changed the way I trained to play by the new rules. I don't take shortcuts in my training or my life. That is my personal choice and I live by that. Whatever others chose to do to certify, that was their choice. I would have only been kidding myself how strong my grip was at that time had I taken shortcuts. One of The Red Nail rules was changed before I certified on The Red Nail and I was heavily involved in this change as you will soon see. I attempted a Red Nail certification in early 2004 at Bollenbach's gym. I successfully bent the Red Nail in about 10 minutes. I took all I had to do this, and I did it in reverse style. I was very happy about my success. I was happy until I received a phone call from Randy a couple of days later rejecting my attempt. He explained to me that in the spirit of a strength feat, the bend just took too long. I told him that nowhere within the rules was a time limit ever addressed so my attempt should have been passed. We got into a discussion about performing feats of strength in front of an audience and that if I took ten minutes to bend that nail, everybody in the audience would have lost interest in what I was doing by the time I was successful. Well, I had to agree with him. It all made sense to me. He told me that he believed that one minute would be a good time limit. Not too short of a time, but not too long either. I agreed with him that one a one minute time limit made perfect sense. At that moment, even if Randy decided to pass my attempt because of my "no time limit" argument, I would have rejected it because his one minute strength feat argument was that persuasive and it made total sense to me. Then I asked him if he was coming to the 2004 AOBS dinner that summer. He said he was planning on attending. I asked him if he minded bringing a Red Nail for me to certify on and if he would be my referee. He happily agreed. I performed a show at the AOBS dinner in 2004 along with my buddy Pat Povilaitis, and after we were done and the dinner was over, Randy found me and I certified on the Red Nail just a few minutes shy of midnight without a thing to eat for most of the day. So, the rules were changed in midstream and I had a good argument about succeeding within the current rules the way they were written. In the end, I became stronger, and I certified under the new rules. There were further rule changes after that of course, concerning the wraps and the use of rubber bands as well. I just wanted to shed a little light on the history of the rules on a couple of things from "way back in the day," in case people were interested why some rules for grippers and nails changed along the way.
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    Since it is expensive to purify magnesium carbonate (what grip chalk is supposed to be) some chalk has calcium carbonate (baby powder), which is slippery, in it as a filler. More expensive chalks will have a higher percentage of magnesium carbonate and thus will be much grippier. The better brands actually get their products lab tested for purity. I have noticed pretty significant (~10%) differences on pinch lifts between good chalk and trash chalk. With grippers and thickbar, it doesn't really matter much.
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    Do they make shot putters, pitchers, QBs, javelin throwers, discus throwers, weight over bar for strongman, badminton peeps, ping pongers, or any other sport that uses a one handed implement; test their off hand? Who came up with this idea? It literally makes no sense. If you want to test crush for both hands, use an implement designed to do it like a grip machine. We don't do crusher or rolling thunder in both hands. We use an NN to test two hands. If we do 1 hand pinch, we don't make everyone also use their weak hand. We do two hand pinch if we want to test both. If we do it for grippers, the most technical event we have, then we should do it for 1H thick bar and pinch events. My hands are pretty much equal on these, so I would benefit greatly. But even I think it's a dumb idea.
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    2 finger surprised me. Had I known I was that close, I would have tried it at beginning of workout instead of the end. Got close on a couple clean attempts.
  27. 7 points
    Here is a pic my dad just sent me this morning at 63 years old! Them arms still pack a punch, if ya ask me!
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    Chalk and Grip Sport Chalk serves two purposes in grip. It absorbs the natural oils on your hands and it absorbs moisture. It has limited but some “friction” on its own – and this is what really concerns us when we can “prepare” the surface and our hands immediately before a lift. Applied too thick and it will slide on itself – acting like tiny ball bearings. Too much build up of chalk alone will result in lower weights lifted. Too much on the hands will be even worse. You want a very thin to almost nonexistent layer on both surfaces. Also if the surface is too rough with rust – the rust may not be strong enough and can break loose – resulting in a failed lift also. Also that deep “pitted” surface you sometimes see on Euros (that “looks” so awesome) will have less friction than a somewhat smoother but still seasoned surface. Tacky is often mentioned as “cheating” but it depends. Tacky comes in different stiffness’s and is strong enough to help on things like Blobs and lifts where the overall weight isn’t all that high. But tacky stops you cold on something like the Euro. Depending on the strength of the tacky used it will slip on itself on lifts like the Euro well before a chalked hand will. At around 150 to 160# my tacky fails completely on the euro. Different tacky’s will no doubt vary. The best I have found is to experiment and find the surface prep (within the rules) and hand prep (through cleaning and the best chalking method) for you. Then do that every single time you train or compete. There aren’t that many brands of quality chalk out there – it’s worth your time to experiment with each (all) of them to find what you like and what conditions each works best in. Why try tacky - it was because of rumors that it was used by some for Blob lifts - which led t trying it on lots of things - unsuccessfully or successfully as the case may be. I did all my experiments quite a few years back except for when Friction Labs came out - I repeated everything.
