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  2. mobsterone

    Mobster's Wrist Roller Work

    [B]Monday[/B] [U]SSB Hatfield Squats[/U] to 302.5kg x 3 reps (rep PB) [U]Leg Press[/U] to 572kg (and not, as I thought 553kg) [U]Leg Extensions[/U] to stack x 12 reps [U]Lying Leg Curls[/U] to 9p x 12 reps (welding needed on the machine) Bwt: 314lbs sans hoody
  3. VadimKinolog

    Blob Curl 50 pounds with both hands !!!

    Thank u !! Like a Roboblob, custom made by cut of steel.
  4. Mywor

    2x25kg Air Transfer

    Yeah I'm pretty sure it the only one ever. My hand size is 21.5cm/ 8.46.
  5. mcalpine1986

    Getting back into grip.

    This week im starting an expermiment of training left and right side of the body separately. I think it will help focus more on each side, better recovery and keep the Cns fresher with less systematic fatique. Bw 174lbs left side only today Kbell swings 16kg 2x8 20kg x8 24kg x8 Gripper setting practice Coc S x3 MMS Coc T x2 MMS Left turn 1 4x3 MMS Kbell bottoms up press 16kg 2x3 20kg x3 24kg 3x3 Plate curl 10lbs* x6 20lbs* 3x6 *Actually comprised of 300mm square tiles Neck harness flexion 25kg
  6. Alawadhi

    Blob Curl 50 pounds with both hands !!!

    Nice! Is that a york?
  7. Alawadhi

    2x25kg Air Transfer

    Although I loved your blobzilla clean (whats your handsize btw?), but the 25 KG X 2 air transfer is way cooler! The only one ever yeah?
  8. Vinnie

    Stephen Anderson - Level 8

    I am honored to have met you at the Dallas comp last year -- one of my favorite comps I've ever attended, and I hope to attend again once things are all opened up and ready to go. Keep grippin'!
  9. Vinnie

    Stephen Anderson - Level 8

    Congrats, man! But i think you have to update your personal best section, as it looks like you cut and paste this in from MM2 or so -- personal best MMS 180 my ass lol. The MM8 is like 200!
  10. Yesterday
  11. 15/9 CoC #3 (152) - So so bad right hand atm. Nothing is working. The strange thing is that warm up always feels better and more solid with right hand. LH: 3 3 3 2 0 RH: 0 0 0 0 0 Hub - Hands not feeling very well so this was ok. LH: 15 kg x 0 13,75 kg x 0 11,25 kg x 8 8 8 RH: 13,75 kg x 0 13,75 kg x 0 11,25 kg x 8 8 8 20/9 RH - Bad max attempts, not even close. LH: 72,5 kg x 0 65 kg x 5 3 3 3 3 RH: 71,25 x 0 65 kg x 4 4 3 3 3 DO - Prekinked blue nail but who cares. Finally the yellow got down today and if I just get passed the kink
  12. Lennix

    My grip adventure

    Bench 90x6x6 Block 42.15 both hands, pr territory for left Platecurls 15x2 Platecurls 3x5x12 (3 5s for reddit challenge)
  13. Shoggoth

    The Shoggoth Basement

    1.25". I think I'll try to keep the working "hold" weights in the 0:30 range so I'll be going up on the axle and staying with the farmer's weight for he time being.
  14. Shoggoth

