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#593881 Gripsters Its Time To Be Real

Posted by Joshua87 on 24 February 2014 - 11:32 AM

You no me on this board as a bender and gripster, but there are alot of things
I those to keep to myself.. I have recently been diagnosed with ptsd and bad
depression/Anxiety. I finally maned up and started taking meds for it. I hope it helps
the reason i am telling you this is becuase you the gripboard and my 15 years
of lifting has really been my therapy, It helps me relax and have a sense of self
Worth, for anyone who deals or has dealt with this i salute you for being strong
Its the hardest thing i have come up against and im ready to fight back! Im not
Looking for your attention i am not asking for help i simply want to thank you all
for being the best dam group of people ever! And if any of you suffer like me pm
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#558814 Coc 3.5 Close

Posted by mudhutmasher on 03 January 2013 - 03:54 PM

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#557868 Today Is The Last Day :)

Posted by climber511 on 21 December 2012 - 10:20 AM

I now believe the earth really will end today.  Not because of the Mayans but because of what I accomplished in my workout today.  Now I know - and everyone who knows me (the anti gripper guy) knows my feeling on grippers and the whole "setting" train wreck discussion etc etc.  I have been a long time (and nearly lone voice) for choker closes as a measure of your plain ole strength of "closing" grippers.  And please don't use this post to argue sets as I don't care.  Today I accomplished a long time goal of closing a COC #4 - in a choker with the handles set to exactly parallel - so please don't think I'm saying I am a #4 closer - which of course I am NOT.  But I am pretty happy about it! 

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#598914 Full Thomas Inch Dumbbell Lift In The Rain 4/19/14

Posted by odin on 20 April 2014 - 07:16 PM


Finally lifted the ~172 lb. Thomas Inch Dumbbell in a steady rain. My Moby Dick finally is dead; had to lift both the dumbbell and the mental block created by literally over 1000 failed attempts. Weighed in at less than 174 lbs. that morning. Many people I need to thank, but for now will start w/ Roger Steffens, who very kindly gave me the Inch. my friends and training partners James Retarides, Jason Otto and Robert Miller who were integral to my improvement and my wife (Maricel) for putting up with and even encouraging my obsession. Counting from my very first attempt it was 2387 days from the start date to the end date, end date included or 6 years, 6 months, 13 days including the end date. Much more later.

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#595916 Why I'm Not Fond Of Grippers Anymore

Posted by Cannon on 18 March 2014 - 05:02 PM

I love grippers so much. Closing them is very satisfying to me. Therapeutic practically. I like to hold them and not even close them. Here is a haiku about grippers:

A worthy challenge
Rock the awesome crush power
This spring finally falls

(Haikus traditionally reference the seasons, see what I did there ;) )
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#594501 Mike Burke 2014 Mighty Mitts

Posted by ADurniat on 03 March 2014 - 07:03 AM

It was again a great show and the field of competitors was tremendous.  Mike Burke was clearly dominate from start to finish.


The Max frame started at 380 and went in 20#  jumps.  I chose to come in at 420#(which was my top lift last year) and made an easy lift, was successful again at 440#, but failed to lockout 460# (right hand was/is my weakpoint).  460 would have been nice and a tie for 2nd with Mark Felix but not this time.  Alexey, Dave and Tony all passed on 440 and then failed on 460 as well, we can only speculate as to what might have been had they tried 440.


The Medley was intimidating to say the least (this is the order we had to go through, after going through everything, we could then go back to missed items):

Blobs to 36" - 48#, 50#, 52.#, 54.7#

Saxon Bar 225#

173# Anvil + 20# chain

York 46# hub to 30"

202# Circus DB

Broken Deadlift 50#

Inch DB to 24"

100# anvil pinch from top

155# mandel cone from 3.5" diameter level

Saturn Globe Farmers walk 50#

Pop's Gripper @ 90# + purple and double red bands (you could not brace the machine with your feet preventing any deadlifting of handles)


I missed the 54.7# Blob and 100# anvil pinch.  This put me behind Burke who lifted everything and ahead of Felix (I believe he missed the hub, Circus DB and 100# anvil pinch), Chad was 4th with 10 items.


The overall standings that I know are:

1) Mike Burke

2) Andrew Durniat

3) Mark Felix

4) Chad Woodall


As for the Mark Henry Bell - it stayed safely in the box.


Myself, Burke, Shaw, Felix, Alexevy, Tony and David all gave it a serious go Saturday afternoon.  I was the only one to hop the back end of it, but never was in danger of lifting it clean out of the box.  This will take some serious specific training to combat the torque this thing generates.


A great showing for grip and the Sorinex booth was flooded with onlookers and attempties at the implements.  Grip knowledge was again spread wide.  Thank you to Richard Sorin, Terry and Jan Todd and the Sorinex crew for giving us this opportunity.

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#587997 533 Lbs Axle Deadlift

Posted by ChrisJames on 11 December 2013 - 04:59 PM

Managed this today http://m.youtube.com...h?v=pllZ68Ri91U
Thanks for watching x
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#544805 Mm Grippers Being Sold Again

Posted by Cannon on 10 July 2012 - 08:46 AM

That was me. I'd also be surprised if there was a 2nd order.

