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  2. Tommy J.

    Chad Woodall Plate Pinching Feats

    Where you at big guy??
  3. Wannagrip

    NEW MEMBERS Introduce Yourself Here

    Welcome @BWKrantz ! Welcome @AcroBend!
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  5. Ricochet

    Popeye! A Training Log

  6. mobsterone

    Mobster's Wrist Roller Work

    Monday SSB Squat to 100kg / /220lbs x 8 reps. Easy but uncomfortable due to the injury. But I'll add weight next week. The injury is slowly (and I mean slowly) getting better Leg Press to 500+kilos / 1100lbs x 15 reps Leg Extension to 10p x 15 reps Lying Leg Curls to 10p x 12 reps Bwt: 309lbs
  7. AcroBend

    NEW MEMBERS Introduce Yourself Here

    Hello. I was actually a (non-active) member of this board 10+ years ago, but I'm back in the grip game now. I'm mostly into bending, or at least training for bending, but last night I picked up my old CoC #2 and was happy to still able to shut it. My long-term goals are to be able to bend a red nail and shut the #3 (yes, I'm still living in 2006). I also do partner acrobatics (primarily as a base) and am getting more into hand balancing myself. There is an incredible amount of wrist strength/stabilization that go into handstands, and basing people in mono holds (mono hand-to-hand or foot-to-hand). Back in the day @bencrush sent me an extensive bending kit that I (sadly) still haven't gone through as of yet. Also, years ago I used to train at a powerlifting gym with Brent Barbe. Didn't realize how accomplished he was at the time?
  8. gripmaniac

    Question for those who have lifted the Blob

    Lifted it (after several attempts) the first time I encountered one. I put my "success" down to hand size, decent thumb strength, and plenty of pinch training beforehand. Frankly I remember being quite surprised I managed to lift it - as it was during and after competing in a grip comp !!!
  9. mcalpine1986

    Getting back into grip.

    Bw 171lbs Coc grippers S x5 L+R CCS T X3 L+R CCS LT#1 X2 L #1 R LT#2 TO 15MM L #2 TO 2MM R LT#1 X6 L CCS #2 X3 TO 2MM R 1.5 X 6 L 1.5X8 R CCS Kbell bottoms up overhead press 16kg x5 L+R 20kg x3 L+R 24kg x1 L+R 24kg x0 L+R 20kg x6 L+R 16kg x15 L+R Neck harness extension 16kg x25 24kg x25 36kg x25 44kg x65, 53, 37 36kg x55 29kg x100
  10. Jaden Majensky

    FBBC 7" Hex and Grand Bastard Cert

    A couple more out of the way. Time to keep moving forward. Should have done the hex in singles today but whatever.
  11. Alex Tank

    Larry Wheels amazing grip

    Larry Wheels performed well in the tournament
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  13. anwnate

    Barehand Bending Made Simple(R)

  14. JHenze646

    Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride

    Thursday’s workout never happened. I had neither the ambition nor the energy. Sunday (thurs. workout) bp 180 5x5 incline Press 6x2 (no chains) pullup 3x5, oar 60 5x10 tricep kickback, seated cable curl What do you call a horse that lives next door? A neigh-bor!
  15. Saturday July 11, 2020 Block pulls (straps, no belt) 405×3 (belt) 435×3, 465×3 Axle push press (one clean) 160×6×3 Yoke + sandbag carry 490×30'+200×30'×4 Atlas stones over yoke at 50" 275×2×2, 250×5 Sunday July 12, 2020 A1 slim lever 8.5×8×3 A2 pike press to headstand ×5×3 B1 log C+J 170×1×5 B2 axle deadlift 290×2×5 C1 lateral apes 100'×2 C2 standing rope pull 50×100'×2 5 tens "blockweight" 1/1×10 EMOM Banded curls × one set to failure Bike run with the boys
  16. Hopefully

