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  1. What's your Instagram??

    I am too shy to take part in a Social Media grip contest. Sorry guys. Just kidding. Sounds like fun!
  2. 2016 North American Grip Sport Championship

    @nickr104, Nick Rosendaul informed me this morning that the prior commitment he had has changed, and would like to attend Nationals. He then provided 3 qualification videos that show he appears to be stronger than ever, primarily based on Strongman-related grip work. So, the updated list is: Women Maria Bascetta Men 83kg Michael Rogowski 93kg Lucas Raymond Gil Goodman 105kg Jeff Parker Andrew Durniat Jake Sahlaney 120kg Jedd Johnson Andrew Pantke Nick Rosendaul
  3. Growing Gripsport through social media.

    As far as time it takes to do these things, I usually do my Facebook and Instagram posts while I'm in the toilet. Almost nothing is during a workout, so I haven't seen much of a disruption at all. The exception is answering customer and client questions, like @JHenze646 mentioned. If you don't want to be part of what @Jared Goguen is suggesting, fine. You're probably not a great rep for the sport anyway, as @KapMan mentioned, regarding his abrasive personality.
  4. Basics of Grip and Strongmanism

    Near the end of March, I held 5-hour seminar at my gym on the Basics of Grip Training and Strongmanism. This week, I released the 2 DVD Set / digital video product of the event, and you can grab a copy at that link ^^^^^^^. The way the seminar went, is I would cover a section via Powerpoint, and then we would break out for hands-on training. So, I covered Warm-up, and then we did a Warm-up. I covered Grippers, then we worked with some Grippers. It was a lot of fun, and the attendees have me lots of good feedback. The whole objective of the seminar was to give these guys a solid grip on the essentials of grip training. I think far too often, people try to do too much and go too fast when training for Grip Strength and doing Feats of Strength. This DVD Set will help you get started on the right foot, right from the get-go, instead of deal with the same old problems that others have had in the past. If you're just starting out with Grip and Feats of Strength, this DVD Set is for you. If you're seeing plateaus in your training, then you most likely need to do a re-set on your training, and this DVD Set will help you do just that. If you're already pinching 2-45's, closing 3's, and lifting Blobs and Inches, then you probably don't need this DVD, to be honest. The idea is to get people going in the right direction from the beginning so they can have as much fun in their training as possible. The price right now is $34.95. That's less than 25% of what the attendees paid. Get your copy headed your way today => Basics of Grip Training and Strongmanism. Thanks, Jedd
  5. Discussion about NAGSC attendance.

    Just making a suggestion of how to save a decent amount of money. Not sure what you're saying, exactly, with the "unfair" statement.
  6. Living Legends

    Unfortunately, the pull-behind camper that I thought I had access to is no longer available, BUT I have lots of friends who own them, and I'm gonna look into borrowing or renting one.
  7. Discussion about NAGSC attendance.

    To me, I think Nationals needs to be at the same place, myself. That way the equipment is all the same, the conditions are all the same, and you've got to deal with the same pressure as everyone else. That way, there's no questions, so-and-so stepped up and won. That's my opinion on the matter. I've seen a lot of people bring up the cost thing - here's a tip I picked from my Dad. NAGSC is in June or July each year, start saving the day after the comp this year, to go next year. You break a 5, put the leftover money in a can. You can have close to $500 by the end of the year. It's a mistake to wait until the official announcement and then try to pay for the trip then and there. Stash the money away throughout the year. This is what I used to do for hunting and ice fishing season back when I still did them a lot, and it worked out great. If I ever wanted to do an Odd Haugen comp, this is what I would do.
  8. 2016 - 2017 North American Season

    I understand. Very early stages still. Keep the ideas coming.
  9. Living Legends

    Anyone on the East Coast that might want to go, I have access to a pull-behind camper. We could make it happen, if you want to throw in.
  10. 2016 North American Grip Sport Championship

    This is still what we've got at this point (below). I'm not opposed to letting more people sign up if they missed the deadline, HOWEVER, Andrew and I are deciding how to award medals this year, so if the numbers all of a sudden shift in a big way any later in the game than this, there is definitely a chance that enough medals will not be able to be ordered. Just an FYI. Women Maria Bascetta Men 83kg Michael Rogowski 93kg Lucas Raymond Gil Goodman 105kg Jeff Parker Andrew Durniat Jake Sahlaney 120kg Jedd Johnson Andrew Pantke
  11. 2016 - 2017 North American Season

    No, sir, that is not what I was thinking. Just another way to qualify, and a way to attract people and create legitimacy.
  12. 2016 - 2017 North American Season

    Someone mentioned Regional Championships in the 2016 Nationals post, and I'd like to focus on that for a minute. I'd like to suggest we run a Regional Championship, during 2017, as a multi-venue competition throughout North America. Who would be interested in holding a Regional meet in 2017? If you are interested, please post. Also, when do we think would be a good time of year for this? April? I identified "Regions" at one point in the past, but who knows where that info is at this point. But these are some of the ones I'm thinking of. New England - Self explanatory East Coast North - PA/NY/NJ area Mid Atlantic - Carolinas area South East - FL/GA area Mid-South - TN/LA area North Central - MN area Great Lakes - MI area Mid-East - OH/WV area South - TX area South-West - AZ/NM area West Coast South - CA area West Coast North - OR/WA area Mid-West - MO area That's just off the top of the head. Before debating events, rules, weight classes, etc, do we have people in these areas who could commit to running a comp in their region, next year? And again, what time of the year do you think would be best? This would be assuming a NAGS Championship in June 2017. I think we could potentially line up 10 to 20 competitions all on one day and crown some regional champions with this!
  13. 2016 NAGS Championship - List of Qualified Athletes

    Bryan Hunsaker sent me qualifying videos last week and is qualified via 1 Hand Axle Deadlift of 195lbs, 278 2" FBBC Vbar, and 200+lb RT - 120+ Weight Class.
  14. 2016 North American Grip Sport Championship

    Rather than quote each post and say thanks, I want to say thank you to those providing feedback. Keep the constructive feedback coming.
  15. 2016 North American Grip Sport Championship

    Good feedback. Thanks.