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#636272 I Finally Closed My #3! 4 Years Of Dedicated Training.

Posted by Electron on 06 June 2015 - 10:22 PM

Hey guys. My name is Yori.

I've been grip training for 2 months, and my goal is to be certified as a CoC #4 and to have the strongest grip:bodyweight ratio.




This is what I posted on 8/1/11.

While one of my claims seems a bit far-fetched now, I feel like I can finally cross the other thing off the list.

I've closed the #3 gripper at last!





As you can tell, the set is a bit more narrow than MMS.

I won't be submitting this to judging out of respect to the judges. It doesn't even pass my own standards.

No worries... this will be a piece of cake with a block set eventually.



It's been a long 4 years. I've trained grippers twice a week on average, which is much more frequent than most.

What got me here is a combination of block set reps, max MMS closes, and many, many coin holds. My body responds well to them.



While I'm tooting my own horn, here are a few more qualifications that I feel qualify me as having a good grip:BW ratio.

  • 2xBW axle (NAGC 2014)
  • 147% BW pinch lift (AZCG 2014)
  • 110% BW block set (AZCG 2014)
  • This is where I would throw a website if I had one. Or an instagram. Luckily, I don't have either.


Buying my first gripper and finding this forum has positively influenced me in many ways. This is about way more than just squeezing stuff, guys!

I've never been in better shape in my life. I'm pretty strong... even being the size of the kid who got sand kicked in his face. (Didn't even Charles Atlas.)

I made many friends. Trained with a local armwrestling crew. I traveled and met fantastic people at all the comps I've been to.

I've set records. I've found mentors. I've trained and taught others too.

I even started lifting and doing gymnastics because it made me stronger in grip.



This has been a great experience.

I feel like part of my journey has come to an end, but I also feel like things are just beginning.



Thanks everybody!

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#640667 Vano Makes History And Blasts The Mm7!

Posted by Wannagrip on 21 July 2015 - 09:42 AM

Only two men before him have done it. And, that was FOUR years ago.


Yesterday, Vano Sukhashvili made history with a precision MashMonster set and smoked the MM7.


He only took one attempt because he has been battling an injury and actually did it with pain as well which makes it that much more impressive.


The question is: Will he be the ONLY one to close the MM8 and sit atop the MashMonster pyramid ALONE?


Congrats to Vano. Great video too making it a no-brainer for the judges!


Video is up on the right.

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#599786 The Truth About Grip Sport

Posted by EricMilfeld on 28 April 2014 - 01:09 AM

As a non-confrontational, peace-loving individual I've bit my tongue a lot over the years with respect to my involvement in this sport/hobby of ours.  And even now I don't intend to shoot flaming arrows at anyone, but I feel the need to get some things off my chest.  And beyond that, I'm hopeful that some will gain some insight, and perhaps even act on the insight to help make some positive changes.


 Grip is what it is through the tireless efforts of enthusiastic, self-motivated volunteers.  Most of us have full time jobs, families, and all the other usual obligations that people have.  We didn't sit around waiting for others to make changes, promote contests, develop implements, invent ways of rating grippers and steel, open websites, start and maintain lists and certs, etc.  We saw a need and simply acted on it.  The guys "in charge" and "making the rules" are actually the guys who have worked their asses off the most for the development of the sport.  They are what your politicians should be, that is servants.  So, I'd like to humbly submit some advice for your consideration.


