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  2. William C. Prevost

    Haven't been on for a while due to diabetes issues feeling better ready to get back into things last few days did some things and still had most of my grip strength still as I did but should be back if not better in a month or 2 wasn't a significant loss on some grippers down 1 mostly or to halfway closing the old bests 

  3. Progression To An Edgin?

    This will give you an idea of what is around the level of a Edgin. Maybe a Hexabastard will be a next step.
  4. Very very pleased with the arrival of my Dube cube from gripnbend. Very well made .. put together a loading pin on Saturday and looking forward to it becoming a regular part of my training moving forward. This week I plan on getting familiar with the stub .. the following week the coin and ball bearing after that. I'll train each portion of the cube in one week increments so I could benefit from progressive resistance and work on the proper technique for each at the same time.
  5. Gripper training last week ending: 09/24/17 Isometric holds: (Monday) (heavy) 5 x 5-7 second holds with 5 minutes rest in between. CC setting / Reps: (Friday) (light/medium) 3 - 5 sets x 8 reps. First rep is with a gripper that I can shut from a CC set, immediately followed by 7 reps from a parallel set. I emphasize speed and force when doing them and on the last rep of each set, I hold for a course of 3 while squeezing as hard as I can. Gripper training this week ending 09/29/17 COC #3 attempts: (Monday) 4 sets x 1 rep. I'll get the handles as close as I can then force it closed with the aid of my free hand and squeeze very hard for a count of 3. CC setting/reps: (Friday)(light/medium) 3 sets x 2 reps (CC set COC#2) superset with COC#2.5 X 3 reps from 20 mm done fast / hard squeeze on the last rep for 3 seconds. I will alternate the two slightly different sessions to keep things fresh. I'll also experiment with the T-Rex gripper routine outlined by BenCrush to another member. It should fit right in with my second gripper session. I find the routine to be well thought out and sensible. I believe it could be of a great help to me and I'm thankful that he posted it.
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  7. Progression To An Edgin?

    Well then you don't technically have any substantial "progression" options. You'll have to pick a target bar or two and keep hammering them until they're very easy,like Alawahdi noted.
  8. Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride

    I heart horseshoe hearting👊❤👊
  9. Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride

    Busy. I hit vbar working up to 200 with both hands and a few singles at 190. DO bend 60D x 9, dcoh failed heart attempt. I need to get some larger size shoes and start hearing again.
  10. Progression To An Edgin?

    Yeah but SS is just way too soft. I just have to stick with 1018 cold rolled steel instead. I do have 3 bars of 7" by 11/32" 1018 CRS round stock. One of them which I moved to 5-10 degrees in single ironmind pads. Ive been thinking about getting some 7" by 3/8" hex 360 brass from FBBC this week.
  11. Arm Training Log

    25/9/17 Grippers (right hand) GHP 96 lbs x 10 block set reps (20 mm). GHP 125 lbs x 1 CCS. GHP 146 lbs x 1 attempt with 38 mm block, 3-4 mm off. GHP 96 lbs x 10 block set reps (20 mm). No more grippers this year, I will do light set practice during thick bar & pinch training but that's it.
  12. Progression To An Edgin?

    Then just keep on bending them mate. Go for power bend and speed bend. Once easy cut it or just keep hitting the edgin. It will fall. Oh yeah keep general weight training too.
  13. Progression To An Edgin?

    That's why I buy my stainless steel elsewhere and I always make sure the grade is 303. I got some grade 303 SS that's reads .314" to .315" in diameter slightly bigger than 5/16" which I just recently bent one at 7" in 10" by 4" suede from david horne's. by the way I bought my 5/16" grade 5s from mcmaster.com
  14. This Week in Grip - Episode 29

    We are back on a roll with This Week in Grip - Episode 29. Next weekend I have a short family trip, but hope to get something recorded.
  15. Progression To An Edgin?

    All these new bars I don't know them. I also stopped bending in like forever. But always when we wanted the big G5 we were bending shinies easily. Our shinies back in the day was very hard. Calibrated by Eric at 545 or so and the edgin from 565 to 585. When the Shiny was easy for me I could do an Edgin. But I heard that the new shinies are way easier than the older ones.
  16. Mighty Mitts Grip Chalk

    Pretty impressed with this chalk so far. We used it once and it made quite a difference on that particular day.
  17. Training for Multiple Types of Bending at Once

    Thank you very much, sir.
  18. My meeting with Jedd Johnson

    No doubt about that, brotherrrrr!
  19. Diesel Tee Shirts Available

    What size are you looking for buddy? And do you have a color preference? Thank you.
  20. Thanks Kevin! Nice to see that you're logging again too!
  21. Progression To An Edgin?

    I've moved a duke to like 5 to 10 degrees many months ago. I've already bent reds bastards and shinys. I never bent drill rod or those iron grips bars and don't plan on buying them.
  22. This is what I trained for....

    I made one. It is 2.375" O.D. which I believe is the same as the original.
  23. This is what I trained for....

    Do you use the origional WW or did you make your own?
  24. Sauerland Gripchallenge I

    Richard Siebels filmed everything and edited the video, I really like the intro. Not sure if Richard is on the Gripboard?
  25. This is what I trained for....

    For me, the WW was helpful because wrist flexion was my weakest link for thick bar. I didn't want to use my thumb to trap the bar during rotation because I'm working narrow and wide pinch too. So I focused on keeping my wrist completely straight through the movement on day 1, and then curling from straight to flexed on day 2.
  26. Some Bulgarian Bag work and cleans with my 45lbs club bell. Left forearm is not thrilled as expected but not a “bad” pain.
  27. Sauerland Gripchallenge I

    And very cool video man! I loved it The gripper numbers were decent! But the Axle and the 2hp were world class. The axle is slick and even the 2hp is new. I tried it and know. Amazing numbers put in the comp. Congrats again everyone
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