    Moeller Vs. Weights

    That'd drive my ex nuts if I got one haha!
  15. I love it! Always good to see some strongman in the mix. I'll be watching your progress here. What's diameter of the handle?
  16. 24.8.2020 Grippers / rolling thunder: warm up: Guide & Trainer; GHP block set: 3 x 1 + 3 x 1 with both, #1; MMS: 1 + 1, #2; MMS: 1 + 1 RH: - #2,5: MMS: 1 - GHP7; MMS: 0 (pinky slipped off, forced in) - GHP7; MMS: 0 (pinky slipped off, forced in) - GHP7; MMS: 1 - #3; cheat set with legs: 0 - GHP7; MMS: 0 - #2,5; MMS: 1 LH: Rolling thunder: - 28 kg: 5 - 40 kg: 5 - 44 kg: 5 - 48 kg: 5 - 52 kg: 5, 3, 5, 5, 5 both hands: Guide / spring clamp for thumbs: 5 + 5 (x 5 sets) Bad workout with
  17. The company I work for sells them, the Japanese imported ones do an amazing job with the upper and lower back. So I make a point to use one pretty much every day, I think it's helping to working out some scar tissue in my low back. I was going to get one for my house eventually, there's a decent one I'll link below that I could probably justify the cost https://www.johnsonfitness.com/Inner-Balance-Ji-Massage-Chair-with-Zero-Wall-Heated-L-Track-P34882.aspx
  18. M- run/KB AM + teach BJJ/sparring PM T - lunchtime BJJ 60 minutes of hard sparring W- run/KB AM + BJJ PM Th- off F- run/KB AM + BJJ Drill Only PM Sa- BJJ Su- Red snap attempt in single WOG suedes - kinked it and went at it for 10:00 and called it hoping to have some energy for Zass day. Happy with the progress, well see how things go next week.
  19. Cannon

    New gripper?

    Not sure if @Ryroza is saying the gripper in the video is gold-colored, but it’s not. The lighting is funny but that’s a standard Silvis Monster Hunter 5 star. The handles are kind of a “Mtn Dew” green.
  20. Cannon

    The Bumper

    Yeah the knob is technically infinitely variable. You can twist it as little or as much as you want for extremely slight changes. You have to keep track, though, because we don’t want you going over a certain number of FULL turns, but you don’t have to do full turns. If you’ve lost track, our recommendation is to restart at the initial fitting and turn again from there. Using our rating set up, we are able to see that once fitted properly for the starting position, each FULL turn adds about 1.5 lbs to the rating. And since the added resistance comes from the Bumper and nothing else, the
  21. Yeah got stumped on the crush. Im keeping my failed A2 and doing isometric crushes once a week. When I finally move it to 1.5" ill attempt the A2 again. I also have your 8mm x 165 HRS that got stuck at 2.5" 😂 also doing iso crushes on that also Ill have to remember to measure the meat hooks next time I train with them. They are David Horne hooks
  22. Beyond the Bend Podcast

    Beyond the Bend- the steel bending podcast

    In the eleventh episode of Beyond The Bend, Cody sits down with Dan Dring and Michael Pleavin of Bedlam BJJ for a conversation about steel bending for grappling, training with David Horne, steel snapping, and much more. Please like and subscribe! Thanks! Use promo code "BEYOND" to save 10% at www.barrelstrengthsystems.com @barrelstrengthsystems Use promo code "beyondthebend15" to save 15% at www.hardlifefightwear.co.uk/ @hard_life_fightwear
  23. Slippery Pete

    Siamak: A Grip and Bending Saga

    That A2 attempt was really close! You get it next time The crush on stainless gets nasty when you cut them down. I would like to try meat hook DL out. What diameter are the bars for the hooks?
  24. Slippery Pete

    Sneaky Bender

    I haven't been doing so well with the chest crush. I relied on the gripper crush. I have kinda big hands and long fingers, so I would gripper crush when ends were still very wide apart. Thats not gonna work with hard bars. So now I focus alot on getting better technique in the chest crush. And after all session I do, my chest is always fried. I think for guys like you and me, its very good to bend, but there is also power that is lacking. I would guess that if I got my bench up 40kg I would be alot better at DO-bending. Ideal would be to bend 5-10 bars a session that would be chall
  25. Ricochet

    Popeye! A Training Log

    SUNDAY, 20 SEP 2020 FAT AXLE MONKEY GRIP DEADLIFT; 9 X 10s @ 111kg EZ STRICT CURL; 10 X 3 @ 47.5kg FAT WRIST ROLLER; 6 X 2 ↑↓ @ 25>35kg CBL
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