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  1. What To Look For In A Kettlebell?

    I have a 32kg from these guys- is absolutely fine. Took a while to get used to it as my others are competition-style KBs. Great value for money if you live in the UK. A kettlebell is a kettlebell when it comes down to it. The have a rubber disc on the bottom too- saves me taking chunks out of my garden path every time I'm a bit careless putting it down!
  2. Coc In The Uk?

    Always worth a look on eBay- there are several dealers that sell them there at a reasonable price.
  3. Newbie Coc Question

    I got away with it last time, but it's always a calculated risk- some you win, some you lose. I work as a postie and have seen some folks get away with hundreds of pounds worth of stuff (it's all on the customs declaration), while others get stung on relatively small amounts. I have been stung before. I bought a piece of software direct from the US (it was only available throught the manufacturers), and got charged £14 by customs. It's a pain, but hey- this is rip-off Britain, we should be used to it by now! Next time you may be lucky. Or not.
  4. Got My 16 Lb Hammer Today

    I've got the week off work, so at some point I'm going to travel to B&Q or similar and try to find a small sledge. The smaller the better, as my current lever is a shorter piece of inch tube with a weight plate attached to the other end, and I bet I'll struggle even with a 6lb or 8lb. I fancy the step up though!
  5. Newbie Coc Question

    If you want to get your COC gippers cheaper, buy them direct from Ironmind- even with shipping they tend to be cheaper that way. Also, don't be tempted to skip the #2. It's way tougher than the #1. and the #3 is a an order of magnitude higher still. I can shut my #1 easily now, and am quite close with the #2, but the #3 is a distant goal. That's why there's a list for people who can shut them- they're tough, and it's a real achievement. You sound like your grip is a at a similar level to mine, and I can say right now, you will not believe just how hard a #3 is to close until you try it. Get both.
  6. A Six Day Routine

    So how do I get to this powerball top twenty? Go here: Powerball record board!
  7. A Six Day Routine

    There is a powerball top twenty on this very forum!
  8. Oddly enough, I was talking to a mate last night about Dennis Rogers rolling frying pans, then found the video of Clay doing it this morning! It's just cool, mate - keep on wrecking stuff! Chris.
  9. Where Is Everyone From?

    I'm from Bedford, England.
  10. Gripper 'set'- Explain Please

    I figured that's what it meant. Fortunately I already train 'no set', as I said. I'm a lOOOOOOOOOOOOOng way off shutting a #3, so i don't think it's going to concern me for some time to come... Shutting a #2 is my present concern! Thanks for the heads up, Mikulich. Chris.
  11. A Six Day Routine

    If you want to feel a pump in your forearms, but want to avoid overtraing, why not give a powerball hell on your offdays? Chris.
  12. Certified Captain Of Crush

    Congrats, mate. As someone who still can't shut shut his #2, I prostrate my humble self at your feet... Excellent!! Chris.
  13. Gripper 'set'- Explain Please

    I keep hearing about the credit card set on the #3, and whilst i understand the concept of this in itself, what is it there for? Do people put the grippers in their hand, squeeze them up a bit, then reposition their fingers to get a better grip around it, or am i missing the point here. When I 'set' my grippers (and I'm still working towards the #2, so am by no means claiming to be any kind of expert here), I put them in my hand, and just get them comfortable, then squeeze until my eyes try to pop out of my head. I don't squeeze at all until I'm ready to go. Is my interpretation of what the credit card rule is for correct? And is this technique something a small handed fella such as myself should bear in mind, or should I just continue with what I'm doing. Some clarification would be muchos appreciated. Chris.
  14. Assistance For Bending

    they still sell them twist o flex came out when the bullworker was around good for armwrestling to I was messing around with one of those damn twist o flex spring things as a teenager when someone bought one into work. I assume it was one of those, or very similar- a big black spring with two handlebar-type grips on the ends. I had sweaty hands, the thing flew out of my hands and smacked me in the bottom jaw a treat. I bit through my tongue- lots of blood, hurt to all buggery. I still have a little funny bit on my tongue as a souvenir. The homemade version in the picture looks as if it could do even more damge- carnage central! Chris.
  15. Steel Powerball Link

    Look here for info all about the metal versions. The initial ones were very hard to get going, and though he has managed in excess of 16K rpm, the powerball speed record holder barely managed 12K out of one. There is a newer rotor due (or out now, for all I know), that's due to be a bit easier to spin up. Looky here: linky