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  1. Silver Bullet record fixed

    Your guess is as good as anyone. Considering all the proof shown to Randall, I'm surprised this move was made, it at least brought back their records from being a joke.
  2. Silver Bullet record fixed

    Yes, that was from the faker. Why IM even allowed that to pass is beyond me.
  3. Silver Bullet record fixed

    Posting this here for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. This basically is saying that IM was wrong this whole time, while at the same time allowing a cheater to hold the record. Kody is still #1 on the Silver Bullet.
  4. Developing A Strong Handshake

    This is one of the best posts I've seen on the board since I've been here.
  5. Silvis Preset Rating

    If you could get a 175 from this I would be down to grab one next time I get paid.
  6. Developing A Strong Handshake

    Take the drama to private message. Keep it civil or the thread will be shut down.
  7. Wrist Wrench Vs Rolling Thunder

    Fixed an error in the thread title for you Jedd.
  8. Feedback About Flask Event At Southern Squeeze

    When I wrote that post, I was dicking around and being skeptical of someone's claims (training vs contest, which one is right and wrong; do you accept lifts only if they are performed in a contest). I was stating that if someone makes any claim about what they are doing they should in some way back it up (no matter what it is they claim). Please note, I'm not coming from a scientific point but more of skepticism (if I lift 40kg one hand with the euro can I do the same with plates? Is the euro the end all to be all devices?). I only made the connection to "bro science" because of what was being projected out in said claims. It was noted that Bob was having an off day and that man could out pinch me any day of the week and I'm claiming that as a fact. But what was also a fact was that he couldn't lift two 45's or the Inch; he was the closest to anyone there who could do it but it didn't happen. The whole aspect of this thread was about feedback for a new type of equipment and one member took it upon their self to take the direction of the thread somewhere else based on their weird fetish towards the euro pinch. Like I stated, they should use it and if they don't like it, that's fine with me and they never have to touch one again. Yes it would be awesome if Gil made different widths for that said device, that way people have something else to pinch at widthwise and thus that part of the debate could be over.
  9. The 2016 Southern Squeeze Grip Competition

    True that.
  10. Feedback About Flask Event At Southern Squeeze

    You could do this every time? On command? At 90%? If you are going to make these claims I'm demanding you back that up. Also, I knew you start this. I suggest you buy one, try it out and if you don't like it NEVER USE IT!!! Btw, learn to read deeper, I may have been talking about a pseudoscience.
  11. Feedback About Flask Event At Southern Squeeze

    I'm just throwing this out there. 1) The Flask will never replace the Euro. They are two different tool and offer clearly something different the other won't! 2) Train the tool you want but remember, there is no one end all tool. 3) If you're bringing in some type of "bro-science" please provide actual evidence to support any claim instead of what you remember. And not just what you have done, it has to be measurable in someway where everyone can reproduce said claims. 4) Actually have both in some way so you can make true claims about the two tools and not some crap answer based on a personal preference and then somehow dismiss any other tool that comes along and you think it will take away what you have worked for. 5) The are not the same tool! 6) (For the people who went to the contest) Take into consideration that physically someone cannot always perform at their optimal levels of strength when you factor in travel, sleep, nutrition, and if they are at 100% or not, will they have any chance of an off-day. (Was any of these aspects considered before a bro science approach was added?) 7) How can anyone prepare for a contest where there is a new event that has never been contested before, how do you train exactly for it when you don't have the said tool?
  12. Feedback About Flask Event At Southern Squeeze

    For me, it's not just how well it can hold chalk. What I encountered was a device that felt exactly like the Euro pinch that I had been using. If I wasn't wore out I did want to see how much I could do 2 hand since my 1hp was nearly the same on both devices. The trouble I've had with the euro in training is having to adjust it to fit what I was going after; that is why I left the device put together most of the time. Putting mine together took 45 minutes to get everything set right, and that has always been an issue. This is one of the major reasons I enjoy the Flask, super quick time changes can be done without wasting time/energy/effort. I do think both are wonderful devices to train and compete on. The Flask should never replace what has been done on the Euro (1h or 2h). Should there be sizes to accommodate different widths people are use to? Maybe but that will depend upon Gil and if he wants to do that. I was beyond impressed with the Flask that for me personally, I cannot go back to working the Euro and had no reason to actually owning one. Will I regret that move? Nope. The biggest thing I noted is that with the Flask, if you go to any type of gym, you could take it and train your pinch with no problem whereas the euro is why to bulky to do that.
  13. Feedback About Flask Event At Southern Squeeze

    This item is now sold.
  14. Feedback About Flask Event At Southern Squeeze

    Deal is pending.