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  1. Blob Deadlift

    1. Must lift to full deadlift position. 2. Only chalk allowed. 3. The lift must be followed down under reasonable control.
  2. Here is some fun I had with the DubHub
  3. Wow, what a way to wake up. Thanks man!
  4. The Missouri Grip Challenge

    The contest will be hosted outside, and Missouri likes to mess with us weather wise at times. Everything is subjective at this point. The events are going to be what is featured. The location may change if I find a better location. It's going to be fun hosting.
  5. The Missouri Grip Challenge

    The Missouri Grip Challenge Location: Millersville, MO Show up time: 9 am Contest start time: 10 am Mens: Lightweight (59kg, 66kg, 74kg), Middleweight (83kg, 93kg, 105kg), Heavyweight(120kg, 120kg+) Womens: Open (47kg, 52kg, 57kg, 63kg, 72kg, 84kg, 84kg+) Note: Contest subject to change dependent upon weather All events will be done with NAGS scoring Events will be raising bar format Event 1: Two hand Axle lift Deadlift (4 attempts) Event 2: One hand Flask (4 attempts) Event 3: The Stirrup (4 attempts) Awards for top three overall finishers in their weight class Entry fee $20 ($25 the day of the contest) Entry form:
  6. How would you like to see GripSport grow?

    If you have to win an argument on the internet, because you want to make it about the euro, you are the winner.
  7. How would you like to see GripSport grow?

    I want to clarify my point as there was an underlying message. What I was referring with "Elite" is the fact that what is considered elite now is subjective by who is currently training their lower arms and those who, if given the right amount of time and understanding of the technique that goes into the euro and axle, the numbers would be blown away if people in strongman and weightlifting started to train their grip around the specifics of the euro and axle, what could they do? (I'm talking about the strongest ones in the entire world; ones who make lifting a barbell a joke.) The numbers I gave were meant as hypothetical (how do we know someone can't hit these numbers already? It will happen with enough time). Did someone miss where I clearly stated: "Unless there is a method to bridge new and old ideas together and form something new nothing will change." How long has this been going on and nothing has been resolved in terms of making grip bigger and better than it already? The most relevant aspect of this thread has come down to crapping upon ideas/opinions about the euro and flask. Why is it such a big deal that 2 different tools exist to improve one's pinching cannot coincide. Who stated that the only pinch device that one must use is the euro and you must forsake all other pinch devices? If you are getting stronger shouldn't that be the end goal? But no, what we get from Mr. Siversson is someone who is acting like the people at UMass when Milo Yiannopoulos, Steven Crowder and Christina Hoff Sommers tried to give a talk but it comes down to back and forth ideas that are getting no where and it comes back to the freaking euro device, nothing is going to replace the euro, it is the device that has become the standard in grip contest. The only thing that has been stated by Mikeal of any relevance to this thread is to ask the Fins; that's the greatest contribution we have Bingo, this is what the thread should focus on instead.
  8. How would you like to see GripSport grow?

    Mike Sharkey put it best in his post. Look at how this thread has reached this point. I would love to see grip evolve beyond the point it is now but if this whole argument is going to center around who is "Elite" and one pinch device, we have lost sight of how to progress this little passion. What is Elite now can be blown away if people from other sports (top olympic weightlifters and strongman) came in and just destroyed what is considered "world records" we have. What if those people hit 600 lb in the axle DO lift, or, 350 in the 2hp, what then? Unless there is a method to bridge new and old ideas together and form something new nothing will change.
  9. How would you like to see GripSport grow?

    Okay guys, unless you have an idea to bring great ideas to the table just stop the crap posting and take it to private. Let's keep this civil. Also, it doesn't matter if you train the euro or flask; if you're intention is to get stronger then why should it matter what tool you use. Since no one has actually taken the time to invite someone from Finland to add their say to the matter, let me begin. @Juha Harju What can other countries do to spread grip as a sport? What are other countries not doing that could make the sport of grip popular in their part of the world?
  10. Chalking the Flask 101

    Thanks for the mention in the video.
  11. How would you like to see GripSport grow?

    Here's my 2 cents. For contest, why not have an "Amateur League" and "Professional League". In the "Amateur" contest, people could use whatever grip implements they wanted but no records could be set. In the "Professional" contest, people would use fixed implements, records could be contested.
  12. I'll be representing the Gripboard on National Television.

    Killer video! Keep it up and show them what you're made of.
  14. Chalking Method

    Doing it for the first time becomes a workout just by it self but you get use to it. Just leave the chalk on and next time it will surprise you how little you have to re-chalkthe tool except what rubs off.
  15. 116.06 2HP from AZ Cactus Grip comp

    Killer lift Aaron!