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  2. japete01

    Looking for a 5olb Blob

    Thank you, Devinhoo
  3. japete01

    IronMind Products

    I love the Ironmind Apollo Axle. I do agree the products vary in their quality compared to the market. I've been really impressed with Arm Assassin's products, pricing, and shipping costs. FBBC has been great to work with, I should really order some of his non-benders bar products. Personally, I like supporting smaller businesses. Has anyone compared the Iron Mind LBH to FBBC's anvil? Are they even in the same league?
  4. devinhoo

    Looking for a 5olb Blob

    It's not exactly the same as a real blob, but Barrel Strength makes a true to dimensions Blob Trainer that you can hook up to a loading pin.
  5. japete01

    Looking for a 5olb Blob

    Isn't everyone looking for a Fatman Blob? (But add me to the looking list)
  6. japete01

    NEW MEMBERS Introduce Yourself Here

    Hello all. My name is Jake and I'm 37. I've been very focused on grip training after severing a tendon and nerve in my left index finger. It started to limit my deadlift, so I started with COC, and have slowly grown into a full grip addict.
  7. Yesterday
  8. NealB

    Pain in setting area

    KTA needs to be taken very seriously since it really taxes the hands. I will say if you stay away from other grip training it will really build up your gripper strength.
  9. Sunday April 21, 2019 AM Saxon bar up to 160 then 130×8s×3 Slim lever 12.5×5/4, 5/3 2.375" axle block pulls 12" 235×5×3 Pronation 4.5×20×2 2.5" DB wrist curls 40×20×2
  10. Aleksandar Milosevic

    General strength and grip training

    Today's training (21.4.2019.): DE squat: low bar: 97.5 kg x 2 x 5; high bar: 97.5 kg x 2 x 4 - 35 second rest Clean: 85 kg x 1 x 5 Snatch: 50 kg x 3; 55 kg x 1 x 3: 70 kg x 1 Ab wheel: 55 all time PR superset Reverse hyperextension: 110 kg x 10 x 5 PR superset Leg raises: 15 x 3 Well, I made a mistake, this workout was supposed to be done tomorrow.
  11. ConsiderPhlebas

    ConsiderPhlebas - Training Log

    04/22/19 - hr sleep 615AM ------------UPPER A------------ A1 Handstand Pushup Variation 4x5-7 (4,0,1,0) Rest 2 minutes A2 Mixed Grip Chin Up 4x5-7 total reps (4,0,1,0) B1 Planche Pushup/Leaned Forward Pushup 3x7-9 (4,0,1,0) Rest 90s B2 Fat Grip Ring Row 3x7-9 (4,0,1,0) C1 Standing Dumbbell Cuban Rotation 2x8 -10 (3,0,1,0) Rest 60s C2 Bilateral Trap-3 Raise 2x8-10 (3,0,1,0) 04/23/19 - hr sleep 615AM ------------LEGS A------------ Warmup A1 Back Squat 2x7-9 (4,0,1,0) (185 lbs) Rest 4 minutes B1 Rear Foot Elevated Dumbbell Split Squat 2x8-10 each side (3,0,1,0) (25 lb dumbbells) Rest 60s B2 Natural Leg Curl 2x8-10 (3,0,1,0) C1 Front Split Hold 2x40-60s Rest 60s C2 Middle Split Hold 2x40-60s 04/24/19 - hr sleep 615AM -- 27 min hot sauna -- 04/25/19 - hr sleep 615AM ------------UPPER B------------ A1 Planche Pushup 4x5-7 (4,0,1,0) Rest 2 minutes A2 Mixed Grip Chin Up 4x5-7 total reps (4,0,1,0) B1 Handstand Pushup Variation 3x7-9 (4,0,1,0) (24 in box) Rest 90s B2 Fat Grip Ring Row 3x7-9 (4,0,1,0) D1 Overhead Triceps Extension 2x10-12 (2,0,1,0) (25 lbs) Rest 60s D2 Reverse Incline Curl 2x10-12 (2,1,1,0) (25 lbs) -- 15 min hot sauna -- 04/26/19 - hr sleep 615AM ------------LEGS B------------ A1 Front Squat 3x7 (4,0,1,0) (155 lbs) Rest 4 minutes B1 Seated Goodmorning 3x9 (3,0,1,0) (45 lbs) Rest 60s B2 Hanging Leg Raise 3x7-9 (3,0,1,0) C1 Unilateral Calf Raise 2x10-12 (2,0,1,0) Rest 30s -- 12 min hot sauna --
  12. jpav2010

