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  2. my overall train log

    today Steel Shredder III 130k & 136k no problem CoC#4 :-) thumbhold 21.9kg 17sec. Dube Cube Quarter 17.65kg conjugate with + bands
  3. Michael Thomas, Level 1

    Good luck man...should be a piece of pie for ya!!
  4. Michael Thomas, Level 1

    Good luck! Destroy it!
  5. Today
  6. Michael Thomas, Level 1

    You’ll get it Mikey....no doubt!
  7. Ironmind Hub ?

    Don't mean to necro-post. But my brother Zach Jacobs is training hub again. I think his best training lift was 95lb., still 5lb. better than the current WR. Here is a video of him almost doing 96lb. in training back in 2013. The day he set the American record, it was the last lift in the contest. Definitely would have put up more if the hub lift had been done first.
  8. Michael Thomas, Level 1

    Thanks, I will have my wife and son with 2 camera phones.
  9. 228.1lbs on the Stirrup

    Get this man another Inch. Probably would be the first to do a double Inch lift at less than the weight of the bell. Nice job is an understatement.
  10. Powerlifting Log

    What do you weigh these days, Eric? Nice numbers!
  11. Trying to not be dramatic here, but life is throwing everything it has at me right now. in the last month my engagement got called off, there was a death in the family, my house got robbed with over $40k in uncovered losses (including my bench grinder, hence no bending workout this week), and I got in a car accident yesterday. Thankfully no one (including my dog who was home at the time of the robbery) was harmed amidst all of this. I don't know which end is up at the moment. The home situation is further complicated by the fact that I'm in a land dispute with the seller (and have been since the day we closed two years ago), and we may not be able to sell the house. Still going to BJJ and I feel like I would explode if I didn't. I have no idea what the next 6 months (or more) will be like and for someone who has detailed plans laid out at least as far, this is a difficult time.
  12. Michael Thomas, Level 1

    Good luck with this, I think you'll get it. Just make sure you shoot a good video!
  13. Absolutely it’s the rise of the machines that are killing us.... I miss when girls were girls and men were men! Those days are gone.
  14. Other training in addition to KTA

    As I wrote grippers have some carry-over to other stuff but it's limited. It does not have much carry-over to MMA, not as much as you'd want to by training like Joe Kinney did. Also, closing more than a #3 is not necessary for any sport. Except for grip sport. Some other athletes can be strong with grippers, like armwrestlers, powerlifters, strongmen etc. They are usually strong with grippers because the way they have trained has made their hands strong. I would say that training open hand strength, pinch, all type of widths. Thick bar (such as Rolling Thunder and Axle) will be much better for you if you want to do MMA at the same time. You can of course incorporate some gripper work as well. But doing KTA while you're doing combat sports and powerlifting all at the same time is asking for trouble. KTA is no joke.
  15. Other training in addition to KTA

    You don’t need a Sidewinder. Do Wrist Curls, Reverse Wrist Curls and leavering in all directions. You can use a loadable dumbbell for this.
  16. Asking for feedback on the store

    Thanks for this. YES, I actually put pre-rated grippers on the front page this weekend! We know from the store traffic that it's BY FAR the most frequented product. I really appreciate your feedback!
  17. Ugh, kind of a careless throw-away article. I feel like this is the only good point: "There is no virtue in physical decline." People--men, women, dads, moms, boys, girls--just need to get off devices. Even if you take accountability for yourself to fight physical decline, the world of today is simply nothing like it was X years ago. When "men were men."
  18. Other training in addition to KTA

    Well I was doing heavy kettlebell swings and rock climbing for grip strength before I bought the grippers but I stopped doing them when I started using the grippers. And I'm also about to buy the sidewinder. I'm thinking when I go back to training I could use a combination of all three of them at low reps after MMA training. So grippers have no practical use in real world applications at all? They're only useful for closing grippers? They wouldn't help with an arm drag? I was thinking they would help keeping an opponent's wrist isolated for a kimura attempt but guess that would fall under support grip. Or would it be a combination of crushing grip as well as support grip. Or the double grip when passing guard, crushing grip would not help with any of that? Thanks for the advice! Back to deadlifting it is then.
  19. Asking for feedback on the store

    I almost exclusively use the pre rated grippers. I feel like that should be on the main screen with the other gripper manufacturers considering how quickly it sells out As far as the current layout for each gripper manufacturer - I like it. It's attractive and also informative as to each gripper's rating range. Drop menus are quick but don't look as cool. Hope that helps. OK just saw the pre rated does have its own button on the product page. That's cool.
  20. Howdy any customers out there. I am looking for feedback about how you use the store. How do you prefer to navigate around? For example, right now when you click on the GHP collection, each gripper is listed individually with the average rating. Visually you can see them all at once. In truth, it's basically the same product duplicated 10 times. It could have been one listing with a drop-drown for the choices. Would you prefer that? Or is it helpful to see them listed next to each other? Does anyone shop using the mixed collections like this one? https://cannonpowerworks.com/collections/strength-training Do you find some stuff hard to find? I'm interested in any feedback, just post it here good or bad.
  21. Custom Choker Grippers!

  22. Michael Thomas, Level 1

    Very cool. Give it hell dude!
  23. 5/8 x 26” Braced bend

    Thanks Andrew. Yeah the crush was tough to get started.
  24. Tanner asked to be removed from the queue, so you're up maybe sooner than expected!!! Give it hell.
  25. Other training in addition to KTA

    The deadlift is not a direct grip exercise unless you are doing holds. The deadlift is a back/full body exercise. Holds for grip...no then. But, deads for back development for sure you don't stop doing them.
  26. 5/8 x 26” Braced bend

    Nice work Don! Looked like the crush down was going to give you some trouble but you powered through it!
  27. SJ's Four-for-February (February 24th, 2018)

    Wow that looks awesome
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