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  1. How would you like to see GripSport grow?

    Just so it doesn't seem like I totally contradicted myself up above.... There's never been a woman competitor who has voiced a desire to be on the committee. However, Maryanne McKeague would often take part in discussions, either directly with myself, or with her husband Brent Barbe. Maria, if you're interested in being a part of NAGS discussions, I think ti would be great to have you involved, personally.
  2. How would you like to see GripSport grow?

    A good point. We used to have a very regular competitor name Maryanne McKeague and I would often get feedback from her, and she helped her husband, Brent Barbe, when we were coming up with different things. So, even though she wasn't actually on the committee, her presence was always felt. The last few years, she's been very tied up with her career and her degree, so she hasn't been nearly as visible.
  3. How would you like to see GripSport grow?

    Sounds great. Send it over or post it and I'll compare with what I came up with. Be interesting to see how close or far apart we are.
  4. How would you like to see GripSport grow?

    There's never been any women who have even taken part actively in a conversation about moving Grip Sport forward, at least not that I recall. Amy has always seemed to busy with her career and family to be able to devote much time to Grip Sport. It certainly hasn't been that we're a group of dudes who won't let women say anything.
  5. How would you like to see GripSport grow?

    I put up a discussion item in the NAGS committee forum about the Medley Challenge items for the Women. Hopefully, we'll be able to get this posted fairly soon.
  6. 2016 North American Grip Sport Championship

    Andrew and I are working on preparing a list of grip challenge items for the Women's Medley. I also put it up in the NAGS Committee discussion forum.
  7. 2016 Updated Qualifications List for NAGS Championship

    I want to thank Eric Roussin for spear-heading this project, and all the other NAGS reps who helped work it to completion. Thanks all!
  8. The NAGS committee has updated the qualification criteria for participation at the North American Grip Sport Championship. Since the criteria was first developed in 2012, the results of dozens of grip sport contests have been entered into the Top 100 database, and weaknesses were identified. (The old qualifications list can be found here: The following is a list of the main changes that have been made to the criteria and the reason why they were changed: · The qualification standards for some of the lower weight classes have been lowered. Contest results from the past few years were analyzed and it was concluded that they were too challenging. · Some of the less common qualification lifts have been removed. As they are rarely contested, there isn’t a need to keep them. · A minimum of three competitors must be in a class in order for the winner to qualify. This is to ensure that the qualification is truly earned. Athletes who do not qualify due to low attendance will still be able to qualify via one of the other Qualification Chances. · Additional wording has been added to provide clarification, as some of the text could be interpreted in different ways. The new qualifications take effect immediately. However, any competitor that had already qualified for the 2016 NAGS Championship via the previous criteria remains qualified. Qualification Chance 1: During the current NAGS season, athletes who: • Finish in the top third of their weight class in a NAGS-sanctioned contest. • Finish in the top third of overall standings in a NAGS-sanctioned contest. There must be a minimum of three competitors in a weight class in order for someone to qualify. The number of qualified competitors will be rounded down where required. Example: If there is 1 competitor in a class, no one qualifies; If there are 2 competitors in a class, no one qualifies; If there are 3 competitors in a class, the winner qualifies; If there are 4 competitors in a class, the winner qualifies; If there are 5 competitors in a class, the winner qualifies; If there are 6 competitors in a class, the top 2 qualify; If there are 7 competitors in a class, the top 2 qualify; If there are 8 competitors in a class, the top 2 qualify; If there are 9 competitors in a class, the top 3 qualify; If there are 10 competitors in a class, the top 3 qualify; … In the case of multi-venue contests, qualifications are calculated based on the entire field of competitors (not just the competitors at a given venue). “Season” is defined as the time between NAGS Championships. The 2015-16 season began on June 7th, 2015 and concludes with the 2016 NAGS Championship on June 4th, 2016. Qualification Chance 2: Athletes can also qualify for Nationals by completing any three of the following feats during the current NAGS season, either in NAGS-sanctioned contests or through video submission (with proof of filming date). Gripper Close (parallel or 20-mm Block Set): 59k: 115lbs, 66k: 120lbs, 74k: 130lbs, 83k: 140lbs, 93k: 150lbs, 105k: 150lbs, 120k: 155lbs, 120+k: 155lbs Gripper Close (parallel or 20-mm Block Set) Euro Two Hands Pinch: 59k: 140lbs, 66k: 155lbs, 74k: 165lbs:, 83k: 180lbs, 93k: 195lbs, 105k: 205lbs, 120k: 215lbs, 120+: 220lbs IronMind Axle Deadlift: 59k: 230lbs, 66k: 250lbs, 74k: 270lbs:, 83k: 300lbs, 93k: 330lbs, 105k: 350lbs, 120k: 370lbs, 120+: 380lbs 2″ FBBC Vertical Bar: 59k: 170lbs, 66k: 190lbs, 74k: 200lbs:, 83k: 210lbs, 93k: 220lbs, 105k: 230lbs, 120k: 240lbs, 120+: 250lbs Euro One Hand Pinch: 59k: 60lbs, 66k: 65lbs, 74k: 70lbs:, 83k: 75lbs, 93k: 80lbs, 105k: 85lbs, 120k: 90lbs, 120+: 95lbs One Handed IronMind Axle Deadlift: 59k: 115lbs, 66k: 125lbs, 74k: 135lbs:, 83k: 150lbs, 93k: 165lbs, 105k: 175lbs, 120k: 185lbs, 120+: 190lbs Plate Pinching (One Hand): 59k: 2-25's, 66k: 2-25's, 74k: 2-35's, 83k: 2-35's, 93k: 2-35's, 105k: 2-35's, 120k: 2-45's, 120+: 2-45's Hub lift (plate): 59k: 35lbs, 66k: 35lbs, 74k: 35lbs, 83k: 35lbs, 93k: 45lbs, 105k: 45lbs, 120k: 45lbs, 120k+: 45lbs Rolling Thunder: 59k: 125lbs, 66k: 140lbs, 74k: 150lbs, 83k: 160lbs, 93k: 170lbs, 105k: 180lbs, 120k: 190lbs, 120+: 200lbs Front lift with a coin to 18” platform. Handle must be at least 31”. 59k: 6lb, 66k: 6lb, 74k: 6lb, 83k: 8lb, 93k: 8lb, 105k: 8lb, 120k: 8lb, 120+: 10lb Face lever. Handle must be at least 31” and the lift must be reasonably strict. 59k: 8lbs, 66k: 10lbs, 74k: 10lbs:, 83k: 12lbs, 93k: 12lbs, 105k: 16lbs, 120k: 16lbs, 120+: 16lbs Block Weights: 59k: 35-lb Hex/Blob, 66k: 37.5lb Hex/Blob, 74k: 40-lb Hex/Blob, 83k: 42.5-lb Hex/Blob, 93k: 45-lb Hex/Blob, 105k: 47.5-lb Hex/Blob, 120k: 50-lb Hex/Blob, 120+: 55-lb Hex/Blob + 5 lbs Qualification Chance 3: Complete any of the following Certifications during the current NAGS season: • Certify for IronMind Captain of Crush (#3 or #3.5) • Certify for IronMind Red Nail Roster • Certify as Gripboard Mash Monster 1 or higher Qualification Chance 4: Athletes who, during the current NAGS season, in NAGS-sanctioned contests: Total Two-Handed Elite in their weight class (three-lift total for max gripper, axle, 2HP): 120k - 840 120k - 800 105k - 770 93k - 730 83k - 690 74k - 640 66k - 585 59k - 530 Total One-Handed Elite in their weight class (three-lift total for max gripper, 1-Handed axle, 1HP): 120k+ - 507 120k - 487 105k - 472 93k - 452 83k - 432 74k - 407 66k - 380 59k – 352 The numbers for the three lifts do not need to be done at the same contest. They can be taken from different contests, but must all be done within the current season. As the NAGS Committee will not necessarily be actively this, it is the competitor’s responsibility to alert member of the Committee when elite status is achieved. Notes: Once you have qualified for and competed in the NAGS Championship you will automatically be qualified for the following year. Female competitors do not need to qualify for the NAGS Championship. Qualification criteria may eventually be established if the pool of female competitors significantly increases.
  9. Huge shout out!

