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  1. after stopping training for months because of an injured finger not related to grippers, i came back and closed Coc #1.5 TNS 2 days ago. i like it

    1. Anthony t

      Anthony t

      Great man keep at it

    2. LebaneseChampion
  2. does anyone here train 3 days in a row with hand grippers?

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    2. Stephen Ruby

      Stephen Ruby

      earlier this year getting into grip I was doing it everyday and then I got some bad tendonitis in my hand that took awhile to heal-still flares up- Be careful with the volume I have cut back a lot and just do intense sessions now.

    3. LebaneseChampion
    4. Anthony t

      Anthony t

      Its a work out you can buy its rough program tho I'm going through it my second time now it really works if you can handle it

  3. there's a challenge i used to do when i was a kid with other guys, we stand facing each other and our hands high facing each other, and we put our fingers together (like my right hand in his left, and my left in his right) and we start to bend our forearms, and the strongest actually puts the other to the ground. anyone done something like this before? does it have a name in English?

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    2. Anthony t

      Anthony t

      yea I don't think it would be fair for people who don't train grip or wrist strength lol

    3. Electron


      Haha I was just thinking about that game today. I usually won despite any discrepancies in weight. Beat my roommate easily yesterday, too.

    4. LebaneseChampion


      yes.. grippers training is un-matchable, even for those training their forearms only with dumbbells and barbells

  4. How Many Of You Guys Believe Will Ever Close Coc#4 ?

    my 50 years old uncle came from Canada this week, to Beirut, and i let him try the Captains of Crush. he took the 3.5 no set and closed more than half, until 1.5 inch is left (as much as i can close it).. he has very strong fingers and pinch. he never trained with grippers, but he worked with his hands a lot he could not close the 1.5 , i tried to teach him how to set it ( but i assure you it wasn't well set, it was just the first day)..didn't set it right, he can close the #2.5 - #2 and #1.5 the same way. his hand is strong when it's open, but not in the last mm. probably because of the set technique his fingers are short but very strong. he pinch stronger than me, but i can close the #1.5 more than 12 times. so talking about genetics, i believe he's got it. even without training... he's excited to buy grippers and start training, even at 50, he's still doing sports, he never stopped. he's my childhood hero he told me his forearm was a lot bigger few years ago. that's good motivation for me also to see infront of me how thick i can get my fingers to become, and how strong my pinch can be Concerning everyone that has nearly reached a block, and is not advancing, i found a rather secret strength training. i don't really want to start sharing it before i apply it for at least 2-4 weeks(now i am resting). as soon as i see it's really worth it, i'll share it with you all, and we'll see what we'll be closing.
  5. if you do, then how long do you think it will take you? i am not asking this for me, just asking to see your expectations. Thanks
  6. #3 Certification Procedure

    this thread should help: http://www.gripboard.com/index.php?showtopic=36147 thank you! i got what i want
  7. #3 Certification Procedure

    hi, how to we get the title of MM0 here on the board?
  8. yesterday, with my left hand, the handles of Coc#1.5 touched for the first time haha. it's not very weak, but it was a matter of setting up the gripper, it was always slipping. i am very close on the CCS too which is easier to set

  9. Ghp 10 Chest Crush

  10. today a funny thing happened to me, i was training, and all grippers were above each other.. so i wanted to try and close the 2.5, i took it and set it, and i squeezed... i was so surprised how light it was! and it was closed... i looked at the handles, turned out it was 1.5 hahaha i didn't take the time to see it correctly....won't happen again

    1. Anthony t

      Anthony t

      I have done that to

    2. jvance


      i hate when that happens.. haha good times

    3. Joey_grips


      Its so rewarding when you pick up a heavier gripper thinking its the lighter one and you close it. I love those days, I always grab my 2.5 instead of the 2 and get a rude awakening lol. It is fun

  11. Has Anyone Noticed That A Cold Gripper Is Harder?

    very nice idea!!
  12. Has Anyone Noticed That A Cold Gripper Is Harder?

    Captains of Crush
  13. hi, i tried to search if this topic was discussed before but couldn't find it. since winter is here, my grippers are really cold, like 10-15 degrees celcius lower. has anyone of you noticed they get any harder when cold? i mean i know when metal is heated up it becomes easier to bend, but probably like a thousand degrees or so... could 15 degrees affect it in anyway? is there a formula for that? i couldn't find it but it might be my cold muscles ... hard to warm up in the cold so i was not at my best, thus i felt them harder
  14. Can Anyone Tell Me If All Brands Of Gripper Are The Same?

    I am too - but beware the surface rust to the springs - keep them oiled! is it different from IronMind? do they rust faster?
  15. I Just Closed The Coc #2 Today, After 3 Months Of Grip Training

    i just bought Coc#1.5 , 2.5 and 3.5 from Cannon power works i didn't have the 1.5, i need it for my left hand, and to get better without training 1 Rep Max+ all the time and of course, the 2.5 is a better choice to reach the 3, since there's a wide gap of tension between the 2 and 3 (i only have the 2 and 3 now) and the 3.5 i'll use it to train while my fingers are open .. the purpose of my whole grip training was and still to get stronger fingers, not just for the grip itself, because i am a rock climber, and got a rest period for back muscle/tendon injury, so i got the idea to train with grippers instead of doing nothing. but once i am here, i really loved it Welcome to the obsession. haha i would buy more but i am shipping international, and here the customs are expensive + the shipping costs. so, for the first 2 grippers i bought (39.9$ cost) i paid 44$ more ....