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  2. Feb 22nd 2017 (Gripper Singles + Doubles or triples) Gripper singles (4x1 w/3 sec hold) Right - (T-Rex @ 4 quarter depth) 4 successful singles with 3 sec holds Left - (COC 2.5 @ 124) 4 successful singles with 3 sec holds Gripper Triples: (3x3) Right - (COC 2.5 @ 124) 3 sucessful triples Left - (T-Rex @ 8 quarter depth) 3 succesfull triples Felt nice going from doubles to triples with the same gripper as last workout, so some progress is being made there. Taking a few days off, then hitting a grip meet-up in Portland at Jared Goguen's place. He's got so much cool stuff, I'm really looking forward to testing some of his blobs, and hopefully lift the baby inch, but I don't know, we'll see!
  3. Congrats got psyched for that one!
  4. Damn dude! Get something heavier 😉
  5. Awesome wojo!!
  6. Great job bro!!!
  7. Wow! Wojo is alive, still trains grip and lifted the inch!
  8. 1. Inch must be scaled on video and weigh at least 170-lbs. In the case of stamped DB's only the weight stamp needs to be shown. 2. Chalk ONLY may be used. No other grip aids. 3. The Inch must be lifted as level as possible with only minor deviations from level, and must be level at the top of the lift. 4. Lifter must reach a point where the knees, hips and off-hand shoulder lock out in alignment with one another.
  9. I'm near Greenville/Wilson area. I'm near the Greenville/Wilson area.
  10. KB Front Squat - 3 x 5 KB Snatch - 3 x 10 KB Clean and Press 3 x 5 Assisted Pistol - 1 x 1
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  12. 2/22/17 Indian Clubs -3x1 minute Indo board- 6 minutes Sledgehammer levers while on Indo Board 8x5 30lb Blob 3x5 (no chalk) 8lb, 12lb, and 16lb shot put lifts and throws. LBH- 65x5 90x2 100x2 110x2 135x1 IMTUG2 1x25- ring and pinky IMTUG4 2x15- ring and pinky IMTUG5- 3x10-index and middle 3x1- ring and pinky (missed one rh, missed all lh) 50 and 55mm dexterity balls
  13. Thank you, bud!
  14. Wednesday- Rev grip cable press- 10 x 5 paused NG db incline press- slow negatives/no lockout x 5 sets machine press- full reps until I burnt then 1/2 reps until failure x 5 sets flat db hex press-80#'s x 10/close grip barbell bench press x 135# x 10 x 5 sets face pulls: 12 x 3 cable skull crushers: 25 x 6 sets then pyramid up until 5 RM and dropped 50% and repped out incline treadmill walk 15 minutes
  15. Dan is definitely a phenom and hella fun to be around. I feel fortunate to have been at two competitions that he made the trip down from Canada to attend.
  16. Dan is the man!
  17. February 22, 2017 Noonish Week 3 Grip Topz Adj Thick Bar 171 x 3 x 8r Gold Brick 45.8 x 3 x 10r 1/2 Penny R - 27.7 x 2 x 1r, 29.3 x hops R/L Holds 24.1 x 10s/7s/6s So close to a 30# milestone. Should've went to 28.something. Euro Round the World 80 x 1
