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  1. List of Stuff Going on This Year

    Just thought I'd post a list of some of the stuff that's going on this year.  This is not comprehensive, but rather a start. Feb 13 - Cold Snap Classic in Wyalusing March - Arnold Classic Grip Challenge at the ConCret booth March 26th - Grip Challenge in Syracuse as part of a WAL event April ?? - Elmira NY - Grip Challenge Side Show event May 7th - Empire Classic Grip Challenge - Spokane Washington - part of the Empire Classic Expo, a giant bodybuilding extravaganza with Strongman and Powerlifting contests June 4th - NAGS Championship There's more going on.  I'll add to this list.  
  2. All you do now is click "Unread Content." @climber511  It's in almost the exact same spot. Unfortunately, hackers evolve at an alarming rate, so unless a website owner wants to spend $500 a year  cleaning out his webpage, he'll have to upgrade every so often.  This is one of the SUCKY things about owning an online business, and unfortunately, something that's happened a few times to my site, despite my best efforts.  It costs money to stay ahead of the hackers. 
  3. T G A Cold Snap Classic - 2/13/16

    Very true   Dude's - it could very well be extremely cold on Saturday.  Make sure you bring layers to wear, and extra clothes in case you get sweaty or spill something.  I don't want anyone to get hurt due to not being warm enough. Bring Food - the contest will be around 4 hours, and that is a long time to go without eating anything.  Bring snacky stuff - I like granola bars and things like that, myself. Bring Drinks - You want to stay very well hydrated.  This is one thing people overlook at contests is fluids.  Hydration is key to performance. Crushed to Dust will be ongoing throughout the day.  If you want to try it, you can go after it before the contest, between the events or at the end.  Just not during an actual event. We've also got the extra events that we will run one after the other - Inch Hold with Cans, Inch for Height, etc. You can also have a go on the Monster Crush, and many other cool events and feats once the comp is done. If anyone needs directions, let me know, message me, email me, etc. Also, if anyone is interested in buying a Napalm Pinch, let me know.  You will be able to avoid the shipping charge, picking it up at the comp. Any other questions, feel free to ask.  Thanks!
  4. T G A Cold Snap Classic - 2/13/16

    @Lucasraymond - Bring me a Duncan Yo Yo and I'll show you how to walk the dog while I play Piano Man on the Harmonica, brotherrrrr
  5. T G A Cold Snap Classic - 2/13/16

    Jedd Johnson - if not babysitting Luke Raymond - confirmed Matt Lane - verbal Mike Chaffee - verbal James Fuller - verbal Don Smitley - paid John Stepien - verbal Chris Andrade - paid Eric Godshall - Dork Horse from the Area we are trying to get to come.
  6. Gripmania

    Hopefully he can get everything sorted out, regardless of whether he puts on the comp.
  7. Under the Spotlight - Grip Profile - Juha Harju

    Great interview bro!
  8. More Effective Grip Training With Full Body Warm-Up

    Excellent bro.
  9. More Effective Grip Training With Full Body Warm-Up

    Glad to hear it.
  10. Under the Spotlight - Grip Profile - Juha Harju

    Who is this guy?  Never heard of him before...
  11. More Effective Grip Training With Full Body Warm-Up

    Yeah, I've never seen you warm up either. I'm usually on a foam roller on the floor dodging the feet of people who are walking over and around me!
  12. Fire Walk With Me 2

    Not sure about Dave, but Joel got 7.
  13. One of the things that's become pretty apparent over my years of coaching people is that most do not warm up properly prior to training. In many cases, I've been told by clients that they usually just grab a couple light grippers, do a few reps, and that's it for warm-ups. Some people don't even do that. They just grab their working grippers and start squeezing. While the minority may get along fine with that approach, I can pretty much guarantee you that if you warm up properly before your training session, you will see better results, less injuries, and improved longevity with your progress. I shot a video of the warm-up I've done for close to 10 years. Anyone whose competed with me has seen me do this prior to contests, and sometimes multiple times, if there are long inactive periods. Give this or something similar a try with your training. It's gonna help you in your training. All the best, Jedd P.S. Be sure to subscribe to my channel.
  14. Newest Mashmonster Level 0 - Jeff Parker

    Great job bro.
  15. Chin Up -W/50Lbs

    Super strict. Nice job bro.