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    • Brian Shaw doing a 60lb York dumbbell toss and catch by the face
      My little hand hardly wrap over the face of my 45lb york dumbbell. The only way I'm doing this feat would be if there was way less gravity. Good luck.
    • Pitcher Sues Over Weight-training Injury
      Forgive the 10 year delay.  I stumbled upon this message board accidently the other day.  I would like to comment.  First, I am the one that was injured in this case.  Yes, that is right.  Forgive me as i don't really have any idea what i am going to write here.  It was an extreemly difficult decision to have 'sued' BYU for this.  The injury did happen.  But for a long time sucked it up, tried to play through it and didn't 'blame' anybody but myself for not being able to do what my coach demanded i do.  As 'athletes', or at least for myself, we are taught not to question coaches.  To do what they tell us.  None the less, for those who are experienced in lifting tell me what you would have done---i had just gotten done squating.  Was tired.  I got into the elevated leg press machine with 600 lbs on their.  I had tried to do a set at that weight, my legs shaking, i noticed that my back was coming off and rolling up off the pad/support on the back.  Thinking that that was not good form, i, and lifting partner, started taking 1 55 (i think kilogram) plate off each side.  As doing that this coach saw this, asked what i was doing, i told him i was exhausted, my back was rolling off the pad.  He didn't scream or yell.  He shrugged it off-said "don't be a pussy, your not lifting less than i tell you"---He put back the amount already on there, and then added two more 55 (again i think it was kilogram) plates.  Well, what happened next, the weight came down, and i don't want to say crushed me, but it came down and i couldn't get it off me.  Back went out bad.  My lifting partner lifted it off me, while the coach was standing right there.  I didn't say a word.  My lifting parter proceed to yell at this coach, i had to shut him up.  crawled out of machine.  I tried to play through it.     But what did it for me was--as time went on and i was spending more time in the training room for rehab, therapy, i noticed i was always with other athletes from other sports who were nursing back injuries.  We often joked we were the ones limping around like 70 yr olds.  Surgery was then needed.  I go to see a surgeon who BYU refers me to.  Surgeon says, 'we don't see this many back injuries in baseball players".  But also as time went on i got to know these other athletes who too were injured.  One--A female Swimmer who had a herniated disc.  Had 2 suregeries.  She told me how she got injured--doing some sort of power clean.  She was doing it with just the bar, but this same coach added weight she couldn't and didn't want to do and told her to "lift the damn bar".  There were other athletes, injured in similar ways.  that is what did it for me.  That there were, "allegedly" other athletes injured--lower backs.  This female swimmer was the only other athlete who ended up bringng suit--in 2006.  Google it.  Female swimmer sues BYU.  She is much worse off than i.  4 surgeries, 2 fusions.   So forgive me as i stumbled upon this discussion and read some replies.  I get it.  Trust me.  It was the hardest decision.  When we went before a judge, BYU tried to get it dismissed saying it wasn't on them, "he could've walked away".  The Judge didn't by it.  Nor did they for the swimmer.  It never went to trial.  Settlements were made that were just.  But here is the sad thing--that coach is still there.  I have learned that things have changed in the weight room.  Biggest change made as a result was that they had athletes doing sport specific, position specific lifts/training.  Prior too, we were all doing what the lineman on football team were doing it seemed.  So changes were made i am told, which is good.  I am 35, can get by.  the back often hurts, and hurts bad.  Fusions are in my surgery.  So please search out the other athletes story and suit.  I couldn't nor wouldn't have done it had I not learned that it was happening to others and it was just a fluke.  I do regret bringing suit--but for the reason of it consumed my life--was resentful, angry, upset, for years.  Was so glad it was over.  But on the principal of copability, it was needed.  
    • South Jersey 3 (Sat. June 11th)
      Damn!  That's 8.5 hours without real traffic.  I'm honored and you are more than welcome.   For a first grip contest, you are gonna get to meet quite a few gripsters.
    • Finger Exercisers for Finger and Forearm Extensor Muscles
      Hello, gerryg The shipping cost of the Finger Exercisers to USA would be about $3.00. I want to let you know that if you are ordering multiple items, you may want to send us email rather than directly ordering from our website. The shipping calculation options provided by Pay-Pal are limited that we may be able to provide you cheaper shipping costs if ordering multiple items.
    • Odd Size Stainless
      Not that I know of in round Stainless. But 1/4" Stainless Square should fall right in that zone.
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    • canthar

      3-4 bends a week right now. 17/64 in suede today. Strength is returning. Is the volume ideal though hmm...
      · 0 replies
    • MRabich

      The axle at my gym weighs 72 lbs.  For a while I been able to clean it with 45 on each side (162), today I successfully cleaned 177, and pulled 182 very high, I'm not much of olympic lifter so my clean was the limiting factor, not my grip (my best regular clean is like 205) when I trained it.
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    • canthar

      Mobility drill video for Lat and Shoulders now in my training log! I can post it in the Strength and Power forum if people want. Just let me know
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    • Elliot Blakey

      New PR bend, 6.5" 5/16 CRS (Stanley) in IMP's!!! Only took me about 25 seconds after warming up with 4 "reds".   Pretty pumped right now, I've lost almost 25 pounds pretty quickly and was worried that my bending and my lifts would start suffering but I'm still improving.  
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    • Elliot Blakey  »  Wannagrip

      How would I go about locating other grip guys and benders in my state? I noticed that Mike Hadland is from Shawnee, Oklahoma which is pretty close to me but he is not on the member map and has been inactive for a while on here.  Myself and a friend of mine live fairly close and it would be nice to be near a guy of his talents or anyone else with similar interests.  
      · 2 replies
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