Before you start with your list of suggestions for the promoter of an upcoming meet, try hosting your own first.  Buy the necessary equipment.  Weigh all the plates and implements.  Point-calibrate your bathroom scale.  Select and/or make the trophies.  Post the rules in details in advance.  Good luck getting the entry fees in a timely manner.  Decide what you want to do with the two guys who showed up the morning of the contest wanting to compete.  Who are they?  What about the scoresheet you already compiled with all the names neatly alphabetized?  Do I tell them to get lost or do I stop everything else I'm in the middle of doing and delay the start of the contest to accommodate them?  Oh, so and so and his brother forgot to bring their entry fee, by the way.  Someone else just texted to let me know he's running late.  Now what?  And another competitor who was late getting in his entry and talked me into contesting his pet lift isn't answering his phone and it's already fifteen minutes past start time (he never shows or calls).  Now my wife tells me someone has pissed all over the kid's bathroom toilet seat.  Okay, so let's do a quick rules briefing.  Okay, not so quick rules briefing.  Most didn't bother reading the rules I posted for the event two and a half months ago.  By the way, unless you know some guys interested in grip who are NOT competing, often times grip promoter is synonymous with loader, judge, scorekeeper, and when it's all over... maid, because most don't volunteer to help pick up.  Oh, and keep your cool when someone screams an obscenity because you didn't pass his gripper attempt that was shaking so violently you thought he was suffering a seizure.   And now you're $300 in the hole, after entry fees are accounted for.  So, when you're done cleaning up the garage the following morning and you realize the $300 you're in the hole is actually double that figure for the lost day of work, go inside, log on the Gripboard and tell the promoter of the next contest how to best run things.


Rule of thumb, it's probably been discussed before on the GripBoard... to death.  Don't assume all your suggestions and ideas are original because they just came to you a minute ago.  There has been a slow, often painful evolution of things which have led to much of how things are being run today.  Hours and hours of discussion via e-mail and phone, arguments, hostilities, polls, more bickering, members quitting, and finally some compromising.  Do a little research.  Ask some of the veterans, before you play the ten million questions, or ten million suggestions game.  Grip and all of it's history didn't start the minute you joined the board, or when I joined.


There is no political or personal grip conspiracy involving NAGS guys, moderators, promoters, IGC guys, or the Gripboard to show favoritism to certain athletes and their strengths, or to be unduly strict when judging feats of any particular athletes who are not part of some fictitious "in" group.  If you think someone in a place of "authority" or "influence" in the sport is intentionally unfair or out to get a certain individual or group, collect your facts and present them.  I'm hyper sensitive to that kind of crap, and I am thrilled and proud to report I don't see any of that nonsense in any of the prominent guys: Jedd Johnson, Chris Rice, Brent Barbe, Andrew Durniat, Matt Cannon, Aaron Corcorran, etc.  This is a small fish bowl we live in.  Be good people.  It takes not only one "bad person", but one good person acting badly once to breed a lot of resentment and negativity.  I'm proud of the vast majority of people involved with this sport.  You want to improve things?  Simply do it.  This isn't a government or some organization bogged down in red tape.  No one is stopping you.  Compete.  Throw a contest (my depressing example above, while not fictitious, is a compilation of annoying events over many years, by the way).  Create something cool.  Load the bar at a contest.  Don't pee on the toilet seat. 


I could go on, but I'm tired and have to go to bed.  Maybe someone else who can relate to some of this can pick up the torch, or even correct me.

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#647411 Aaron Corcorran Does It Again!

Posted by Jedd Johnson on 13 October 2015 - 11:10 AM



When I arrived at Aaron's place early this past Saturday before the Griptoberfest contest, it was the first chance I had to really talk with the guy in all the years I've known him.


He showed me some of the stuff he's working on in his little mad scientist grip workshop, and I must say I was blown away.  He operates on a knowledge level far far far beyond most of us, and me especially!


Aaron, for those of you who don't know, is also the guy that set up all of the Rankings lists.  Well, he's never stopped making this thing better.


Today, he expanded it so it's no longer just a Top 50 list anymore, it's a Top 100!


And, he also modified the weight-class view screen so that it's no longer just 15 people listed per class, but 25!


He also added a submission for North America, so you can view Canada and USA combined, plus, he recently added a report that combines all of the different gripper closes into one list.


I've lost track of all the awesome stuff Aaron has done with this report.


Plain and simple, Aaron is always thinking of ways to make things better, and this is just another example of how he supports our sport.


So, I hope each and every one of you reading this who competes in Grip or uses these listings as a reference point can take a couple minutes and give Aaron a virtual high five!


Thanks again Aaron, for all you've done in organizing this data.  It's incredible!



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#648311 Juha Harju First Man Ever To Pinch 2X25Kg (Added To List)

Posted by Jedd Johnson on 27 October 2015 - 07:13 AM

Congrats bro. 


More people have given up on Grip in the 5 years that you trained your butt off to get this feat than will ever accomplish it.


