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    • Vinnie
      I collected these grippers over time.  My first COC 3 was the 153, which I had rated after I started meeting grip people who told me about ratings, and who said it was a stout 3.  I borrowed the 147 from gripboard member Kluv (Michael) -- I sent him my COC 3.5 rated 165 because it is a light 3.5 and he wanted to try it, and he sent me the 147 because I wanted that number to try CCS.  He then gave it to me as a gift when I certed and I promised to return it when he wants to cert.  The 143, 145, 150, and 152 I bought pre-rated because I wanted a range to practice CCS while ramping up to the cert.  That was helpful and worked. I've seen enough of your posts to know that you know a lot more than I do about training, so I can't say anything authoritatively about MMS other than that many, many people on this board (most of whom know more than I do about training) work with MMS a lot if not exclusively.  For one thing, the whole Mash Monster Ladder is based on MMS (no rule that you can't use a wider set and still cert, but they require only MMS).  I believe Chez, who knows grippers well and has closed RGC 200 (from MMS), would tell you that MMS training is important even to increase your closes with wider sets. I started grippers, like you, unaware that you were even allowed to set and still say you closed the gripper.  I tended to use very wide sets and was stuck never closing as much as RGC 150 for a year or so.  Chez convinced me to work more on setting and in one session got me to MMS close 153 when I had never cracked 150 before.  A year or so later my best MMS (which was recent, like two months ago) was a 3.5 rated 165, and I was CCS closing up to my 152 (I never tried my 153 bc I like my 152 better, much better condition).  I think the MMS work did help overall.
    • DerekPalmeri
      Whoa that's a lot, how did you end up with so many 3's? Random buys, pre-rated, a mix? I've been getting other grippers but never thought to get a 2nd CoC3 until recently. I have many other closer ones such as Standard Fe 137, my GHP7 144, CoC3 147 & 152, my next heaviest is Standard Cobalt 163 which I've never done anything with, it's a large jump, then huge nonsense grippers I had no business buying but i like looking at for now. I've actually done a 10 second silver bullet hold with a 3.5 173 but I rarely do those, i've done a few in the past half year I've trained.   I actually don't practice MMS sets, I have tried a couple on intermediate grippers to see what they were all about but I don't really see myself ever using them for training, if I want that little rom I can use my grip machine. Idk do you think I'm missing out? I had someone tell me they got a lot of injuries from MMS & wish they knew sooner so they could have stopped...it's training a very small rom with a very oversized load compared to what the muscles and tendons are conditioned to handle at the time. I usually just do credit card sets, the only time I use the ghp block is specifically on cert attempts. I was talking about this on grip training reddit the other day, how MMS is similar to watching a dude quarter squat weight he would never be able to do a full rep with which can really artificially inflate how you perceive your own strength as well as become more inury prone.   I actually hate setting, I still feel like i suck at it, it's a PITA to do, I do have a technique I'm going for but I'm very slow at doing it, & still working on making it feel consistent.  Sometimes it feels great after I set it just right & some times it's off, but I am slowly figuring those things out. That's also very cool you know other local crush gripper people, I know some people that do like rock climbing or use grippers for bodybuilding but that's it really. I have a feeling if I took a solid 4 days recovery I could probably ccs the 152 - I still have yet to figure out an ideal training schedule, at this point I should be writing my own programming (I had to learn how to write it for school) I mean I know how to, I've just been so busy I have yet to sit down & write out a plan to follow although I have been coming up with ideas.   I also don't think I could ever loan any of my grippers out LOL they're very special to me 😛
    • Vinnie
      I have COC3s rated 143, 145, 147, 150, 152, and 153, and my cert gripper is as yet unrated but when I get it rated I bet it is in the low range of those, maybe even less than 143 but in any event not more than 145. My friend Tim has a COC 3 rated 160!  I used that in prepping for MM2 but have since returned it.  Got a double once but probably couldn't double it now.  I am currently borrowing a Tetting rated 160 from Chez, which I will return at Gripmas this Saturday. If you are tripling a GHP7 rated 144 with the block, you likely can MMS a 152.  If not, then I think you must not be setting it deep enough.
    • Terry Conjugate Iron
      I also subscribed to your channel. I use the same name on youtube 💪
    • Terry Conjugate Iron
      Wow man.... That is really hard to live with. You have my respect though. Most people who are 100% healthy won't get off their damn couch and go exercise. Your determination is commendable.  I was born with asthmatic bronchitis which means I'm very sensitive to smoke (like, in a fire), some chemicals etc. In 4 different occasions I nearly died from this. Luckily I don't have to carry an asthma inhaler with me. It's not that bad where I gasp for small reasons. But if I do get sick it hits me in the lungs first.  In 2019 was my last time I got very sick from it. I got the H1N1 virus and barely made it to the hospital. I was alone so I was driving. Almost chocked to death waiting for the doctors to come see me. Lost 10kg in 4-5 days. Pneumonia and HIN1 at the same time.  I love arm wrestling. Been watching it since 2010. I don't practice it cause I do powerlifting, strongman and grip. No time. But I do understand some techniques and I see the punishment these athletes go through in the sport. It's a strength sport so definitely not easy. 
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