    This is awesome!
  10. 2016 North American Grip Sport Championship

    I wish you could too, bro.
  11. HELP WANTED - Updated Grip Sport Calendar

    Thank you. You are added. I also modified the date on your post.
  12. 2016 North American Grip Sport Championship

    EVENTS: 1) Competition Grippers, 20mm block set, both hands, 4 attempts 2) Max 2HP, 4 attempts 3) DO axle deadlift, max weight, 4 attempts 4) Sledge Hammer Floor Rotations (In/Out Pronation/Supination). 60 second time limit to get as many rotations as possible. 8lb and 6lb hammers will be used, with 30-inch handles. One rep with the 8# hammer is worth '1 point', one rep with the 6# hammer is worth '0.5 points'. This keeps the scoring in line with the medley also scored with heavy/light implements. 5) Medley, 60 sec time lift. We will have 12 identical items, one heavy and one lighter, you can attempt either but will only be scored for one. Scoring will be 1.0 for the heavier item, 0.5 for the lighter item. In the case of a tie, the faster time will be rewarded an additional 0.25 points. Medley items (Same as last year): - 2-45s or 2-35s - InchDB or Gracie DB - 100stamp Blob or blob (40#) - Sorinex Saxon bar @ 205# or Sorinex Saxon bar @ 165# - Sorinex Anvil Horn @ 170# or Sorinex Anvil Horn @ 130# - Hampton 45 by hub or Hampton 35 by hub - Slim lever off the ground @ 12# or Slim lever off the ground @ 8# - Sledge lever to nose @ 16# or sledge lever to nose @ 10# - Sorinex Pop's grip machine @ 180# or Sorinex Pop's grip machine @ 135# (both hands used in alternating grip) - 5-tens or 4-tens - Tips tester @ weights to be determined - Rolling Thunder @ 200# or Rolling Thunder @ 160#
  13. HELP WANTED - Updated Grip Sport Calendar

    Got this modified now. Thanks.