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  2. Squeezus

    150kg / 330lb DB - 1 or 2 inch handle?

    Nobody, living or dead, could lift a 150kg bell with a 2" handle without straps. I almost said possible with hook grip or tilting, but I feel pretty confident saying that neither of those would be enough to do it.
  3. Fist of Fury

    GreshamGripper training log

    Strong benching, what is your best lift?
  4. Fist of Fury

    Fort Worth Grip Contest

    Congrats Vinnie, strong performance, especially in the pinch and SB.
  5. The Guvnor

    150kg / 330lb DB - 1 or 2 inch handle?

    Hi Guys, I've a 150kg DB here which has a 1 inch handle - now it was ordered with a 2 inch handle. I now have the option of keeping the db as is or getting it redone with a 2inch handle. What I'm now wondering is how would a grip master fair with 150kg and a 1 inch handle? In a recent Brian Shaw video I think Eddie Hall said most he did single handed was 126kg on a 1 1/4 inch handle. That said 150kg and 2 inches would have to be fairly uncommon? Thanks for any insight!
  6. mobsterone

    Mobster's Wrist Roller Work

    I'm enjoying the volume work. I taped my right upper arm at 19.5-inches cold. The CG Bench is slowly coming up (it'll never be what it once was though ha ha). I MIGHT compete in 2020.
  7. mobsterone

    Mobster's Wrist Roller Work

    Monday Eased up a little and did a LOT (for me) of warming up and stretching etc to get limber and work the kinks out of my lower back. Also super humid out today (70f and 76% humidity) Leg Press held back a little on the reps today 200kg x 20 reps, 400kg x 15 reps, 700kg x 10 reps SSB Squat to 160kilos x 6 reps (one at a time baby) Seated Leg Curls to stack+5p x 15 reps Leg Extensions to stack x 20 reps
  8. Mike Rinderle

    WAL 503

    Was a fun one to watch. Janis looked dominant. Todd as well. I don't think anybody in WAL can beat him right now. 504 is going to be a smoke show with him against Matt Mask. The Chaffee v Larratt match may be interesting, but I think Dave has too much horsepower for him. Devon will definitely make it interesting leading up to the match.
  9. Today
  10. Donc101

    Fort Worth Grip Contest

    Strong work Vinnie! Must have been a blast!
  11. Mike Rinderle

    Who can close a #3 Ronnie Coleman style?

    I don't remember ever seeing Tommy do anything other than MMS closes. Strong like bull, but I don't know that he coul close one the way Ronnie tried. As for Kinney... highly doubtful. Has anyone ever seen him close a big gripper in person (that isn't in his family). Come on man. The guy claimed to do a set of 200kg squats for 60 reps EVERY DAY - FOR MONTHS, and you believe anything that comes out of his mouth? Anybody have a vid of him closing a gripper where the gripper actually opens after he closes it? If he was able to close a legit number 4 like he did in the grainy, dark, big foot video; then yes he could. But... um... no.
  12. Chez

    Who can close a #3 Ronnie Coleman style?

    Will do but it will be a while. I won’t be able to start really start training until end of August. Doing basic physical therapy stuff right now
  13. Alawadhi

    Who can close a #3 Ronnie Coleman style?

    Nice! Please try it when you are strong again. Would really love to see it.
  14. Paul Savage

    Coc #4 CCS attempt & #3 reps

    Thanks, yeah I've been doing a lot of grip intensive manual labour, and also a fair bit of double overhand deadlifts in the gym so it makes sense to have a good starting point back. Just feel a bit weak in the sweep which is probably due to tendon damage in the arms (have tennis elbow in both arms due to the manual labour), I need to start icing them regularly. I don't have any interest in the mash monster certs personally but will try and see if I can put a plan together for another crack at the #4 CCS. I'm a bit limited on what I can do with the tendon issues though.
  15. Mike Rinderle

    The Shoggoth Basement

    That's one big D-bol! 😳 The esrogen conversion on that thing would grow some Dolly Parton's on ya fer sure! Great stuff my brother!
  16. Viceversus

    Fort Worth Grip Contest

    Great showing Vinnie! A competitive performance. Looks like you have a lot of potential with the saxon bar. Sometimes you dont know your own strength. Great feeling to find out in competition haha.
  17. Viceversus

