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  2. Shaw Grip Challenges

    Way to make things accessible to the common man Gil! The try beofr you buy technique so to speak will definitely whet peoples grip appetites! As soon as I tried Grip I was hooked. It’s a great way to expose people to this great sport!
  3. Shaw Grip Challenges

  4. Shaw Grip Challenges

    My entire gym (The Southern Squeeze) has access to blobs :). Anyone in Nashville is welcome to come give them a try.
  5. Mon (11/20) Ironmind Hub (1x1) 40 (1x1) 50 (1x1) 55 (1x1) 60 DubHub (shallow) (1x1) 30 (1x1) 35 (1x1) 40 (1x0) 42.5 Ironmind Little Big Horn (1x1) 65 (1x1) 90 (1x1) 100 (1x0) 110 (1x1) 110 Blob 35 (2x1) Blob 37.5 (1x0) (1x1) Dumbbell Hammer Curls (Fat Gripz) (2x12) 30 Horseshoe - 1.2" Suede SCF Lite Rim #0 The Hub has always been one of my favorite lifts and progress has been good over the years, but I have no clue when it comes to the shallow hub. I've only attempted this thing 2-3 sessions, but it just feels really awkward. 40lbs. felt OK, but 42.5 felt like a ton and wasn't budging. Going to start spending some more time with this, hopefully, when KTA is done, and try to figure out technique and get my numbers up.
  6. Shaw Grip Challenges

    By accessible I meant more people have the strength to accomplish it, not literal access to the equipment.
  7. Sun (11/19) DO - IMPs Yellow Nail 17/64 x 6" (375) 1/4 x 7" Square Red Nail DU - IMPs Yellow Nail 60d spiral F x 6" (355) 1/4 x 5 7/8" Grade 5 Blob 35 (2x1) Dumbbell Hammer Curls (Fat Gripz) (2x10) 30 KTA - P3/W1 (D3) My crush was pretty bad today with KTA. Not even close with my #3, and ended up missing my 136lb. 280N multiple times. Bending felt OK with the hand pain.
  8. Sat (11/18) Squats (1x3) 135 (1x2) 225 (1x1) 275 (1x1) 315 (1x1) 350 (1x1) 385 Reverse-band Squat (light band) (1x1) 435 (1x0) 445 Dead Squats (1x1) 225 (1x1) 275 (1x1) 300 KTA - P3/W1 (D2) I ended up too slow on the descent, which, with the light bands not really being that tight on the set-up, I wasn't getting a ton of pop in the hole, and couldn't recover on my last set. My power rack isn't that high, so not many other options with the lighter bands, aside from using a thicker band (which I'd rather avoid with raw squats).
  9. Fri (11/17) Close-grip Bench Press - 2-board (1x5) 135 (1x3) 185 (1x3) 225 (1x3) 245 (1x1) 275 (1x1) 300 Standing Axle Press (1x3) 85 (1x3) 125 (1x2) 155 (1x1) 175 (1x0) 185 Dumbbell Hammer Curls (Fat Gripz) (2x10) 30 Finger Walk - F/B (2x1) 10 KTA - P3/W1 (D1)
  10. Shaw Grip Challenges

    Agree with that about the 25-45 plate pinch, but do you know any non grip enthusiasts that have access to blobs?
  11. Shaw Grip Challenges

    He just put out another one, lift any York blob 30lb or higher. Seems like he's trying to make them more accessible for non grip enthusiasts
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  13. Race to a 500 lb DO DL

    That is a great article that breaks the ideas/misconceptions of a lot of people.
  14. Shaw Grip Challenges

    Has Shaw acknowledged anyone’s videos yet? Where the hell is everyone’s steak?
  15. The Gripmas Carol

    Luke will be busy with his new house.
  16. Shaw Grip Challenges

    Bob lifted Old School Yorks?!?!?!
  17. Episode 35 is up and ready to listen too, brotherrrr
  18. Race to a 500 lb DO DL

    Exactly.... perfect your you! I am the same height as Rindo. Sumo never worked for me. Conventional suits me.
  19. Race to a 500 lb DO DL

    I have short legs, long torso and short arms so I feel very uncomfortable in conventional (max 475) versus sumo (545).
  20. Shaw Grip Challenges

    Gil should challenge Brian to something
  21. Shaw Grip Challenges

    I put a comment on Brian's Instagram regarding Gil's matching the feats.
  22. Race to a 500 lb DO DL

    Your height is better suited for conventional.That’s why I pull conventional. Not always they case but seems common
  23. Race to a 500 lb DO DL

    Yes that is a good point!
  24. Race to a 500 lb DO DL

    https://www.strongerbyscience.com/should-you-deadlift-conventional-or-sumo/ For anyone interested in the difference, Greg always has the best articles. I also sumo though I'm working on my conventional too.
  25. Race to a 500 lb DO DL

    Hurts but bearable. This cortisone injection didn't work as well as the first. No pressing or curling.
  26. Race to a 500 lb DO DL

    HAHAHA...how is the shoulder doing?
  27. Race to a 500 lb DO DL

    Let me check with the Federation's board... Approved. Testing grip, not deadlift form. Conventional. Sumo. Raw. Equipped. Tested. Non tested. Van Damme splits. SLD. Romanian. One legged. All good. Just have to DO it to lockout and back to the floor. I wish my sumo was stronger. Always lags my conventional. Gets close when I throw a suit on. Guess my surgically repaired back is stronger than my arthritic hips.
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