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  1. Any Armwrestlers Know This Guy?

    I have video of ed coen warming up for his bench workout with 315 close grip with his feet on the bench. Did 10-15 cheesy easy reps, like most people do 135 and he's not the biggest bencher in the world( 565 I think). This guy might not have done it but I'm sure 315 x65 is doable by someone.
  2. Sore Skin...

    I use corn huskers lotion all the time. Also contrast baths ( Hot and Cold water).
  3. T H E F O R M U L A T O R

    I just got an email that said they will be free with Formulators ordered in Janurary.
  4. Hee Hee Hee

    I love that line!!! Hello Mr. Braithewaite, have some tea...
  5. Beer

    Kirin Ichiban
  6. Boards Total Years Strength Training

    17 years for me.
  7. Ever Have A Gripper Stolen?

    I had a trainer, #1, #2, #3, and one of those amber colored squeeze things that Ironmind sold before the snowball stolen out of a locked drawer at the gym I worked out at. Only 2 people had the keys and both swore they didn't know what happened to them. Also had a hardy handshake, heavy hammer II, tons of standard plates, a snowball, and a 25,30,35 lb blobs stolen from my workout room at my old house. I've since replaced everything that I want and added tons more. I don't let anyone near the stuff.
  8. Saw This Kettlebell On Ebay

    seems expensive to me.
  9. Any Bass Fishers On The Board?

    My biggest is a 6 lb largemouth on Lake Erie. Caught it on a green tube bouncing it along the bottom rocks.
  10. Q-ray Bracelets

    If you like the Q-Ray then you'll love this! Immortality device??
  11. After 4 Weeks

    I suggest you get KTA also. Even if you dont follow the program it is worth it for all the little things it teaches you like setting, filing, overcrushes, negatives, etc. All these things newbies end up asking about and they are right in KTA, many with videos. Honestly it was probably the best grip tool I have ever bought.
  12. Blobs

    I just got my Blob 50 and it is amazing. Got it in 2 days. Packaging was perfect. I would recommend it to anyone wanting a "Blob". Thanks again Gordon.
  13. List Your PR's in This Thread

    12003 I think I am going to concentrate on my grippers for a while.
  14. Powerball Techno

    I got one and its been in the box ever since.
  15. Diet And Nutrition

    My Boxers are very muscular and lean. Maybe I should start the dog food diet.