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  1. I'll be representing the Gripboard on National Television.

    Killer video! Keep it up and show them what you're made of.
  3. Chalking Method

    Doing it for the first time becomes a workout just by it self but you get use to it. Just leave the chalk on and next time it will surprise you how little you have to re-chalkthe tool except what rubs off.
  4. 116.06 2HP from AZ Cactus Grip comp

    Killer lift Aaron!
  5. Chalking Method

    Thank you and keep it up. It's strange how this one method can improve the use of grip items and season them so fast.
  6. Chalking Method

    Thought I share this with people who want to up their chalking when it comes to grip items.
  7. AZ Cactus Grip Showdown 2016 Results

    Cool that Tim Struse showed up for this.
  8. 10 lb Sledgehammer coin lift

    Sledge Deadlift 1.Weight of the Sledge must be shown on camera.This can be done by showing the stamp on the head by the manufacture, or by weighing the hammer on a scale if there is no stamp.In the case that there is no stamp, the entire sledge must be weighed and be at least 1 lb heavier than the stated weight. 2.The handle of the sledgehammer must be at least 30", measured from the end of the handle to where it meets the sledge head. 3.Lifter places the sledge on the ground with the head vertical, and a quarter is placed on the contact point of the sledge head that points up. 4.Lifter grips the handle at the very end, so that no part of the handle juts beyond the edge of the hand. 5.The lifter must lift the entire sledge hammer off the ground to a lockout position, locking out the knees, hips and shoulder of the lifting hand.Lifter must then return the hammer to the ground.The coin must remain on the head of the hammer from lift-off, to lockout, and until the sledgehammer head contacts the ground.At no point may it slip off, until the head contacts the floor.
  10. How can I gain strenght for setting a gripper?

    Practice setting using a heavier gripper than you are currently using
  11. CCS

    The way I would train ccs, if I was to go back to using that instead of mms. My main focus would be on setting the gripper differently so the card could slide through the ends with no problem,after the first close I would open the gripper to parallel and attempt to close it again until the said set was done. I would continue doing this to buildup the strength in that said position; this way I would not have to re swipe the card every freaking attempt and would only be on the first rep only.
  12. Leoko 2x25kg attempts and silver bullet hold

    Get that silver bullet official
  13. MM3 gripper question

    Nope, I mean from mms. Before I tried out the MM3, I was using only a GHP8 that I filed; rating was around 178-179 before I filed, so there was about 3-4 lbs added. When I was using it for reps, some days were easy and hard. When it felt like a joke is when I went for the MM3 and was surprised by the results. I was doing some crazy reps back then (50-100 total)
  14. MM3 gripper question

    What I would suggest is getting a GHP8, the rating around 178-179 and filing one of the handles. The main thing you want to consider is how easy or hard the close will be;when you can start closing that gripper like a joke (10mms reps) on command you would be ready.
  15. Homemade Thickbar Dumbbells

    If I had known about the prices for the axle wrench I would have hit you up sooner before I spent it on a wrist wrench.