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#643986 Marco Buhl Certifies On Coc#3

Posted by MarcoBuhl on 01 September 2015 - 09:57 AM

Thanks guys.

here is the video:


Have been waiting long for the cert. Everytime i'm on this gripper strength i get injured. During my preparation i injured my left middlefinger so i couldn't train grippers with my left hand.
That was 2 month ago. Every Grip Session i was afraid that this happens to my right hand, too.

few facts:
I started an extra gripper Training. Road to Certification.
start: 30.05.2015
end:  26.08.2015

I REALLY wanted to get the cert so i trained grippers ONLY. No pinch, no thickbar, nothing. Reducing the risk of fail, injuries and overtraining.
2 days per week. One TNS Day and one MMS Day. (CCS tests were freestyle...) 5 days before the cert i did nothing. I only went to the gym to coach my girlfriend. I had 5 Restdays :-)
During the preparation i had ups and downs. I always have this. But you have to believe in yourself. Thats the fu.... secret of success. Ok, i know this is easy to say but hard to do. My girl has remind me often!

My strength before the cert:
12 MMS reps #3 (145rgc cpw rating)
6 TNS reps #3 (145rgc cpw rating)
3 MMS reps MM2 (166rgc cpw rating)
1 MMS THOR E (170rgc cpw rating)
3 CCS #3 (155 i think. unrated)

The night before the cert:

Cert Day:
Breakfast with 8 eggs and a few rice cakes.
I was very nervous all the time. You can see the ironmind card shaking between the handles.
The gripper has a wide spread. A bit more than my 155 #3. I cannot say if the gripper is harder. But it felt way more harder. I could easy set the gripper. The first half of the close was easy.
Then i was shocked. There was a tremendous backpressure. (don't know the right words. The handles want to get back to the start position.) It felt a bit like my GHP Grippers. I think it's because the gripper is not seasoned?

NO, i thought and crushed it down with a grinding at the end. And that feeling i cannot describe. Awesome!

In the end i can say:
1. You really should be over prepared. You don't know what gripper beast you'll get.
2. Train with a good mindset. 15 minutes concentrated gripper training is better than 3 hours playing around.

Thanks to all the guys here posting youtube videos. I'm not often on the board, but i'm watching your videos :-) Let's keep us motivating. I love this grip sport thing !!!

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#593881 Gripsters Its Time To Be Real

Posted by Josh O'Dell on 24 February 2014 - 11:32 AM

You no me on this board as a bender and gripster, but there are alot of things
I those to keep to myself.. I have recently been diagnosed with ptsd and bad
depression/Anxiety. I finally maned up and started taking meds for it. I hope it helps
the reason i am telling you this is becuase you the gripboard and my 15 years
of lifting has really been my therapy, It helps me relax and have a sense of self
Worth, for anyone who deals or has dealt with this i salute you for being strong
Its the hardest thing i have come up against and im ready to fight back! Im not
Looking for your attention i am not asking for help i simply want to thank you all
for being the best dam group of people ever! And if any of you suffer like me pm
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#648280 Coc 4 - 2 Reps 20Mm Block Set Close

Posted by freeondie on 27 October 2015 - 03:37 AM

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#635840 Inch Lift Balancing Cans For Almost 10 Seconds!

Posted by odin on 01 June 2015 - 04:43 PM


Wasn't quite as long as I wanted (that's why I sat on it for about six weeks), but need a break from intense Inch work until it cools down later in the year. Was thinking if I died in my sleep tonight I'd want this video public because I'm proud of it.

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#629472 The First Blob , The Man Responsible Returns!

