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  2. For individual competitions keep it simple and have one class only. I usually end up near the bottom in the LGC competition but it keeps me happy knowing that my numbers are difficult to duplicate for competitors in the 74k class (competitive as I am). This keeps the big and stronger guys happy as well as the little ones.
  3. Changing the number of weight classes for records within NAGS would most likely result in a drop in the number of competitors much like it would if you cut down the number of weight classes in OL and PL to two. I know I would certainly loose interest if I had to get fat in order to be more competitive. We would also loose some credibility if we change the number of weight classes everytime someone has a few beers and post his or hers latest ideas (I know that's not what you suggested in terms of records but others have). We have a fair number of weight classes in line with major strength sports and have never had more competitors. Don't break something that is working. It simply makes it more interesting for more people if you can compare yourself to others of your size. I have little interest in knowing how far behind I am in hand strength of people twice my weight.
  4. Tuesday Close Grip Bench Press to 107.5-kilos x 3 x 2 reps LPD to stack+5p x 8 reps DOHTBDLTL to 175-kilos x 3 x 2 reps Adj T/Bar 80-kilos x 6 reps @ TL, 100-kilos x 3 @, 120-kilos x 3 reps @ Thursday pm Two Hand Pinch to 97.7-kilos x 1, then 3 x 2 reps
  5. Well now im curious? Who is the hand size faker? not sure why anyone would claim smaller hands for added props on any lift accept a thickbar or blob lift. So it must be someone who had a decent thickbar or blob or something. i know when i lifted the inch initially, i went way out of my way to measure my hand on camera multiple ways for all to freely interpret whatever length satisfied them to prove i did it with a sub 8" hand. No way i measured my hand was it even remotely 8". At the time, i remember a handful of sub 8" hand guys claiming an inch lift couldnt happen for them due to hand size. So i was glad to troll about it afterward. Hence why i did all that measuring on camera.
  6. Looking back i should of just hand bent 3/16 for keks
  7. I know i could do more on a good day, i have been suffering with kidney stones and got tired of sitting there.
  8. Thanks Matt. Speaking of jumps, I hit 335 today! 10lb PR I've just been doing a progression of my top set each week (285x6, 305x4, 315x3, 325x2, 335x1) (clean once) which works out so my estimated 1rm goes up about a pound a week. Then for volume I have been hitting lots of singles, some emom and some with slightly longer breaks. Trying to dial in the form and trying (and failing) to have a consistent jerk. I still keep reverting to push press when it gets heavy though. On my 2nd press day of the week I usually do something other than log and not that hard. Monday I ended up doing heavy reverse band log press and my shoulder isn't feeling great from it, so I'll have to back off again on my Monday pressing. 7/21/2017 Log Press 305x1 (push press, supposed to be a jerk) 335x1 (push press, supposed to be a jerk) 305x1 x5 EMOM(all failed jerks. Rightly lagged behind greatly on the pressout. Missed the last one and came back and hit it a minute later) 265x5 (clean each rep, some were actually jerks!) I's and T's with 20lb dbs - in the 20rep range Scapular pullups
  9. Hahaha awesome post man! Your intensity was palpable. Makes me even more motivated to do a bending only or at least mainly bending comp here in Boston in the near future.
  10. Thanks @Squeezus and @Donc101 - as Nate said, I did 1 piece of 5/16" followed by 7 pieces of 9/32" for the win - got the 8th piece of 9/32" down to about 2 1/2" inches but was timed out at 3 minutes - Before the comp started I was talking with @KRC and we were like yea lets just do as many 5/16s as we can but then @Andrew Dube went first and knocked out 6 pieces of 9/32" and I realized I'd have to do atleast 5 pieces of 5/16" to beat his 6 pieces of 9/32" and I thought damn I may not be able to do that haha - so then Kevin knocked out 2 or 3 pieces of 5/16" then switched down to 9/32" to run the clock out and I figured if I started with just 1 piece of 5/16" followed by 5 pieces of 9/32" I may be able to win on points - then on my go I remember getting to that 5th piece of 9/32" and screaming for time and there was still like 30 something seconds on the clock and I'm like AAAHH KEEP GOING! - So intense! Haha - then @acromegaman went last and his first bend wasn't quite 2" so he had to pick it up after his second piece and finish it, then his wraps came loose causing him more time and struggle, then he kept pounding through 9/32" and even grabbed up atleast 1 piece of 1/4" to just bend with practically open wraps til the clock ran out - at that time I added up Delmar's points for his bend and came to a total of 2910 - which beat me by 10 points! I was like NOOOOOOOOO haha - I even told a couple guys who asked me at that moment that he won by 10 points - but then Delmar, being the official judge, counted the totals and informed me that I had him marked for bending more 5/16" pieces than he actually did and some of them were in fact 9/32" which he switched to when his wraps came loose and that he forgot to call out the switch and I did not catch it - and his bent pieces were still laying on the floor for inspection since he went last - what an honest guy! Which meant I won - I was stunned! - and thats my account of the most intense action packed session of competitive timed steel bending I've ever encountered - cant wait for the next one! I also remember thinkin it was great that both Rich and Jose jumped into the comp at the last minute after they were saying they haven't bent forever and weren't gonna compete and ended up placing right in the meat of the pack - always worth giving it a try! Wish more guys woulda competed in fact - yea it was late in the night but everyone knows bending gets better after a belly of meat and beer right?
