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Who Started Where?

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Posted 11 March 2014 - 09:08 PM

I'm not a moderator but please take this off the board. 

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Posted 11 March 2014 - 10:20 PM

AbsuM, so your last post was kind of an apology?.. okay. I accept.

now, im encouraging you politely (for a second time) back off.

glad u came to your senses

I'm not a moderator but please take this off the board. 

will do, don't mean to make a big deal



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Posted 12 March 2014 - 02:15 AM


I crushed the 3 a week after i started training,then i got pretty obsessed with grippers now i am more focused on powerlifting i ve lost some power and skill.








It really surpises me that so many of you could easily close the #2 the first time or within a few weeks. Most people who try my grippers can't even close the #1! So far I haven't met anybody who could close the #2. Only one that came close was my nephew (manual labour).
What are your experiences with other people trying your grippers?

Yep. And ive handed my #2 to 3 different guys who not only closed it no-set, but did so with both hands. I was able to do it with my right hand but not my left though.. If i had know how to set then i would have likely closed a 2.5 right hand, and the #2 left hand. 2 of the guys i watched close it were from my battalion. Both were 240Bravo gunners and were VERY strong all over. And one of those guys also casually pinched 2-45s in one hand while were goofing off at the gym on base. (Which i was WAY more impressed with than the #2 close) the other guy
was another mechanic that i worked with. He also was a strong dude.
And ive seen close to 15 other guys get VERY close to closing my #2 who all have never trained grip. So based off my experiences with handing people grippers, closing a #2 first try isnt quite as rare as some like to insist. ...but then again, i do tend to profile a bit. I pretty much only offer a gripper to guys who look like they stand a good chance at puttin' up.
Edit: i saw another guy i knew from high school that i hadnt seen in years not only no-set my #2, but lift an inch replica his first try as well. This was at the Coleman classic in 2012 i believe. Eric, Paul, and i think Mighty Joe were all there that day as well.
So that makes 4.
nice story bro
Thanks. Your mother loved it as well.
wow are u serious? these are the kind of people on gripboard? i was being serious when i said nice story you know. just goes to show some people can't handle being on an internet forum.
Yawn. My post was as sincere as yours. ..im getting old, but i aint that old yet. I can still read into sarcasm from an adolescent, even if ever so subtle. And i addressed accordingly.
wow, your just stupid is all. that crystal ball of yours needs to be replaced because there was no sarcasm in my post. you are getting old. why would i start a thread asking for stories then be disrespectful to someone who posted a good story? and why do you want to bring up mothers? my moms still alive how bout yours? probably not...thats why your lashing out with such comments
Ah.. Stupid, huh? Listen kid, you may be right about my oldness (I think i may have even just spotted a grey hair earlier), but stupid? Not a chance. And your wrong about my mother. She's still kickin'. And your mom i know is good. So no need to announce her health. We talked earlier. ..and you should really go clean your room. And take out the trash. Because she keeps calling me to vent, and i can hardly bear it because my rocker on the porch needs tendin' to cuz my old bones are on the fritz. So please, do as she says from now on.
Oh and one more thing... I may be getting old, but your balls dont even touch your underwear yet, son.


LOL the last phrase made me laugh soooooo much ahahah.

That was good tommy.

the sad thing is is it is people like you two that are the reason why i don't donate to these forums that i belong to anymore. just starting to warm up to the board then remarks like this make me stray. don't know why the mods allow this type of behavior. probably would have donated by now..


Basically  you donate to a forum  not for the informations and experience which contains but only if a mod follow you everywhere wiping your nose?

Now this is really worth of money[now i am sarcastic].