Posted by 1stCoC on 26 March 2015 - 01:09 PM

Today a tall, athletic ,older gentleman showed up at our facility and although working with the power company was drawn to our new door. He asked for me and walked in my office. After a smile in a slow smooth southern drawl said" you remember me" I said " you do look familiar"" but the voice instantly reminded me of bygone days. Mr. Bill was in his young years a tenacious committee head of The Columbia YMCA and fought tooth and claw to improve the many small rooms and halls dedicated to the weight room. He knew I was a "black Iron "lifter in the first Y room and he trusted my work. In his first major buy after I entered the business in 1980 was to renovate the bench and dumbbell section. The bells were all round head sphere ,and first generation York aspirin head "Fatman "Dumbbells. Everyone liked the bells but each was cursed in one way or another. Broken, loose heads, stolen single( in gym bags) and most every thin 1 1/10" handle bent into a rainbow shape. I came up with a method of welding plate loading bells into a solid unit by including an integral compression ring that made the bells resilient to breakage and handles a bit thicker to resist bending. The deal was struck and I schlepped the new bells up stairs ,down corridors and literally over benches to get to their new resting place. As I was happily ready to retreat with my check I was stopped by a Bill and the Y Director " Jeep" and they said "aren't you going to take the other trashed bells away"? I thought they were cool but mostly junked and destroyed but, I agreed. Hand carrying those twisted bells and clumsy broken ends just wore me out. I brought them home and instead of scrapping or throwing them away they just sat collecting dust. One day in a "massive "cleanup effort in my shop garage I removed all the broken pieces and as I went to snatch up the last ones the broken pair of 100s I was stopped cold by lifting the 50 pound chunk one handed. Mad , I tried harder with no luck. Being interested and having some talent in grip I rethought the situation that if tried hard enough perhaps some man or I could lift it. I saved the 4 broken 50lb.ends . Sent one to Dr.Strossen, one to Dr.Ken Leistner, lost one in the river as a boat anchor, and kept one and finally lifted it. A lot of history followed. The first "brother " other end of the bell resided at Leistners gym for many years and a great friend Sreve Weiner returned it to me, and Dr. Strossen's was lost in transit to an expo for Wade Gillingham.
Mr. Bill Yarbourough responsible for my first Blob smiled deeply when he asked 30 years later" remember that first job we did with you".? I deeply thanked him and said his gift of sorts has become a world wide standard of grip interest.
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#643086 Can Handstrength Increase In One's "senior Years"?

Posted by climber511 on 19 August 2015 - 09:43 AM

In 2006 I “nearly” pinched bodyweight on the Euro Pinch at the National Grip Championship Event held at Sorinex.  http://www.ironmind....hes-Bodyweight/

Wednesday – August 19, 2015 – on my 67th birthday I will attempt to lift bodyweight on my Euro pinch 67 times throughout the day (we’ll see how long it takes).  I do intend to “cheat” and tape my thumbs – as I am sure the skin will tear before I finish (if I do).  

Hopefully this will answer the question of “does hand strength have to diminish in old age”?  Can one actually get stronger hands in your “senior years”?



Well here’s my 67th birthday story.  I know most people go to the show – get together with family – eat a big meal etc on their birthday – and all that happened over the weekend.  I guess I’m a little weird and want something different.  I usually set myself some kind of physical challenge to try on the day – this year it was to do 67 repetitions with my bodyweight on the David Horne Euro pinch that is used in grip strength competitions.  I weighed in this morning at 190.6# - so I loaded the Euro to 191.2# - as close as I could get (wanted to be over, not under).  I did the first rep at 9:50AM.  The first 5 reps were hard as my hands were warming up.  From there to 30 reps things felt really good – I started pushing the rest periods and missed rep 37 – 46 - and 47.  At 50 I put up the crossbar that is used in competition as I was no longer able to fully dead lift each rep and wanted to be sure all reps were good ones.  I was really starting to fall apart in the mid 50s and had to repeat several repetitions in the 60s.  At 12:32 I finished up rep 67.  My hands ache with a deep down kind of throbbing – but no skin issues at all.


I really need to give a plug to “Goat Tape” – this stuff is great.  I have tried regular adhesive tape for pinch with not very good results.  I have NO skin tears after 3 hours of Euro pinch – and that’s amazing!!!  Tape does make the lifts a little harder than bare skin but for something like this – skin protection is critical.  Challenge complete.

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#641181 Coc 4 Close

Posted by freeondie on 26 July 2015 - 09:48 PM

Some people complained that I was not properly closed coс 4. It is true, the video quality at that time was poor.
So I sprinkled hand spray analgesic and recorded a new video. Now we can relax.


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#558814 Coc 3.5 Close

Posted by mudhutmasher on 03 January 2013 - 03:54 PM

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#648656 My Time To Step Down From Ring

Posted by Juha Harju on 31 October 2015 - 09:31 AM

Hello all,


This decision has been running for a long time in my head and now it´s time to say it public. Very hard thing for me but life goes on even after this.