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    I figured I would start a log for my road to the 400 pound axle. I am pretty close to it. Tonight’s training consisted of one 125x5 215x5 325x11 I will be posting my top set
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    Saturday & Sunday June 8-9, 2019 Kay Hutchinson Convention Center Dallas, TX Join us on Saturday & Sunday for this Armlifting USA Sanctioning competition at the Europa Rankings, records, and leaderboard standings can be set at this contest. Awards given to 1-3 in each weight class for each event. All standard Armlifting USA weight classes included (see drop down list in entry form for complete list) Registration fee includes entry into Expo for both days. Entry form here: https://www.swolebiz.com/europa-armlifting-championships Saturday: Demos, clinics, and workshops featuring TEAM USA All Stars Adam Glass, Tanner Merkle and Clay Edgin Sunday: Competition Competition Details Doors to expo open at 10:00. Check in and weigh ins will take place from 10:00 to 10:30. Contest starts promptly at 11:00. All competitors must have current Armlifting USA membership ORDER OF EVENTS 1. Ironmind Rolling Thunder weight jumps increase by 2.5kg 2. Arm Assassin 2" Thumb Blaster weight jumps increase by 5kg 3. Ironmind Little Big Horn weight jumps increase by 2.5kg 4. Ironmind Silver Bullet Hold one attempt for max time 5. Arm Assassin 3" Pinch Blocks Napalm Nightmare weight jumps increase by 5kg All lifts will be done in a rising bar format with unlimited attempts for the lifter. Lifters can start at any weight they like and then jump in at the predetermined weight jumps mentioned above. Lifter will get 30 seconds to complete the lift. If the lift is not complete within that time, the lifter is out of that event and will get credit for the previously completed good lift. For the Silver Bullet hold, the athlete will get 30 seconds to get the gripper set in their hand in a legal grip and then their scoring time will begin. If the athlete chooses a gripper that is too hard to set, they can opt to go down to another gripper but that has to happen within that 30 second time period.
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    I thought I'd share a couple of my recent lifts. The Saxon lift was from a comp over a month ago. The plate pinch would not have happened if I had not watched Mike Thomas do it a couple of days ago.
  32. 6 points
    I closed the CoC3 rated #146 for the first time today. Thanks for all of your help everyone.
  33. 6 points
    208.7 on IM LBH
  34. 6 points
    Big thanks to Clay and everyone else for running the event. Also big thanks to fellow competitors actually being ready to lift when it was their turn. The contest ran very smoothly. In Finland we use collars on axle, but they are not tightened like that and atleast me and fellow Fins could tell a big difference. I hit 190kg on Axle with loose collars after a contest 6 months ago and I'm quite confident I could 195-200kg with the same setup today. At Arnold I only hit 180kg and lost 185kg at the top. This is something I need to start taking into account in training. I finished 3rd in fatbois after Carl and @Jedd Johnson who definitely earned their spot in front of me. Big thanks to Jedd for hooking me up with Ipuprofein and helping fellow competitor out. Thanks to that the sickness did not affect my performance in anyway and I was 100%. The -100kg was stacked with amazing thickbar athletes so I'm looking forward to not cutting any weight any time soon 😂
  35. 6 points
    I am also wondering who is the grip world can replicate Jedd and Adam? This is a rare feat for anyone to lift. Let alone farmer walk it.
  36. 6 points
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    Fun story for you guys! I was competing in a Bouldering World Cup a few year back and there was a contest to see how had the strongest grip! They used a Dyno to mesure grip strength of all the climbers. Some pretty famous names and some of the strongest competition climbers in the world were on that list including Adam Ondra, Jan Hoyer! I ended up winning th contest by maxing out of the device which I believe was 200lbs. The closest after me was Josh Larsen a very strong American Climber with 170lbs. I believe climbers will do very well if you test finger tips lifts like the Stirrup and tip tester. We also mostly train with our own body weight and usually increase intensity by grabbing and training on smaller holds. I still think the best way to get better at grip is to train grip! If some of you are interested I could put up a few fingerboard training on the forum that I think Gripster could benefit from!