    Coc #4 CCS attempt & #3 reps

    You definetly put on a great performance. Looks like you can get back to near peak within a reletively short period which is a great sign if you want to have another go. If anything you can have a good time climbing the MM ladder. You of course have nothing to prove but it would be cool to see your name amongst the top of some of these lists because its well deserved and your a monster at crushing grippers.
  18. After making it to Gripmas last year and meeting so many of the Senior Gripizens I have gotten to know on the Grip Board but not in person, I really wanted to go even further, to venues better reachable by plane than car (Gripmas was just a 9 hour drive from NYC to Ohio), and do more of the same. Arizona almost panned out but didn't. Denver, too. Finally, Fort Worth appeared and mission accomplished! I flew to Texas from NYC, spent two days in a decent hotel, found out I really like the Ford Escape, and participated in an AWESOME comp. I met Grip Board - Arm Lifting gurus Adam Glass, Riccardo Magni, Eric Milfeld, and Tommy Jennings, and re-met Tanner Merkle, whom I think I had met briefly but not really sat down with before. I thought it would be easy to make weight, because the comp was 90kg and whatever bigger classes there are because I am nowhere near 90. But as the date got closer I realized that making it in at 80kg would give me a better shot at getting invited to next year's St. Petersburg, Russia, comp. So I decided to go for the 80kg a couple days before when I was 82kg. I made it -- 79.7. Phew. First was the rolling thunder, rising bar, last man standing. I started around 130 because I was maxing 145-150. Hmm. Felt easier than I am used to. Tanner thought it was a hard rolling thunder, but the one I own is brand new and not seasoned in any way, so maybe that's why it felt easier to me. I wound up PRing a couple of times, finally making 167 and failing 172, barely. i cannot say how surprised and pleased I was to have opened so strong (compared to past performance and my expectations) on my weakest event. DOH axle. I made 285. My PR is 303 and I thought I had 295 but while I was attempting 305, I was informed my 295 actually was braced so it was DQ'd. They let me go for the 305, but it was a shade much and I got air but no lift. 285 is still my contest PR on that by about 5 pounds but I was hoping for better. Well now this is my weakest event lol. Saxon bar. Adam gave us the option to use 2.5 inch width or 3-inch width, and I chose 2.5. I am pretty sure the Saxon bar I have done, which used to be Nate's, was 2 inches and I maxed around 203. I figured wider would mean less, so I started around 145 or so, and was having a little trouble around 175. But something clicked and felt better so that I managed to get a couple more lifts in and made 201. Yeah, Adam and Tanner went on to do 250 or 260 or whatever they do, but I was liking the 201 for me. That was NOT my weakest event. Silver Bullet. The guys thought I had a shot at the 4, so I humored them. I was right! I had no shot at the 4. But, after a challenging comp, with a thick handle PR for me, I was able to get 12 seconds on Tannner's 3.5 that he said was rated 172. That's an improvement on my Cupid's and NAGS holds (also 12 sec, on Jedd's 3.5), given that the event took place later in the comp when I was more tired than at the other two venues. Tanner's 3.5 had such a sweet sweep that I felt like on a good day I could almost get it all the way closed mms style. I met a couple of other cool folks, like Danny (who weighed in 2 ounces or so more than me), Jamie (who has a vitamin store of some sort), and Robert (who looks small but bends like a demon). They are not on the Grip Board so not going into detail here, but also nice guys. Adam , Riccardo, and Eric ran a great comp and I hope to return to their events. Thanks, guys!.
  19. bencrush

    Who can close a #3 Ronnie Coleman style?

    I remember him. We corresponded briefly, and his gripper strength was outrageous.
  20. wobbler

    Wobbler log

    Got some cool pieces of equipment from "jokabug" on instagram, 44 lbs on payne (like a shallow gold bar) and 70lbs on anaconda before I got a thumb flapper. Bent stuff today, focusing on using my back more and shoulders/chest less for the kink and getting hands further on the bar, no skin problems and it went ok.
  21. Chez

    Who can close a #3 Ronnie Coleman style?

    I believe so. The 3 was a toy for me at my peak. I’m rehabbing right now but I’ll try once I’m fully back. I remember showing guys grippers at the gym and picking up a 3 with no warm up and closing it so fast tns you hear across the gym and it was effortless. I was talking to them while holding it
  22. AdamTGlass

    Arm Lifting Log

    23.6.19 Arm Lifting contest today at Fort Worth Metroflex rolling Thunder up to 222 lb Axle DOH up to 405 lb 2.5” Saxon bar up to 261 lb contest PR Silver Bullet #4 - 8.56 seconds YT video here contest PR
  23. Buccos1

    Pin presses or speed bench?

    Both are great variations for bench. If you are following Westside or similar hybrids, then speed bench is essential. But even without it, it can definitely be worked in to an existing routine. Years back, my bench was stalled in the 315-325 range (raw) for a few years when I tried speed bench with and without bands for about 6 months. Not too many other variations, aside from floor press and my bench went up about 30lbs. Since then, I've included mini-cycles of pin presses with speed bench and have maintained numbers while getting a lot older. Dead stop/pin presses are a lot more taxing overall, I think, when compared to speed bench. Also, speed bench never really hurt anything else; I was still all-out on bending, PL and grip and never had too much negative effect from them. I've always been a minimalist too with power movements. Both can definitely be worked in successfully with minimal effect on other movements, while still gaining on bench and overall.
  24. Yesterday
  25. Mike Rinderle

    Riddle me this Batman

    Same with me. I have always been better at wide pinch with my left hand. It isn't as strong, but the spread from pinky to thumb is 3/4" longer on my left. That makes a huge difference. My right was always stronger on anything under 3" width, but over time my left caught up and I would say they are equal between 2 and 3 inches now. Right is still way stronger below two.
  26. Hubgeezer

    Who can close a #3 Ronnie Coleman style?

    Could you close a 3 with the Funky Ronnie Coleman Hold?
  27. AdamTGlass

    Ft. Worth Grip Contest

    A flash on how it went - wow what a tremendous contest! Fantastic results today, I’m certain every competitor had meet PRs. Lifting at the Metroflex is my favorite spot to chase big lifts and it seemed to be true for everyone else. Official score card and results will be posted later this evening.
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