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  2. mcalpine1986

    Getting back into grip.

    Bw 175lbs Db curls 12kg x 6 L+R 22kg x 3 L+R 26kg x 4 R Towel hammer curls 20kg x3 L+R 24kg x 5 2 R 3 L 1 arm.behind the back plate curls 10kg x 6 L+R 15kg x4, 4, half reps. 10kg +4kg x 6 2 hand behind the back plate curl 20kg x 11 https://www.instagram.com/p/CH-GTLegnz4/?igshid=1002c585ww34d https://www.instagram.com/p/CH9xibhgppu/?igshid=1jfp5m8uapct5
  3. VirginiaDoug

    Doug wants to crush things

    24Nov20 0500 -Reverse grip incline: 185x2, 205, 225, 235, 250, 215x2, 135+50C x5 -SSB to 7” box: 245, 275, 305, 245 (cranky knee, called it early) -GHRs: easy x5,5,5 (just warm ups) —alternating— -Dips: 5,5,5 (just warming up the elbows)
  4. Karl

    what are the usual grip injuries

    Thanks Gentlemen, noted!
  5. Today
  6. mobsterone

    Mobster's Wrist Roller Work

    [B]Tuesday[/B] [U]Seated Press[/U] It feels like my bicep tendon where it goes over the shoulder that's sore. Anyway to 97.5kg x 5 reps [U]Hammer DB Curls[/U] Faffing about with the set up then to 70kg x 8 reps s/s [U]TPD[/U] to 13p x 8 reps (slightly better form when head is to the left of the cable not right) [U]W/Roller[/U] 60kg x 3 x 20 reps (last set hard - blip style) Bwt: 315lbs
  7. Ricochet

    Popeye! A Training Log

  8. ChuckinCanuck

    First Red Nail Bend in One IMP!

    I attempted this bend twice before with no results 😂. I couldn’t believe the amount of pressure on the palms it takes to DO these new monster reds in one IMP. Those with experience on reds also know that they are not cut smoothly on the end lol Proud of this one as it’s been sitting on the back burner for a while now. 👍 https://youtu.be/Gy_VmjF9kiA
  9. pancho_grip_lift

    Pancho's Best lifts

    Today's workout: Squats 78kg 3*8 70kg *8 70kg*10 Grippers Warming up from Sport to #2 #2,5 LH *1 #2,5 RH *0 (missed by milimeters) #1,5 several reps practicing my set up, 4 sets Fingerwalks w/ 10lb Sledgehammer 1/2 walk hard way 1/2 walk Easy way Full fingerwalk Easy way *2 sets
  10. Shoggoth

    The Shoggoth Basement

    November 23, 2020 Before Supper Week 2. Frustrating divorce crap. Tough to get motivated. Squat 179k x 8 x 2r Lying Leg Curl RP 80 x 12-4-2 Leg Extension RP 80 x 25-15-8 Seated Calf Raise SS 110 x 12
  11. 11/23/2020 GHP9 MMS closed Felt really easy. I think I could have closed the gripper using block set.
  12. Jethro1

    Let's see what you have.

    That's a great idea! Lol
  13. Yesterday
  14. Today’s training Squat 4 sets 5 reps 265lbs hip thrust 3 sets 8 reps 215lbs GHR 3 sets 7 reps Ab wheel against light band 4 sets 20 reps DB box step ups 3 sets 8 reps 40lbs
  15. Climber028

    Let's see what you have.

    Even better, get the kids a cheap welder.
  16. Alawadhi

    what are the usual grip injuries

    I don't do much gripper because it can give me middle finger knuckle pain. I avoided it more than 7 years now thanks to God and smart training.
  17. Alawadhi

    Awa Jashell?

    Kirill also said Khaled's hands are bigger than Denis, but Denis's pinkie is as thick as Khaled's thumbs. Yikes! That probably an exaggeration but you got the point. Much thicker hands than Khaled! He also did well in grip with his pain. Kirill loved my gym a lot. He will visit again.
  18. Alawadhi

    Awa Jashell?

    Khaled did beat Kirill Sarychev. But they went slow because Kirill had elbow pain from his match with Larry two or three days back.
  19. Alawadhi

    Plate wrist curls 15kg

    Not sure if he can do that. And my 45 LBS plate is not small sized too. It's Olympic size.
  20. Jethro1

    Let's see what you have.

    That's a great idea. I'm pretty busy with a business and raising twins, but this would be a great skill to have.
  21. VirginiaDoug

    Doug wants to crush things

    21Nov20 -Press: 175, 195x3, 175x5,5,4,3,3 -SSB to 7” box: 65x5, 115x5, 165, 205, 245, 285, 325, 355, 265+50C x2, 265x3 -GHRs: easy x6, hard x3,3,5 —alternating— -Leg raises: 8, 12,12,12 ——— 23Nov20 -Reverse grip incline: 185, 205,205, 225,225, 205x3, 185x5 (First rep SUPER paused, dead stop) -SSB to 7” box: 245, 265, 305, 335, 255+50C x3 -GHRs: easy x5,5,5, hard x3x3 —alternating— -Dips: 5,5,5, +35x5,5,5 -Pull downs: 45x15,90x10,10, 115x15,14,12,12,12,12 -Neck flexion: 35x25,30,30,30 -Neck harness: 35x35, 53x50,50,
  22. liftyzig

    Let's see what you have.

    Just get yourself a cheap welder, watch some youtube vids and learn as you go like I am, a grinder is my friend
  23. Roger Roberson

    Every Day Madness

    11-23-20 leg press bench press hammer curls grip Machine negative gripper negative https://www.instagram.com/p/CH8uxcUjw7y/?igshid=ftnvxwd3s4vb
  24. pancho_grip_lift

    Pancho's Best lifts

    Thank you! It was a great training session. I'll keep up to get even stronger
  25. Please message me through this site if you have questions or would like to confirm your attendance: Rocky Mountain Grip Sport – Spring 2021 Grip Competition Saturday, March 13th, 2021 Carbondale, Colorado Main Events - Last Man Standing, rising bar 3”x4” Saxon (Sorinex) – to lockout 2” Axle (Ironmind) - to lockout 2” Vertical Bar (FBBC) – 2” lift Optional after contest “Record Breaker” events: 4 attemp
  26. pancho_grip_lift

    Let's see what you have.

    Me too 😁
  27. Fist of Fury

    Pancho's Best lifts

    Very strong lifting! 💪
  28. pancho_grip_lift

    Pancho's Best lifts

    Last Thursday I attempted a new PR on the Dinnie lift. It was the end of a 16 week training cycle with a previous PR of 307kg done at the gym in March. In my previous max attempt, I could only lift 295kg, so this time I wanted to go for a new record. Warmed up from 180kg (110kg RH and 70kg LH) to 280kg my 95% considering 295kg as my most recent max. 280kg felt really smooth so I decided to jump to 300kg, planning 2 scenarios: if 300kg felt hard, I was going to make jumps of 5-8kg per attempt, so I could get at least an 1kg PR doing 308kg. Luckily for me 300kg felt very light, so I managed
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