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    Standard Gold is back!

    Well I'll be dammed, it's 101 lbs. It's gonna be my workhorse gripper. Wide spread and filed close, I hope it snaps from the work like the "1 million gripper"
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  4. Douglas Carney

    Anvil lift

    I barely broke the 155lb anvil at Renewed Strength Gym off the floor after Maryland's Strongest Hands. And the horn on this one looks slicker and thicker. Neither of which sounds good for my likelihood of lifting it. But yeah...based on other listings I've seen on Craigslist and Ebay, as well as what I heard on an old episode of This Week in Grip, this seemed like a decent price.
  5. Vinnie

    Anvil lift

    Sounds like a decent price, if you're in the market for such a thing. Looks a little slick though, so for me, I'd expect not to be able to lift that -- the heaviest I've lifted by the horn is in the 140s, and it was well-seasoned.
  6. Douglas Carney

    Anvil lift

    Trying to resist the urge to purchase an actual anvil. Seven hour car ride and $320 for something I may never lift is a major deterrent. Think I'll just wait for @Cannon to start selling a mini anvil set block. Seems a lot more manageable physically and financially. hahaha
  7. dubyagrip

    Dubya's Escapades

    There was a 330lb, but I wasn't really prepared to do anything crazy. We were just there to support the grand opening of it.
  8. Douglas Carney

    3x25kg Pinch - Zach Mullins Added to the List

    Great work and lift, Zach!
  9. Blacksmith513

    10,000 hrs

    haha not at all. I have the same issue. Sounds like a good routine. David Horne trains or trained like this... He figures if manual laborers hands can adapt to working everyday you can train grip everyday if you are smart about it. I'm in construction so 3 days a week grip plus my job is plenty, but i'd like to train for volume for a few months at some point. Just listen to your body and make sure you are recovering.
  10. slazbob

    Reps and RGC to calculate peak strength?

    Yeah, there are many variables to consider with this type of calculation…which hurts its formula. the only thing missing is consistency in all of the reps and grippers- it must be the same every time and it’s not doable with grippers as a whole. Even with the plates at my house, and the gym, can be off when I press, so I’m left with some uncertainty without calibrated plates. But close enough. but, I think with a choker gripper you might have a chance. Throw out the variables of setting and focus on the width of the close, and I’d be happy with that….at least with your own personal numbers you’d like to track.
  11. Blacksmith513

    Blacksmith513 training log

    Happy Memorial Day. let's not forget what this weekend is truly about. 60 minutes concept 2 11,200 meters rowed and 10 minutes yoga have to sweat out everything i consumed over the weekend.
  12. Fist of Fury

    Tendonitis Log

    29/5/23 WU: Bands and leg machines 2x20, bicep and tricep 1x15, db row 1x10. Close grip bench press Workout #33 - 14 sets plus warmup Seated cable row 59 kg 1x10 66 kg 1x10 73 kg 1x10 79 kg 2x10 Lat pulldown medium neutral grip 59 kg 4x12 Face pull cable 36 kg 4x20 2H Bicep cable curl 50 kg 5x12 Good morning 20 kg 1x20 40 kg 1x20 50 kg 1x15 57.5 kg 3x8 DO Deadlift 70 kg 2x10 100 kg 1x8 120 kg 1x5 135 kg 1x3 140 kg 1x1 150 kg 1x3 Barbell fingercurl 70 kg 5x10
  13. PBODY101

    10,000 hrs

    Sorry about the typos I got a new phone and it autocorrects differently then my iPhone. It was a hard read hope it wasn't too hard to decipher.
  14. AdriaanRobert96

    Reps and RGC to calculate peak strength?

    Yeah that’s about it, even tho I already closed my #3.5 which only assuming is average 175rgc I’d realistically expect atleast a 5rgc increase by the end of these 2 months Well see.. Goal is to get up there to atleast 190+ by the end of the year.. With high hopes
  15. AdriaanRobert96

    Reps and RGC to calculate peak strength?

