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  1. Whaaat you got to train with Zahir? I'm very jealous :-D It's awesome that you get elite powerlifters like Ano and Zahir to try grip!!!
  2. Jörg Keilbach's New Log

    How does your grip training look now? Can you give us a weekly overview and tell us how you programm your progression? Also: I'm glad you're moving better already. Kinda impatient to know, if my messed up t-spine can tolerate KB swings. But I'm glad you reminded me of get ups.
  3. Is there any calisthenics work going on, you're not telling us about? Or do you log everything? Also: Nice work!
  4. Number of weights needed: Always N+1!! And good luck Jason!
  5. Classic Or Sumo For Axle Do Deadlift?

    All alltime DL records from 148 to 242 raw or equipped were being done sumo. Not all gripsters are 275 and up, so I think a case for sumo can be made.
  6. American Ninja Warrior

    Looks nice, but how deep are those ledges?
  7. No leg contact righty and barely any lefty: I mean leg contact only helps with the hold at the top anyways. You would have to get pretty imaginative to get a hitch effect going, imho.
  8. I'm all for such a rule, but discus away. Edit: This is not meant as a slight against you, Bob. You've proven yourself more than capeable over and over again!
  9. Jörg Keilbach's New Log

    Trying to bend the euro device, like bend it around your thumbs, like Slim bends nails made a huge difference for me. And by applying pressure that what you automatically end up in the hand position Chris Rice talks about, and you have created tons of tension. I picked that up from Daniel Reinard.
  10. How To Close A #3 In 6 Easy Steps

    Nothing wrong with an entertaining grip vid, imho. And we need more crazy rumors in grip anyways.
  11. Doing more in a day, than others do in a week.
  12. I've waited years for this to go down. Very epic, Juha!
  13. Powerlifting Log

    Those odd poundages really rile up my inner Mr. Monk Don't even make sense in kgs! I guess you have callibrated gym plates...
  14. Classic Or Sumo For Axle Do Deadlift?

    I can't think of any reason not to go sumo, provided your DL is above your thickbar strength. Edit: At least +10% for me, too. With sumo.