My wife and I are opening an online store for grippers and eventually other equipment. You'll see much more about this in the coming weeks! Warren's order delivery will likely determine timing on the grand opening.

We're very excited about this and I think you guys will be as well.
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#574025 North American Grip Sport Championship 2013

Posted by EricMilfeld on 03 June 2013 - 03:37 PM

To say that I exceeded my expectations is an understatement.  Losing 29 pounds in less than two months (I weighed in at 161), starting from an already low fat percentage, and trying to maintain some semblance of grip strength proved to be the greatest physical challenge of my life.  I was even running, spitting, and blasting the heater of my car to make weight the morning of the contest.  Of all the athletic goals I've been fortunate enough to achieve, what I accomplished Saturday is by far the one I'm proudest of.  I often questioned my own sanity in continuing with my quest.  I was literally hungry and light-headed for over seven weeks.  Often, even standing up was a chore.  I'm sure it was not the healthiest thing I ever chose to do.  But despite my workouts often being occasions for major disappointment as my energy levels tanked, it somehow all came together in the end.  Perhaps replenishing my body for the two hours between weigh-ins and the start of grippers was enough to finally tap into my strength reserves.  I don't know.  But I can't help but feel I shouldn't have been able to do what I did.  I'm overwhelmed and humbled.  Thanks to all those who supported me with words of encouragement along the way.  You guys believed in my abilities way more than I did. 


Okay, the contest: First off, it was great meeting all the guys from the Gripboard in person.  Kody is the nicest, most unassuming and humble world class athlete you could ever meet.  I really enjoyed talking with you, man.  Your'e accomplishments and the way you carry yourself are an inspiration to me and a great endorsement for the sport of grip.  Talk about pound for pound strength!  Eric Roussin, I was delighted to discover that the approachability, intelligence, and just all around friendly disposition I saw in your videos is simply a reflection of the real you.  Loved talking with you about arm wrestling and everything else!  Darrin Shallman, I don't think he's a board member here, but the guy's enthusiasm is contagious.  Super friendly and positive guy!  He's got tons of strength in those hands, and if his fingers were even close to as long as mine I could have been in serious trouble.  Andrew, great job!!!  I know what's involved in hosting a local meet AND competing in it, so to do that with Nationals like you did is a stellar feat.  Thanks so much for all your hard work and being a great grip ambassador.  Chris and Doc, you guys were tireless.  Much appreciated!  Mary Ann (spelling?), thanks for putting up with all my questions and doing a fantastic job of keeping up with the most important job of the day: scorekeeping!


By the way, anyone who's interested in seeing the specifics of how I trained and dieted for the past couple months are welcome to check out my log here on the board.  This experiment was a learning experience for me and hopefully might contain something that could prove beneficial for someone else.


Grippers: Both right and left hand closes were personal bests for me with a 20mm block set (156 and change and 141 and change), regardless of body weight. Missed by 1/32" a 161 righty Elite close.  My one miss of the day.


Pinch:  I was holding out hope for a high 180s pinch after my pinch workouts fell apart as my bodyweight fell into the mid 170s.  My Euro has a better texture than the freshly cleaned ones (great idea, btw) at Nationals.  So, how I pulled 200 I'll never know.  


Axle:  Pulls in the low 320s range were feeling very heavy recently in training.  I nailed 343 at the contest... makes no sense.  This was probably the lift I was proudest of.  I think it ties my best in the 183 class.


Medley:  I had the strength to lift several more items that I overlooked or simply didn't have the time to try, but this was a medley of speed, strategy, and endurance.  Freakin' awesome medley!  Loved it.  Very happy with my performance.


Wrist Roller:  Great event.  I trained it hard, and feel it paid off.  I saw a lot of mind-boggling times on the event.


I have no right to regret anything about my performance, but I will say that had I an inkling of my capabilities Saturday, I would have been less "timid" in my weight choices and probably could have gone a bit heavier on axle and pinch.  But right now I don't care, and think I may have just completed my one perfect contest performance. 


Oh, wait till you see what Andrew gave me to hold for a year as the winner of the Diesel Award!  Epic.

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#554538 89.6lb Lift On The New Ironmind Hub

Posted by earl on 09 November 2012 - 01:22 PM


You allowed your over-sized ego, overt narcissism, and young age to filter everything friendly and complimentary out of the previous replies to what was once a very impressive lift. And please note my use of the word once, which indicated the lift became less and less impressive following each of your replies.

And by the way, the lift you're planning to post next as some sort of implied revenge may not get as many views as you wish. Therefore, be a man and make it right with your words first.

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#553241 A Few Words Of Praise

Posted by gm1swm on 24 October 2012 - 05:49 PM

Just received like the 16th gripper rated from Matt...a GHP lvl 9.

From the first gripper up until now, Matt has been a stand up guy. He has even assisted and bent over backwards to help me find a particular rated gripper...hence the buyout of 3.5s.

