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  1. Training Eq From Uk

    I agree, I've had a few items off Stan and they were fine, and he is great to deal with, but someone should tell his the poor pictures are costing him money!?
  2. What Is The Best Wrist Roller Brand/type?

    Top advice from Steve B, and i will have to agree about the Ironmind roller the knurling isn't sharp on them, but they seem to blister up the hands every time, even after about 6 weeks on and off with me And after all smooth has to be better as it will help the grip at the same time! Will look into one at FB if i can afford the shipping to the UK. Cheers Steve.
  3. Closed The #2!

    Great stuff fella, nice one, there are a few inbetweens to chase now
  4. Twist Yo Wrist

    Great quality but the rope is a foot to short, only arrived a week ago, used a couple of times, knurling is slick but nothing some chalk wouldn't fix (not used chalk as yet) really hits the wrists - nice natural movement, tis a nice altenative to leverage work. Really expensive though, should be half the price, if your unsure give dennisb's suggestion a go, great idea with the plastic dumbell!!!!!! Hope this helps! P.S. If your stuck for suggestions for the missus to buy you for christmas this is a really romantic present