  11. For the sake of further debate, what would be a reasonable breakdown of the competition weight classes and how many does there need to be? Are the current ones (when in use and bearing in mind competitor numbers on the day) acceptable? My personal preference would be for only 2 with 93kg and under being the divider. Apologies to the small boned and of course the extremely densely boned. I’d just like to try to keep things as simple as possible (and trying to see things from a promoter’s perspective). 1 have no issue with more weight classes in terms of records as it certainly gives people something to aim for – even if they aren’t declared the overall winner.
  12. Your wraps were on fleek though.
  13. @Donc101 Also my strategy didn't work. Lol.
  14. @Donc101 It seemed that only a couple guys wanted to stick with the biggest bars they could while most others seemed to bend a diameter just below what would gas them. That seemed to be the strategy to go with. Quantity over Quality.
  15. I like beer too much. So no dieting for this heathen. Eventually ill whoop all your butts in every facet of grip anyways. Before you know it mikael you'll want be a slim 305lbs too. When that day comes, ill gladly except you in the brotherhood of the fatty liver. Not even worried about ol grandmaster Chad woodall that man seems content not being around here and reaching grip level infinity on his own.
  16. Flask 30#, swings, warm up 55#, 5 singles 55#, 5 sec holds x 5 30#, swings x lots switching hands until cooked
  17. My legs were super sore during the day and I didn't get to the gym until after 8:30 but I pushed through this workout: Deadlifts 300 lbs - 5x 345 lbs - 5x 390 lbs - 5x with a belly whole of Tex mex. I grinded through this set. Very tired tonight. Machine Rows 187.5 lbs (Whole Stack) - 3 sets of 8x One Arm Machine Curls 110 lbs - 3 sets of 10x each arm I pushed through this workout instead of moving it to tomorrow so I can rest tomorrow and hit right hand grippers Saturday. Now that the comp is over the MM7 is constantly on my mind. I have become obsessed with this cert. I will do whatever it takes.....
  18. Delmar, what was your strategy for bars to go after? Did most people try to do a lot of 9/32 or did some go for mainly bigger bars?
  19. Chad has gotten a lot stronger in the pinch since he pulled 110k+ something. He would also easily outlift Kody, Gill and others in the axle. Overall he would win every nationals again and do it with ease. There is a very old video somewhere showing him doing a double with 200k or thereabouts in the axle. Kody, Gill and others in the 93k class are very good but would stand no chance overall against a grip talented competitor with a huge frame like Chad. Its simple physics really. If you eg scaled up Kody by 10% he would weigh 33% more and be 21-22% stronger as weight increases by the cube whereas strength goes up by the square when you scale someone up. Most people complaining about having weight classes are simply in the wrong weight class and could probably drop down one or more classes with a more athlete-worthy diet.
  20. Great work Anton, you were trucking!
  21. Great ideas. I think I may need to use heavier weights to see more improvements. Thank you!
  22. Because of the heat yesterday, took a rest day & eating Rita's ice last night. Combined back & shoulders tonight in the dungeon... Everything was 4x10 Back: DB incline rows Superset of incline BB yates row & incline DB yates row *wasn't supposed to be a superset, but felt like BB yates row wasn't enough* Incline DB back flyes Shoulders: Caber pulls DB side laterials DB rear laterials Thought about plate pinches... Forgot how many sets, just did singles with 2 35s Then trying a 5 dimes clean Girlfriend got done with dinner, & I'm starving... Tomorrow may have more cardio & circuits to it. 2 friends of mine want to train some boxing so may do that one day... Saturday, for some reason, thinking a big bench day!!!
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  24. It has been a while since my last pr. I seem to have gotten a bit weaker despite consistently training with the 2.5 in Crusher. I do training for arm wrestling and strongman as well so this could be a factor. As far as grip training I was training pinch on the flask/ thick bar on the crusher on the same day and grippers on a different day. Recently I have been using 80% for sets of 4/6/8/10. Basically increasing the reps by 2 each week. Appreciate it.
  25. Dude your log is making jumps every time I check it... what program are you running for it? Did you design a new oh program?
  26. Pretty sure that Anton bent... 5/16" CRS @ 450 x 1, and 9/32" CRS @ 350 x 7!
  27. Delmar and Anton, What bars made up the winning total?
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