He has earned my business and my respect not only as a businessman but also as someone I seek advice from.

I am hopefully going to break ground with grip strength amongst the military by submitting an article about grip training to the Navy Times, a well-read newspaper published for Navy and Marine Corps service members. In it, I've plugged the grip board, Matt's store, iron mind, and fat Gripz.

Lets hope it gets published, Matt gets swamped with business, and hundreds of new grip board members join the quest to have ignorant hand strength!

Also...just chest crushed the lvl 9. For those of you that are close to closing it or have closed it, I salute you!
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#582978 Coc 4 Crushed

Posted by CANCRUSHER on 14 October 2013 - 10:41 AM

Here there is the video:http://youtu.be/4KNWjp7BY4s.

On the level 9 now.

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#591741 Ghp 9 Close

Posted by CANCRUSHER on 29 January 2014 - 12:58 PM

Here there is the videoGHP 9 close


Some off hand stuffCOC 3.5[179] off hand close

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#588526 Body Weight Euro Pinch X 15 Reps

Posted by kodydelone on 17 December 2013 - 09:19 PM

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#585759 Kody Burns 2 - 45lb Plates Mid Air Transfer

Posted by kodydelone on 19 November 2013 - 09:07 PM


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#584696 Blob 50 Deadlift. 1st Time Ever.

Posted by Noneck on 06 November 2013 - 04:31 PM

Blob 50 Deadlift. This is a huge PR for me. A goal I have wanted to get for awhile. Small hands can pick up the Blob. http://youtu.be/bf2H5uf3ZQM

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#584596 David Horne Is In The Grip Well!

Posted by 1stCoC on 05 November 2013 - 03:04 PM

David, I don't know where to start to thank you for providing the outstanding feats, wealth of information ,and dedication to purpose in training and grip for so many years.I was going to ask you personal 5 best feats of grip strength but you seemed to have explained that. If you were only able do any one thing for grip what would it be? And why?
I still remember our first conversation over 20 years ago and treasure and keep close by the Whalebone gripper you made and sent to me. Your efforts to support and promote grip have been tremendous. My most sincere and deep respect to you for these many years of excellence in character and strength. Richard
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#573288 From The Ashes......resurrecting My Grip

Posted by 1stCoC on 24 May 2013 - 08:10 AM

A perfect storm of events lead to two serious falls ,concussion,broken facial bones ,dislodged eye and numbness in my entire right arm. For the past 6 weeks it has been learning to do things over and relearning motor skills. Gripper went from a close #3 to a 78lb. Dynamometer and can't quite close a #1. Well, if ever an opportunity to try the skills and what I have learned over the years it is now. I plan on keeping an ongoing record on my workouts and progress . Each day there has been a very tiny increase in vision, balance, and muscle memory. It is a humbling thing to curl 80lb. dumbbells one day and be forced to struggle with 15s now. Pride has been taken over by will, I plan on taking it as far as my body will go. I remarked the other night to great female gripsters both being able to Ccs a #2 to use all their gifts and do great things while you can ,because it can all end in a moment. I am so pleased to see how far grip has progressed and the fine friends I have made. On to the battle ahead. R. Sorin
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#564446 Just Received My Inch Dumbbell

Posted by mudhutmasher on 21 February 2013 - 07:55 PM

thought id take this time to praise Jason Sadamski (the link through Wades gripper super store for an inch db) on my dealings with him in purchasing an inch db replica. as we all know, an inch db is a fairly big investment as far as training tools go.. my main concern with purchasing one was the fact that you cant just walk in your local sports store and buy one.. you have to deal with and trust someone you dont know with your money, online, through a personal email, and in a whole nother state.. not a very ideal situation when making a somewhat large purchase in my opinion. but, from the first email i sent Jason in regards to the bell, he was more than kind in answering all questions and concerns i had as far as pricing, payment method, shipping, expected delivery, etc. we traded emails 6 or 7 times and he responded rather quickly to every email i sent. i was worried after i sent payment i wouldnt hear from him.. (for no real reason other than my own skepticism) but i was wrong.. he immediately got shipping arranged, and emailed me with a tracking number and an ETA of the bell.

VERY cool!

also, on the shipping, since it was shipped freight, and to a bussiness address, it was MUCH cheaper than a residence delivery, and arrived to me 2 days from the time of payment. ALSO very cool!


not trying to solicit, but based off my dealings with Jason, id highly recommend going through him for your inch db if your looking to buy one. id like to also mention, that during or trade of emails, he mentioned having a barn fire and losing some livestock.. so even with him having crazy stuff go down, it didnt slow him up in getting the bell to me the least bit. i am VERY impressed.


Much thanks Jason!


below is video of unboxing (or unbanding, rather) my new inch.

i know.. i know.. im gonna need to work on this one. :laugh


..so here goes some negs.




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#554585 Inch And Legacy Blob

Posted by Wade Gillingham on 09 November 2012 - 08:28 PM

This is pretty hard.

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