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Tommy Jennings Jr - Reboot!

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Posted 22 October 2015 - 12:13 PM



Lol, yeah thats a bummer for you guys. I have considered this in the past, and honestly dont know how you guys do it. To me, it seems near impossible to stay at a max level anything in regards to strength for a month +. for me, staying at a max level for up to a week is a chore. At least in regards to grip(per) strength. And after that i need to back off or things get painful.

Well, I'm just level one, level two I could do know but that's nowhere near the following levels. Any guy keeping his strength up for such a long time like Vano did waiting for his for level 7 attempt is just sick.
Keeping strength up from level 3 and further for weeks is very difficult indeed.
Dude, honestly, i dont even think MM7 is a max for Vano.. Lol That guy is a nut. But yes, if he actually had to concentrate on keeping his strength up for MM7, that is pretty amazing that he did it for a month. From what i understand, he actually closed the MM7 (easily) while he had a nagging injury of some sort?
I think Juha is in the same boat. On a decent day, he would smash MM7 as well. Kind of makes me wonder if the wait was what threw him off on the MM7.

That sucks Tommy, I know you've been going after this one for a while. Looking forward to seeing you smash it soon.

Thank you brother!
I have been chasing MM5 for some time now. But, im on a bit of a hiatus, so to speak, in regards to following advice for training for it..
There are a handful of tools i could incorporate that may actually boost things along that i refuse to try for a while..
One being a full body training regime. I am determined to see how far i can climb without training my entire body along side of grip. Although i have had a few stints of heavy training along the way, multiple times. But typically for only about 2 weeks or so before i get tired of it. Lol
Another is KTA. Im anxious to try that out as well, but as above, im determined to see how far i go without any of that.
So far i have sort of plugged along without forcing myself to get more involved in training for it.
So, before too long, i'll try another ramp up (or over training, rather) with the grippers and sign up again. And if i miss it, again, then i'll try one of or both of the above methods.


I'm the same way, I peak for a short time, about a week or two the strength goes back down. Slow and steady and you'll get it for sure. Plus, filming a gripper close is like making a porno, you gotta have a camera man to get the best shots.

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