I started train hard when I was 14 years and it has been continued all my life. Only species has changed along the way.


I have given almost nine years of my life to grip. I have done all my best with all contests, free coaching, judging, promoting, helped lot of dudes how to train with right way etc...


I brought with hard working grip strength from Finland to international "rings". It was not kids play but now it´s done.


I do not want to complain anything, I´m very pleased for all those years. I have received so much that I can´t ever understand it.


Nowdays I have enough hungry dudes who I instruct for my job.


I wanna thank all you dudes for those great moments what we have experienced together.


-Juha Harju





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#640204 Deadlift 400X20

Posted by EricMilfeld on 15 July 2015 - 01:45 PM

Very proud of this feat, so I had to share.


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#639640 Blobzilla - Out Of Nowhere

Posted by Jedd Johnson on 08 July 2015 - 10:11 AM

Haven't lifted Blobzilla since March of 2012. 


In fact, when I've tried to lifted it, I wasn't even close.


Tried again last night...and it went much better.



I WILL do a Double soon.  I don't *think* anyone has ever done it.

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#637971 Juha Harju Meets Truly Grip Legend Laine Snook

Posted by LAINE SNOOK on 22 June 2015 - 02:37 AM

Hello All,

The trip to see Juha was fantastic - we had a great time and we were made to feel so welcome, and I can't thank Juha and his friends enough for that.

As regards the time spent playing with Juha's many grip tools - it was great to see Juha perform, he has an amazingly strong grip, and I mean amazing, and he performed feats of grip strength that I couldn't possibly get close to - for me, however, it was Juha's drive and determination that made me respect him so much - he has a passion for grip that is truly inspiring and I now feel the same drive and determination to get back to some big lifts after a period that has been a very testing time for myself.

I initially wanted to make the trip to help Juha achieve his goal of cleaning the Inch, and having seen the grip strength he has, coupled with the massive overall body strength he has - I can see that he will send the Inch skyward to his shoulder, I have shown Juha a number of exercises and techniques that helped me to achieve that goal - I know that he will work on these things and clean the Inch.

I look forward to returning to Finland to meet up with Juha and his friends, and I am going to give him all the help and encouragement I can to see that he reaches his goal.

You have my greatest respect Juha, and I can't thank you enough for a fantastic weekend.

Good luck,

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#627143 We Just Passed 14 Years Here!

Posted by Wannagrip on 25 February 2015 - 04:42 AM

This week (two days ago) we passed the 14 year mark here!  


I would like to thank all the Sponsors and of course you the members for all your support to make it possible.  


And, a special thanks goes to the great moderating team here who do much more than just moderate (MashMonster, Feats, ideas for growth, and more).







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#621465 Imp's 101

Posted by mudhutmasher on 23 December 2014 - 08:53 AM

in this vid i go over prepping, chalking, and how to properly wrap imps.

i also go into slight detail as to why chalking the hands the way i do for a bend is helpful.

the vid ended up being slightly longer than i had expected, but please watch it in its entirety if you are new to bending and plan to bend in imps.


(audio is weak, but you can hear everything i say with the volume turned up)



imps are simple/reserved wraps in regards to bending, but can also be a bear to master. i hope this helps.

if i left anything out, or did not comment clearly, comment below and i can try to explain in further detail or put another video along side this one.






EJ can you please pin this where its easy to find?..

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#557868 Today Is The Last Day :)

Posted by climber511 on 21 December 2012 - 10:20 AM

I now believe the earth really will end today.  Not because of the Mayans but because of what I accomplished in my workout today.  Now I know - and everyone who knows me (the anti gripper guy) knows my feeling on grippers and the whole "setting" train wreck discussion etc etc.  I have been a long time (and nearly lone voice) for choker closes as a measure of your plain ole strength of "closing" grippers.  And please don't use this post to argue sets as I don't care.  Today I accomplished a long time goal of closing a COC #4 - in a choker with the handles set to exactly parallel - so please don't think I'm saying I am a #4 closer - which of course I am NOT.  But I am pretty happy about it! 

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