  18. Great work Jedd !
  19. 17w08-3 Grippers Warming: GHP1 1x10/1x10 + inverted 1x10/1x10 GHP2 1x10/1x10 GHP3 1x5/1x5 GHP4 1x4/1x4 Work: GHP5 overcrush 3x1/3x1 CoC3 set + open slowly 3x1/3x1 Thumb, dynamik on pony Clamp 1x5/1x5 BR/Göran
  20. Today's profile features Daniel Fleming. As we travel around the world with these profiles, we finally arrive (overdue) to Canada. Daniel is our first, but certainly not the last Canadian Gripster to be profiled. I do not bandy words, and I seldom use the word "prodigy." I believe the last time I used it was in reference to Heath Sexton. While it fits Daniel like a glove, we will vary things and label Fleming as a Grip Phenom. The world is filled with many excellent Gripsters, but every once in a while…you get someone who's incredible talent…is matched by incredible motivation. When that happens, it's something to behold. During the week or two it has taken me to get this profile up…Fleming has already PR'd several times to raised the bar he is continually resetting. After training only 9 months and in his third contest... Daniel won NCGC2 (National Capital Grip Contest 2) beating out THE Gil Goodman using the Wilks formula. Many people can train for many years and not win a contest (myself included). Fleming closed a choked Tetting SE CPW rated at 200lbs (at only 175lbs!). For the non-gripster people…he took second in the gripper event, beating out 8 people that were significantly heavier than him. Fleming also placed 5th overall at the 2017 Southern Squeeze, behind notable gripsters like Burns, Rogowski and Fox. With what seems to be a recurring theme, both Climbers and Armwrestlers make seamless transitions into Gripsport. Daniel's no exception, excelling at both of those disciplines. However, they have both now taken a back seat to Gripsport. Fleming's high placing on the Barrel Strength System Leaderboards is nearly unbelievable considering his short time training grip…and the fact his competitors are often 40-70lbs heavier than him. Since listing his accomplishments may be impractical, I'll direct you to his instagram for your perusal. The first time I met Daniel was at NCGC2. To steal the words from my write-up…"I quickly ran into a tall wiry guy with a light scruff that encircled his jaw. He had an infectious smile and seemed obviously happy to be there. Those were my first impressions of the Canadian Dan Fleming." Turned out…Dan had made the trip down to Maryland strictly for the Grip Contest. Pretty much only grip addicts will do things like that. Let's let Dan tell you how he caught what we affectionately call the Gripbug... 7 questions to get to know Daniel… 1. What are your stats? Gripboard Name, Age, Height (inches/meters), Weight (lbs/kgs), R/L dominant hand size (cm/in), Country/City (or region … whatever you are comfortable with), Relationship Status, Kids?, Occupation ("international spy" is acceptable) Gripboard Name: "Daniel Fleming" Age: 26 Height: 6'2"-6'3" (188 cm) Weight: 180lbs (81.6 kg) Hand: Right 7 5/8" (19.4 cm) Location: Canada/ Montreal, Quebec Relationship Status: Happily taken! Occupation: Professional tattoo artist 2. Why did you start training grip (and how long is it now)? I've been training grip now since the beginning of December 2015 (it's been ~1 year and 1 month). Grip training was the aftermath of armwrestling for a few years and rock climbing for 1 year. It was armwrestling that really got me addicted to hand and wrist/finger strength. I'd train endless wrist curls, pronation exercises, sledgehammer lifts, and pull-ups. When I began my job as a tattoo artist, I was forced to stop going to armwrestling practice because It got in the way of my tattooing shifts. Even though I couldn't go to practice anymore, my armwrestling training at home didn't stop. I had always wanted to try climbing and it seemed like a way to keep up with hand/wrist/finger strength. After about a year of climbing intensely 3 days a week, I discovered Gripsport. It turned out that a fellow armwrestler Eric Roussin (who lived only a couple short hours away) was the man behind Gripsport in Canada. After seeing some of his grip videos, I began to train grip with the limited equipment I had at the time. I had a couple of 25lb plates that I put a bar through to make my own D.I.Y. Euro, and 3 no-name grippers. I had bought them years ago at a fitness store, but had never really trained with. From there my addiction grew. I bought more grip training equipment and more plates. Grip training eventually took over my armwrestling training time. 3. Before you die, what is your ULTIMATE grip goal/goals? Like so many others, I definitely have my eye set on lifting the INCH. If my training continues to go as well as it has been going…I don't think lifting it will be too much further down the road! With my gripper addiction so strong, I'd also love to climb the Mash Monster ladder. Pinching 50k with 1 hand has been on my mind for a while now. So far I've only gotten air, but it's definitely coming up soon. I could go on and on about individual lifts that I want to achieve, but most of all I want to continue to show and motivate the smaller guys that you don't need to be 250lbs to lift big weights!!!! 