    Yeah it’s not easy not be accurate, but even a slight estimation is fair enough for me
  16. Hello I'm not sure if this has been asked or done before. I keep watching videos etc online. And I see everyone trying to just go for a PR doing their max grip efforts etc. And I keep seeing people saying 7 seconds or whatever. Has anyone exclusively just worked on there grip a little everyday. And told their muscles this is the way of life. Kinda like iron workers or whatever. Slowly working on their muscle stamina. If so I would love to hear your story and if you have done both I would like to hear your story. I'm starting this journey with one forearm being 13.5 inches and the other being pretty darn close to 14 inches. I've been using grippers everywhere day sometimes I use lighter resistance and go for more reps other days I've been doing harder resistance and going for longer holds. I also bought this thing called a quad block and I've been doing some pinching exercises with I wide pinch and a shallow pinch. And crimping. Although with the shallow pinch I think I need to go down in weight. I started with a 25lb plate which is like 11 or something kilograms and I just asked 2.5lb plate to it which is like xx kilograms. The crimp is okay for four fingers at that weight I feel like I could probably go for hours that's an over exaggeration maybe but the struggle when I start crimping with two fingers wow I haven't dared to go down to one. I have a few more toys coming. But I like the idea of not doing max overload and slowly work the weight up. If it can be done over an extended amount of time as long as I begin to incorporate it in just a Dailey routine and I don't get distracted by something else with my bird brain. Thanks for letting me write hope you guys are having a wonderful memorial day weekend.
  17. EmilBB

    Reps and RGC to calculate peak strength?

    If you hit your heavy #3 for 5 which might be 160-165 RGC, then you would be at 170-175 RGC for a single. I believe that's what @slazbob is saying, correct me if I'm wrong. Although I don't really think you can "calculate" it, it's gonna be so individual how much better your 1RM is. You can figure it out with your own experience but I don't think anyone can tell you a formula to figure it out.
  18. good luck in your journey!! keep us posted
  19. Scottex92

    Dubya's Escapades

    that's a strong lift was it the heaviest in the gym?
  20. Fist of Fury

    Reps and RGC to calculate peak strength?

    It's true what slazbob said about dividing by 2 since you're only using one hand. However, I think these formulas doesn't work good for grippers, at least not for me. It works accurately (like on any other lift, as long as you divide it by 2) on lower levels. Once I get up to harder levels it doesn't work anymore because the setting becomes such a big hurdle for me. They work great on other one handed grip lifts though, where the technique and the awkward strength requirement of setting a gripper is out of the way.
  21. AdriaanRobert96

    Reps and RGC to calculate peak strength?

    Hmm very interesting for sure, I only do wide or ccs but if this is somewhat accurate.. my heavy #3 should set me up at around 185-187rgc.. We’ll see
  22. Fantastic lift , supper strong , 56 and still killing it.truly inspiring
  23. John Knowlton

    Benching 340lbs before the meet next weekend

    Hey Terry, bench looks good, how was your elbow doing after this chest workout.
  24. DoctorOfCrush

    Developing The Crushing And Healing Hand

    Workout 5/28/23: Squats: 110kg x 3 sets of 6 Deadlift (double overhand): 150kg x 2 sets of 4 The prescribed squats were 3 sets of 4-6, and the 110x6 felt tough but comfortable. Probably could've eked out 7-8 if it was an AMRAP. The prescribed deadlifts were 2 sets of 3-6. I probably could've done 5 on the first set, but I don't yet feel all that comfortable pushing my deadlifts. I was supposed to do my RGT rows and flask curls but two things kept me from doing so: (1) I was still pretty sore from the longer, intense gripper workout on Friday night, and (2) I am currently restoring/refinishing the majority of my weight plates, so the smaller plates were unavailable. That was just poor planning on my part. They should be done by tomorrow afternoon, so I'll do that work then.
  25. I am really bad keep up with this log. Sun. squats. 185 5x5 bench 160 5x10 pullups, 2-3/4 rolling handle, v2, and loaded the light stone to the platform. onward.
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