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  2. This weekends training: Saturday 1/16/21 Started of with sled work in the gym with 3 other training partners. Which did it with 4 different styles (holding a bar behind the back facing forward, Attached to our weight belt facing forward, Pushing forward and lastly pulling backward with a bar). Did 2 times down and back each style for a total of 8 times down and back. Took about 1.5 hrs between all our sets. Next week we made a promise to track the weight better Standing Barbell Overhead Press warm ups 190 lbs - 6x, 7x, 7x, 6x 245 lbs - single attempt. So Freaking
  3. Luke Whippo

    Dead Lift Objective 405# Minimum

    Squat- 255 x 22 Didn't have too much to talk about afterwards, was pretty dead. Resting till Friday, no Deads this week.
  4. Shoggoth

    The Shoggoth Basement

    January 17, 2021 Before Supper The belt squat is definitely going to be a good leg builder Iโ€™m thinking. DO Axle Deads 273 x 5 x 3r Okie Deads 455 x 3 x 3r Shrugs 0:60 rests 270k x 10 x 3r Belt Squat 90 x 3 x 20r Pulldowns RP 190 x 12-5-2
  5. pancho_grip_lift

    Ghp Gripper Challenge

    Hello Wade! does Daniel have social media or anywhere to contact him? I'm from Chile and I'd love to konw other south americans into grippers and gripsport
  6. Yesterday
  7. AdamTGlass

    North Texas Armlifting Contest - Show of Hands 2021

    Yes there will be Vinnie- Iโ€™ll pin the date this week and you know for travel planning ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
  8. Wade Gillingham

    Ghp Gripper Challenge

    Congrats to South Korea's Heo Won Jae for smashing the GHP Level 7 back in October of last year.
  9. Fist of Fury

    About maintenance of grip tools...

    Cleaning off pinch blocks now and then is good, you don't want too much chalk on them. Cleaning and lubricating grippers springs of course. If you have a IM Rolling Thunder a good thing you can do is to drill a small hole in the plastic on each side and spray some lubricant down there. Then seal it with electrical tape. Then you have two holes you can maintain there. Makes it spin much faster. I went from 90 kg to 78 kg only by doing that.
  10. Todayโ€™s training coc 2.5 13 reps right 5 reps left Ghp7 1 rep right failed rep left ghp7 missed by a hair right coc 2.5 5 reps left coc 2.5 11 sets right 4 reps left coc 2.5 8 reps right 4 reps left Coc 2.5 8 days reps right 3 reps left inverted coc 2.5 4 reps right 3 reps left Coc 2 8 reps right 9 reps left coc 1.5 35 reps right 40 reps left
  11. Climber028

    About maintenance of grip tools...

    I lubricate gripper springs and other moving objects regularly. For gripping surfaces I don't always let a good seasoned texture build up, my logic is that I want it to be hard to hold in order to get stronger, then when I go to a competition the devices almost always feel easier and I hit a good PR. Your goals may vary, if trying to lift some specific item for the first time then you would want as good a texture as possible.
  12. pancho_grip_lift

    About maintenance of grip tools...

    Exactly, I'd like to know what do the advanced guys do about this, becouse grip tools may wear down maybe? and also seasoning will allow you to lift more, but one may get a surprise in a contest for example, if they use brand new equipment. Or the exact opposite if they use very seasoned grip tools...
  13. Well I was totaly wrong, 3 reps was with 146 and 2 reps with 156*
  14. 3 consecutive CCS repeats with the 158 ?!๐Ÿ˜ฒ
  15. Warm up, stretching etc safety bar squat - to 145kg 3 x reps last set all paused (easy) grippers wide to silver bullet - to hard #4 x 8 R / medium #4 x 11 L 18" DO deadlift - to 200kg x 8 (easy) Sumo axle double pause deadlift - 90kg 3 x reps (felt great) Good mornings - monster band 2 x reps plate pinch (one hand) - to two 20kg high pulls (these very much had a 'sweet spot')
  16. Paul Savage

    Skin problem grippers

    Firstly, do less grippers, you don't need to do them a lot to be good at them, you can build gripper strength up with other exercises that wont cause these issues. Second thing would be if you are going to do grippers a lot or do a lot of volume, focus on technique and don't use grippers that are sharp with the knurling. Lastly, cocoa butter specifically, hand creams in general ive found not to do much, cocoa butter does as it heals deep tears and also gives the skin the ability to stretch more without tearing so you are less likely to have the same issues again.
  17. I am not sure if i closed my #3.5 rated 171 before or after the cert but around that. Some time after I closed a 178 rated #3.5. The GG6 rated 184 is easier then a ironmind 3.5 rated 178. Probably easier then the 171 aswell. For me that is since I gain alot of power on a weak sweep. I could close a 158 #3 for almost 3 reps before the cert tought so was well prepared.
  18. Yeah Iโ€™m trying to get into credit card set territory soon.
  19. Wow, your gripper set is super wide! Must be more than GHP set block... ๐Ÿง
  20. Congratulations on the ccs close ๐Ÿ‘
  21. 15/1 Wristcurl - 5 set Platecurl - 3 set Pronation/Supination levering - 3 set Extensors - 5 set 16/1 DO - Some improvement from last time. No movement at all on blue. Yellow x 3 Blue x 0 17/1 RH - Lol, didnt move 65 kg or 62,5 kg with first attempt on RH. LH: 65 kg x 3 3 2 2 2 RH: 60 kg x 1 62,5 kg x 3 1 2 1 DO - High focus on keeping all fingers on wraps, I usually slip with pinkie. Blue was a struggle, first hit to ~50* then no movement at all for some hits and then finally got it. I had to
  22. Thanks a lot Captain! Of course the ultimate goal is to be promoted to your rank. At lest I know the feat is possible, but I still have a few miles to go. If I recall correct you did close a #3.5 (175?) or even that bad ass of 186 when you got certified? I don't think Iยดm close to that. We'll see what 2021 brings.. Since my numbers are really low I actually expected to get a bit more transfer. I've read all from 50-100%. Hopefully there are some more kgs to gain from chalking up both blocks and hands!
  23. Serpent

    Skin problem grippers

    Take a look at Retin-A Gel
  24. Ricochet

    Popeye! A Training Log

    SUNDAY, 17 JAN 2021 FAT-GRIP "MAX TENSION" CHIN-UP: 5 x 5 HANGING BELT PULL-UP: 5 x 6... my fingers were toast after these FAT-GRIP CLOSE-GRIP CHIN-UP: 4 x 10 FAT WRIST ROLLER: 3 x 4 โ†‘โ†“ @ 4kg
  25. Very good question. I only have weights, bars, grippers and bands and for me cleaning and lubrication maybe not go as far as a full on polish. Gives me something to do on rest days. Worked with hand tools all my life and would never consider after a job putting them back dirty so could just be a carry over. The seasoning could help "maybe" but could mask real progress even going as far as allowing poor form. Interesting to see what others think on this.
  26. Hello friends from the board! I was wondering what do you think about cleaning and polishing your grip tools, does anyone do that? or do you just let your tools take the chalk and be more seasoned over time? I've heard some people against the seasoning of tools, and others in favour of maximize it. Thank you all in advance
  27. You can get your hands under it as much as you like, while maintaining a โ€œnormalโ€ grip.
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