    My training for the #3 cert

    Did some L sits to tuck planche also. I wanted to see if I could go to pike from L sit already as a test but I'm miles away from a mobility standpoint, also lacking hip strength. Ended up being tuck planche instead. I'm not ready for this movement at all yet. Need to work on mobility for a couple of months probably first. Which I already knew. I'm capable of very close to zero movement in a pancake stretch before I round the lower back so my hips are basically totally locked. Actually pretty surprised of how bad it was. No wonder I cant squat even with a gun pointed to my head.
  17. bruce1337

    Siamak's grip journey

    Bending: 5.5mm x 130mm x2 (doh + reverse) 5.5mm x 120mm x2 (doh + reverse) Black grade 5 bolt pre kinked: took me about 10 minutes but I eventually got it past 2" DHWOG wrist developer: OJ spring level 1 3x5 both hands
  18. Mike Rinderle

    Race to raw 375 T&G bench thread!!!

    Thanks Chez. Goes away fast, but usually comes back pretty quick too.
  19. Kluv#0

    Makula53 training log

    Thanks MM7 Beast!
  20. corefire

    2020 International King Kong Grip Challenge

    there is plenty of time, don't worry here in austria/tyrol we had the hardest lockdown in the last months. now all is alright, we can do all, inside venues up to 500 persons, outside up to 2500 persons. but if a new lockdown comes we have no problems, the penalty is maximum only 1000€ (1200$) so we can do king kong with no issues and no masks.
  21. Not my best deadlift session but not my worst either. Work is killing me lately so that and the crazy heat and humidity in my buddy’s garage gym are definitely affecting me (I swear more than anyone I have ever met and beat just kills me) My baseline deadlift strength is definitely on the raise though after some set backs (finger surgery, cellutious in my leg, pec strain, wrist issue.....blah blah). It’s obviously still too low for my size but my lower body has always been behind since I have a history of lower body genetic issues and injuries but I gotta keep fighting. Friend’s plates weigh heavy so every weight is like 15 heavier at least Deadlifts 4 warm ups 315 lbs - 2x 355 lbs - 2x 385 lbs - 2x 405 lbs - 2x. I wanted more but it wasn’t there today. Humidity was god awful in the garage and I have been pushing myself hard at work with a board report coming up. Stiff Leg Deficit Deadlifts (standing on 25s) 225 lbs - 2 sets of 10x
  22. Sounds like an awesome session mike. Gotta love days like that. Congrats on the PRs
  23. Chez

    Race to raw 375 T&G bench thread!!!

    Good to see you back at it mike
  24. Mike Rinderle

    Bullitt's Journal

    Bench. 90 seconds between sets. Gassed on final set. That was the only one to failure. 225 x 5 205 x 5 185 x 7 155 x 10 135 x 8 OHP: Bar x 25 Dead hang pullups EMOM 254 LBS: 3 REPS Yates rows: 3 x 10. 3 second contraction at top of 10th rep on every set. Upright rows 65lbs x 10 Ez curl curls: 65 lbs 3 x 10 Crucifix hold: 10 lbs each hand. 40 seconds. 20 minutes of physical therapy exercises for hip. Just easing back in.
  25. Kluv#0

    Makula53 training log

    7/12/20 Inspired grip workout. Set 5 PR's in all lifts I did today - 1HP flask, 2.25" crusher, LBH, bar hang and rear pickaxe. 90 minutes of controlled emotion and much gratitude. Finished with Dog bone pullups and wrist plate curls.
  26. Mike Rinderle

    Powerlifting Log

    Lots of good work there buddy
  27. Bw squats. Glute bridges. Red in IMPs. Red in 2/3 IMPs. "Q" 0-1 DR @ 8 3/8" in 1.5/1 IMPs. Got to 20 degrees in singles today. Pretty good but ripped off an index callous. I used 1.5 for two hits to 48 degrees. Finished in singles. Took way longer than I wished. Was under a time crunch and had to finish it off quickly. Managed it...but it took a toll. Any progress is progress. Glad I bent today.
  28. Mike Rinderle

    Race to raw 375 T&G bench thread!!!

    Still just trying to build back up after 6 weeks off. BW: 254 Bench: enough time to change weight and grab a swallow of water between sets. Gassed on final set. That was the only one I took to failure. 225 x 5 205 x 5 185 x 7 155 x 10 135 x 8
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