    Pain in setting area

    It really depends on how much grip work you've done in the past. I found it to be an intense program and would not recommend it for beginners. I found that even though my hands had toughened up by the time I did it the second time, I still taped my fingers, and at times my palms, as much as i needed to allow me to continue the high reps and as little as possible to allow them to continue to build callouses and adapt. I found the key for me was recovery, recovery, recovery. I massaged them every day, stretched them, tried to get a full nights sleep every night and for me the most helpful part was soaking them in ice water, then hot water, back and forth several times. It's also recommended in the program that the only grip work to do is KTA and all other types of grip work is put on hold until after the program is completed. That would also be my recommendation.
  13. acorn


    Trained a bit yesterday. Didn't have my training log with me so going from memory Saxon Pivot top RH - 8x 75#, 8x 75# LH - 5x 75# 5x 75# 2H - 5x 120#, 5x 165, 20x 190#, 20x 165# Inch Handle Clean and presses with catch on way down - 80# multiple reps RH, 100# Singles RH DL RH 5x 100#, 16x 120#, 8x 120# DL LH 9x 100#, 5x 100#
  14. Fist of Fury

    Another Rolling Thunder Log

    Friday 19/4/19 Arms & Shoulder workout. Saturday 20/4/19 Leg press Trap Bar DL T-Bar Row Safety Squat Lat Pull-Down 21/4/19 One gripper attempt, tried to prime my CNS this way, didn't work. Inch Trainer (RH) 44.80 kg - 20 reps, this worked better. 79.70 kg - 2 attempts that didn't leave the floor. 79.70 kg - 1 attempt from two 5 kg rubber plates, got some air. 79.70 kg - 1 attempt from two 20 kg rubber plates (on video) 79.70 kg - 1 attempt from one 20 kg rubber plate (on video) Finished with 2 sets of 20 & 30 second holds with the Euro Pinch (42 mm)
  15. Fist of Fury

    Brian Shaw Lifts Millennium Dumbbell!

    I've seen all Laine's videos and yes I think Brian's lift is the most impressive. Except for the double lift that Laine did, which I mentioned.
  16. Hopefully

    My training for the #3 cert

    Grippers, baaaad day. Pushed through with btr work on the TRex Benchpress, 2x8 paused 100kg 1x1 140kg BB row 80kg 3x8 Easy workout to get going, have a lot of catching up to do after being sick. Decided to start uploading videos of some gripper closes and bench sets.
  17. Alawadhi

    Brian Shaw Lifts Millennium Dumbbell!

    Yep, hence my point being no one ever fully lifted it without a tilt. In your views, is Brian's lift more impressive than this
  18. Fist of Fury

    Brian Shaw Lifts Millennium Dumbbell!

    @Alawadhi, I agree, we should be fair. None of those lifts (non-tilted) were full deadlifts. Brian's lift was slightly tilted. Still the the most impressive lift I've seen of the MDB.
  19. Joseph Sullivan

    Brian Shaw Lifts Millennium Dumbbell!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if his skinny butt can’t lift it right now... or close to being able to. 🤡
  20. Mike Rinderle

    Brian Shaw Lifts Millennium Dumbbell!

    I think you have a definite shot! If I were a betting man... oh wait, I am. $50 says Tanner lifts it someday!
  21. I kink over the knee. The hardest part of the wrench is the crush. Puts lots of pressure on the wrist. Have fun with your family today too!
  22. Boulderbrew

    Brian Shaw Lifts Millennium Dumbbell!

    It is on my lifetime list! I hope to be one of them
  23. Wannagrip

    Brian Shaw Lifts Millennium Dumbbell!

    Which is why I posted it.
  24. Mike Rinderle

    Brian Shaw Lifts Millennium Dumbbell!

    Question: has anyone that has been a lifetime clean athlete ever lifted the Millennium DB? I'm guessing Laine has been, but don't know his entire history.
  25. Mike Rinderle

    Brian Shaw Lifts Millennium Dumbbell!

    Due to the arguments of some here, I have new standards on what I find impressive: Anybody under 51, weighs more than 270, is more genetically gifted than me, has hands larger than 8", doesn't have a full time job, isn't all natural, eats healthy, doesn't smoke or chew, or works out inside and not a shed in the back yard is not impressive to me, no matter what they accomplish. Yea, Brian won the genetic lottery when it comes to strength sports. Yes, he isn't a "natural" athlete. Yes, this is still an extremely impressive feat because only a few men in history have ever done it. He's an elite athlete. We aren't. Get over it and enjoy the show!
  26. I bet the 10s are pretty hard. Do you kink them over your leg. I hope you have a good weekend with your family.
  27. Thanks Neal! These are from Harbor Freight. The 10” are quite a step up from the 8”. When you put the 2 wrenches side by side, the 10” ones are way bigger and thicker.
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