4. How do you currently structure your overall training/how do you incorporate your grip training? The implements I train with changes every so often, but I never take away pinch or grippers. On a normal pinching day I'll start off with grippers, all the way from reps with lighter grippers to maxing out single reps. I found that going hard on grippers doesn't really cripple your pinch, but actually improves it. I max out pinch more often than I probably should, but it's been working for me. So just like with grippers, I'll start with lower weight with a few reps, then move to single rep lifts until failure. Lately I've been doing pinch holds with David Hornes new Gold Bar pinch block as well. It's definitely a must-have tool for people who want a stronger pinch! After pinching, depending on how my fingers feel, I might do some hub work (same as I do my pinch work) and then finish off with sledgehammer finger-walks. Between gripper sets, I like to incorporate sets of dumbbell shoulder pressing. It wakes up my body and keeps me intense for the rest of my training! On a thickbar day, I'll avoid doing much/if any gripper work (as most find out that grippers + thickbar on the same day is a bad combination). Just like with pinch, I'll probably do shoulder pressing or squats to get my body going. Again, just like with pinch…I'll train the crusher the same. Starting off with lower weight and a few reps, all the way to single rep max lifts. Once I hit max, I'll lower the weight to the point where I can at least get 5 reps, and do sets with that. If that weight seems too heavy after 1 or 2 sets, I'll lower it again (and repeat). A recent addition to my thickbar training has been thumbless fat grip pullups (palms facing away from yourself) Once again, If I still have energy, I'll finish off with sledgehammer finger-walks. 5. What hobbies (other than grip/bending/lifting) do you enjoy? I love skateboarding, which I did for 15 solid years. I love playing guitar. I have a deep obsession with armwrestling. Even though I haven't been able to pull lately, I still watch and think about it every day! I love rock climbing. I enjoy walking a lot. I really enjoy travelling, but that only started once I began travelling to grip contests! There's probably too many more to name... At this point, my main hobby is getting stronger! That includes training, applying strength to everyday activities and functions, and constantly looking for information from others on how to improve! 6. Do you have a personal anecdote, topic or thoughts you'd like to include in your profile? I just want to say how much I appreciate almost everyone I've come across in the Gripsport world. Travelling to contests have been some of the best times I've ever had, It's nothing but support and encouragement from everyone. I have no plans of stopping. I thrive helping others succeed through advice and suggestions, and it seems like mostly everyone involved in grip sport is the same. Through experience, the thing that made the greatest difference in my grip training was the mental aspect. Don't just plan your training routine and try to get through it.... Think about why you're there training, think about what you're trying to achieve! I never want to finish a session knowing that I didn't give it my all. I never want to finish a grip contest knowing that I could've shown more intensity. Ill constantly tell myself while Im training that they don't want it as much as I do. They don't want to put in the blood and sweat like I do! The key is to train consistently, train with intensity, and love what you do! 7. Who's Grip profile would you like to see next? Eric Roussin! Not only a fellow Canadian, but truly a pioneer in Canadian Grip Sport and Armwrestling. Thanks Daniel. Eric has agreed and will be profiled soon.
  21. Surprisingly strong workout in spite of not feeling quite 100%.. Clean 2nd pull drill, 5x8, empty bar to 115 aim to hip drive the bar to ears and then overhead on last rep, strictly contact momentum. Got the drill from gold medalist Torohktiy. Strict press, 135x5 x7sets... surprised at the lack of a struggle with all the volume Front squat doubles, speed then 5ct pause 185, 3 sets Fat gripz extreme 209x7 x5 sets, again these felt great, still never came close to failure given the 35 reps at a moderately heavy thickbar weight. Sauna 10m/cold shower
  22. Thanks man!
    • Alexander Nikiforov
    • Sam Radford

    Hi Sam,do have for sale atomgripz grippers?

  23. Jake, do you already have me down for one of the 150's? If not, I will definitely take one.
  24. Iam so looking forward to Nationals
  25. Anyone looking to avoid shipping we will be traveling down to Nashville for Nationals in June.
  26. We are now taking pre-orders for the 150 lb globe dumbbells. The 150# dumbbells are going for $430 each.. Im going to be placing the first run of orders once I've reached x6-150# dumbbells sold. At this time, until I reach the first x6 sold I will be dropping the price to $400. As of now, there are 5 spots left remaining to get the discounted price. FYI the 150# dumbbells have to be shipped LTT freight.
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