  38. 6 points
    Congrats! And Tanner did it with an injured back. Wow! Jedd got 2nd on SB and 2nd overall. Good thing they finally invited him. 😁
  39. 6 points
    Here he is in 1986...
  40. 5 points
    Got the Platform finished up. It ain't pretty, but it ain't breaking. 😉
  41. 5 points
    I've been gone for a few days playing with my grandson (he's2) so I'm behind . I posted this on the other thread as well. A little history. In the past quite a few different ideas have been floated as to “seasoning” - “chromed” – Chalked vs no chalk – textured or knurled and everything in between etc here on the Gripboard. About everything (except maybe the brake cleaner) has been discussed before. At one point someone made a chrome like pinch device with that shiny chrome like on an old school car bumper – with the idea of using a perfectly clean surface and hands – no anything else allowed. It was quite a failure as I remember. But don’t discount “chrome” exactly yet. My garage only has heat for a couple hours a day – which means every steel surface gets condensation and then rusts badly when the heat comes on. So I had what a friend called an “industrial” chrome surface put on my Euro. It’s very smooth to the touch but not glassy. It will hold a dusting of chalk but you can’t get a build up on it and it hasn’t developed any “pitting” at all with over a decade of use. And it doesn’t rust which solved my particular problem. IT HAS NEVER BEEN USED IN A CONTEST except as the warm up device. But in my training it lifts within a few pounds of any other Euro I have lifted on and I set my personal training PR on it. Other than its appearance it looks like any other fairly new Euro except it has a slightly golden color to it. It was the warmup device for the Last Gripmas. When I developed my Climber Pinch I had a similar problem with rust – which I solved with Rusoleum textured paint. These were only used in my Medleys so I didn’t figure it mattered what the surface was. Textured paint (at least what I use) isn’t a good answer as the texture degrades fairly quickly (it does hold chalk well but too much hurts rather than helps) – something harder might be OK. Knurling seems ridiculous to me – you may think differently. Maybe it’s just me but there seems to me there is an undercurrent of thought that I somehow cheated by actually studying all aspects of the Euro – with chalking – preparing of both hands and surface as best I could. If you think that - I’m fine with it – all this tells me is you didn’t take the lift nearly as serious as I did. I also experimented with every way I could think of with hand placement and pressure – and freely taught anyone who came to me what little I had learned – including Kody who added around 40# to his Euro in a couple hours with my help. Perhaps the problem isn’t what I did but what you didn’t do to maximize your performance? I have probably written about chalk and my preparation for the lifts a half dozen times in the past – so it wasn’t like I was hiding some big secret. As for IronMind – I just read what changes have been made. If I decide to try a Cert for them or do a contest that features them – I will use their latest rules but I will experiment as much as I can within those rules to get the best results I can.
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    NAGS 2018 Overall Belt
  43. 5 points
    I am finally back to bending harder bars again. My flatbar projekt still resists, but I was able to take this one down: As far as I know, only Ivan Yastrebov has also bent a 22mm / /7/8" bar.
  44. 5 points
  45. 5 points
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    LBH: I can't lift more than @Lucasraymond on the LBH, but I can lift Lucas Raymond on the LBH. Got 93kg today for a 4lb pr. Then did 24 second hold with Dumbzilla for a 6 second PR.. 1/2 a 130 iron dumbbell.
  47. 5 points


    First goal achieved for the year.
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    If you are concerned you might be doing too much, then you probably are. Especially if you are not making progress. Volume or intensity, choose one.
  49. 5 points
    Yesterday: DO rack pulls on 27mm dl bar: worked up to a very shaky 500 lbs. Tried for about 45 minutes to hub lift a standard 45 with a very shallow, wide hub. Out of about 30 tries with each hand, I was only able to hop it a smidge twice. I really suck at fingertip lifts like hubs, stubs, and moondrops. I know I need to get better at them since they are the core of any good strength program...
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    Neutral is fine. Just make sure hand is approximately centered on the device, and no underhand. Full rules here: https://www.barrelstrengthsystems.com/lift-guidelines
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