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  2. Mike Rinderle

    A Feat of the Year Hand to Hand catch 200 lb Inch Dumbbell

    Just crazy Tanner!
  3. Mike Rinderle

    Bullitt's Journal

    Had one goal entering the shed this morning: 400lb SSB Box Squat in wraps. Felt strong enough that I never had to add the wraps. Good day. Ssb box squats Bar x 10, 155 x 5, 205 x 3, 245 x 2, 305 x 1, 335 x 1, 370 x 1, 405 x 1 (PR)
  4. Today
  5. Mike Rinderle

    COVID-405 SSB Box Squat

    First time I've had 405 on my back in a long time. Wish I could get under a straight bar to see how all the SSB work would translate. I think my all-time best straight bar squat in wraps was 420. This was no wraps, so I'd like to think I would be good for more than 420. Alas, we'll never know. From this angle it looks a lil high, but the side angle I posted last week with exact same setup was slightly below parallel. Honestly don't care though. Lol
  6. Bearcat 74

    Corona Virus thoughts

    Originally our peak date In TN was early April, then mid-April, now it’s June. Hopefully they’ll continue to be wrong.
  7. Buccos1

    10 years of (bi-weekly) Ironmind Red Nail bends

    Sun (3/15) DO - IMPs Yellow Nail 1/4 x 7" Grade 5 Red Nail Nothing major the past two sessions. All-in-all, everything has felt pretty good.
  8. Buccos1

    10 years of (bi-weekly) Ironmind Red Nail bends

    Sun (3/1) DO - IMPs Yellow Nail 1/4 x 7" 1045 Red Nail
  9. Wed (3/18) Deadlifts (1x3) 135 (1x2) 225 (1x1) 315 (1x1) 405 (1x1) 445 Barbell Standing Press (1x5) bar (1x5) 95 (1x3) 135 (1x2) 155 (1x1) 185
  10. Tue (3/17) Axle Bench Press (1x5) 125 (1x3) 175 (1x3) 215 (1x2) 255 (1x1) 310 Pull-ups (2x7) Band Pushdowns (2x20)
  11. Maiche 25

    NEW MEMBERS Introduce Yourself Here

    Hello , I am French and I come from Paris. I discovered the grippers 3 months ago and my girlfriend offered me captain of crush grippers (T,1,2, 2.5 and 3). I started training two months ago now and I am focusing on long series with CCS reps because that is what I prefer at the moment. My goal would be to achieve 10 CCS repetitions with the coc 3...I hope this day will come!
  12. Alex0204

    Closed the #2. Need advice on next step.

    How many reps you can do with your #2 coc?
  13. Noobishindi

    2 35lb plate pinch regression

    I had worked up to a one hand 2 35lb plate pinch (about a 7 second hold for each hand). This was around Nov-Dec 2019. Since then, it’s regressed to where I can’t lift the plates at all. Every other aspect of grip hasn’t progressed or maintained since. I’ve picked my brains over why it regressed but am stumped. I’ve tried it fresh and after a week off, chalked, no chalk, I don’t know what could have happened. Has anyone else experienced something similar?
  14. Mike Rinderle

    US Grip Championship 2020

    Can the corona squeeze be added as an event?
  15. Mike Rinderle

    US Grip Championship 2020

  16. Tom Flesher

    US Grip Championship 2020

    Upside: time for t-shirts to be designed?
  17. That is very cool Josh! Looks bad ass.
  18. Jman 101

    Thick bar

    Nice, I might try that as a first step. Shouldn’t affect grip texture either.
  19. Jman 101

    Thick bar

    That’s a really good idea.
  20. That looks excellent!
  21. Vinnie

    US Grip Championship 2020

    I am still presumptively in, also pending social isolation situation. Hope we can do it soon!
  22. JHenze646

    Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride

    The next two week are a deload of sorts. Tues Bp 5x1 - moved fast and felt good Thurs deads w/chains 5x3 - smokin’ - despite my injury deads are easy and smooth i am ready and starting to work some grip training back into the mix. i have some projects to work on the next few days while I read/listen to Outliers by M. Gladwell i am looking forward to Sunday’s workout.
  23. Chez

    30 sec CoC#4 Gripper hold

    I end every gripper session with negative holds but that is when I am super fatigued. I haven’t done much silver bullet work. I did it at a comp years ago. Maybe I’ll try fresh some time soon for fun.
  24. king crusher

    What do you do during lockdown? You build a power rack!

    No, it will either be attached to the joists above it or sistered to the beam next to it. Even now it doesn't move front to back and only a little side to side. I'm going to experiment with placing a cross member across the back but I don't like how most racks have one on the floor as it gets in the way of having a bench slid in or when you walk in to squat, you have to step on it.
  25. Looks dang good
  26. Wannagrip

    NEW MEMBERS Introduce Yourself Here

    Welcome @VirginiaDoug!
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