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  2. Thanks Chez. I did close once before with deep set but I did not recorded.
  3. I'll update the log and catch up for the week tonight but I just missed my 180 lb RGC #3.5 off hand (left hand) by a freaking hair literally. So pissed. I closed this gripper right hand right before certing the MM3 right hand so I know I'm close to the MM3 Off hand and only Paul Knight has done that. Here is the video and still: Doesn't get much closer than that. It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine................
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  5. I want to preface this question with the statement that I in no way want to offend anyone. This is merely a question from someone relatively new at grip. Having competed both in the 2016 King Kong and also the 2017 World Armlifting Championships, I have to wonder why we don't use the Excalibur event instead of the 2" VBar. My best in competition is 243# (VBar) and 209# (Excalibur) respectively. In both cases, I felt like I could have done 10kg more. It seems to me that the full pull of the Excalibur (or a similar device) is more of an event. The overload on the bicep would be less because the weight is lower. The Excalibur would also be easier to judge. It could also be pulled to a height (like the other events in King Kong). Most people already have carabiners and loading pins. The only thing that they would need would be a relatively inexpensive handle. I feel like the same type of strength is tested with both events, but the longer range of motion with the Excalibur (or the FBBC jug or something similar) seems to be a far superior test of strength. Any thoughts? Riccardo
  6. All for growth of our hobby, but there is no differentiator in this product. IG is calibrated. IM is thin pads/time limit. FBBC is... FBBC. Nothing new with this list, but nothing inherently bad as far as I can see. The market will decide.
  7. Let's make this an awesome contest! If you know someone who has never compete in a grip contest, inform them about this contest. All levels of strengths are welcomed: Newcomer, intermediate, Advanced. If you need an extra means of getting them to come out, show them this:
  8. Antique farm equipment shows typically have at least one person selling blacksmithing stuff. Be prepared for an auction environment and/or to pay $2-$3 per lb though. It's a sellers market on old stuff like that especially with cable TV and blacksmithing coming back.
  9. At the gym, all MMS: GHP 5 x 10. GHP 5 x 6. GHP 5 x 3 x 4 (?). GHP 5 hold x 2 sets.
  10. Log fell behind last week. Very short write up to catch up: May 24th Bench, worksets with 209 lbs. Slowly getting back to 225 with short workouts with low reps. Dips @bw Friday May 26th Grippers, up to 169lbs Elite attempt, closed my 162lbs Elite (but just) and lighter work with my filed 137lbs BBGM. A true Beefbuilder night. With the extra gripwork I do on Monday I got good results, but although I am stronger at base level now, I do feel I am going to hit a plateau soon (or just did). Just see how far I can take this without regression. Also thickbar and I got inspired by Adam Glass in doing bodyweight hangs with one hand on a chinningbar, while holding and cleaning a 24kg kettlebell and do presses. Got up to 3 reps, and did a few sets afterwards, but didn't get much higher in reps. So that's a one hand hang of roughly 125kg in total (275lbs) for around 10 seconds, after that it gets to painful. Fun to see where I stood. Today Finally my daugther got surgery today after almost half a year of having pain. Now for her to recover and a very relieving idea this is dealt with I hope. Basically hang around in the hospital from 07.00 am to 15.00 pm so by the time we got home and after a lot of phonecalls etc I was pretty drained. Still got some light gripwork in and some armwork. Ditched the plateloader for today. Legwork, one legged squats (pistols) and rear foot elevated split squats; IM#2.5: 2 x 2, 4 x 1 all CCS, 2 x 5 MMS. All sets with one minute rest in between. Chins and light bicepwork.
  11. it been a while. I have been working out regularly but have not kept up with the log. I will most likely stay with three times a week for the rest of the hot weather and a throwing day once a week hopefully. Throwing beats up my hands a bit so I will be trying to train grip as best I can. In the time I forgot to log I hit MM0 with my left hand, had a really good blockweight session after finding out I will get a chance at this alleged "IronGrip Monster" at SJ4, got a few more soft lifts of 80# on the flask, and tried some really stupid stunts inspired by Strongman Archaeology(Facebook/Instagram).
  12. would love to know what his steel calibrates at.
  13. I think the 1/4 in. certifications are fine. For begining benders they could act as certification practice. It makes sense to me. I have been looking for an option like the steel benders helper (and trying to design a few myself) to assist with workload for some time. Volume bending eats through a lot of material. Material is always the limiting factor for me. If more elaboration is desired, PM me.
  14. Many of my DVD's and Ebooks are on sale to celebrate Memorial Day. Many titles are $10 to $20 off. The sale goes until tonight at 11:59PM. Biggest purchase total gets a free 30-minute Coaching Call.
  15. WOW! That was BLATANT!!!
  16. Thanks buddy. Happy to have gotten it, for sure. But I've already begun working on the next big goal. Thanks again.
  17. Congrats, brotherrrr!
  18. Got a new dynamometer from SilaRukov the other day and today I was able to do a bodyweight squeeze with right hand (101.4 kg), I'm going to test my strength with this device once a month or so from now on. I'm changing my program for the coming six weeks to this. I'm going to stick with three days a week for a while since I feel that my recovery is better that way. Workout 1 Zercher Squat (RSR) Block Weight Pinch Core Shoulders DO Deadlift Overhead Press Lat Pull-Down Supination & Pronation Hammer Curl/Concentration Curl (Alternating each week) Triceps Workout 2 Zercher Squat (RSR) Shallow Hub Two Hand Key-Pinch One Hand Euro Pinch Brutalizer Handle Dumbbell Cleans Radial & Ulnar Deviation Sledge Hammer Front & Rear Choke Vulcan Set Practice Wrist Developer Fingerwalk Workout 3 Zercher Squat (RSR) One Hand Euro Pinch Adjustable Thick Bar/Wrist Wrench (Alternating each week) Shoulders (Isometrics) Dumbbell Row/Barbell Row (Alternating each week) Overhead Press Supination & Pronation Behind The Back Axle Wrist Curl Reverse Curl A lot of grip and wrist work but I will keep the intensity and volume low on most exercises. I'm going to attempt heavy weights on the ATB/Wrist Wrench, still keeping the volume low, maybe two or three heavy lifts. The rest of the grip work is going to be much lighter. Block weights will mostly be blob drags because my pinch is weaker than a 10 year old girl's Dumbbell cleans will be with FGX and I will do 6x2 with the same weight for all weeks.
  19. The only worry I have, is concern that people may get injured. I would base this on the fact that while on the board, Cedric seemed unwilling to accept advice from experienced benders. Could you expound Josh? What is it that makes you nervous?
  20. Something looks wrong with the spreadsheet. Notice that the 5th through 8th places do not include the points earned on the Atlas Stones. I am wondering if Martins really came in 4th. Second edit: When you add the places, you see he would have had the same number of points as the 5th place finisher, but would have won due to higher placings on other events. Still, the worksheet just didn't quite get finished. Congratulations Martins!
  21. I like to see grip grow and people be successful bringing new ideas to the group, but this makes me nervous.
  22. Also be interesting to see the quality etc of his steel. Irongrip and fbbc are both very well established in the steel bending world and noone can argue the quality of their products so be interesting to see where he gets his steel from and whether its compare able at all
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