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  1. Iron Grip 75 Kg - 6.5" Barehand Bend

    Nice bend Alex!
  2. Du Session: 17 Crs Bars In Trash Imps, 7 Mm X 6,5"-4,25"

    Ivan, I saw the vid the first time > and iam impressed! Very good work my friend!
  3. Official Bending Title Change Request Thread

    There is a limited amount of characters you can have. Currently, you already have "GripBoard MashMonster Level 2". So, what exactly would you like given it is limited to probably just a few characters about what you currently have? KOAB, Insane shiny Bastard Thanks
  4. Official Bending Title Change Request Thread

    Kainz Hannes KOAB,Insane shiny,Fantastic golden, Insane golden hex, Fantastic bastard Please put in what is possible. Thanks
  5. Red Nail Cert Video

    Congrats very fast bend!
  6. Big G8 Snap!

    I can remember that feeling EJ !! Better to go on it with BB wraps ;-) Be carefull with this stuff Buddy.
  7. Motivation Bending Vid For Bending In One Imp

    Thanks for the kind words guys! EJ i would love to see you bending this stuff.
  8. Hy guys, I post this a second time..... because bending in one IMP is trendy right now Maybe a few guys have not seen this bend. enjoy............. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDVcUQ0CtdE
  9. Still Got It Red Nail In One Imp

    Thank you Hannes! Technique was always my strength. It was the only reason why I even had a chance of competing with any of you true monsters, like yourself! How is your AW training going? Thanks for your kind words David! I was never able to bend like you did, i have tried that for a couple times. My AW training works good, but ist a lot harder to come on top than i was thinking! Very much special training to do. And the muscles and tendons need much time to get resisdent! A lot to do......
  10. Russian Dude Bends Koasb

    Congrats for this bend ! Thats very impressive! On my strongest time i was able to kink it to 15° and finished it from 50°. But i was never able to manage a whole bend.
  11. Still Got It Red Nail In One Imp

    Very nice David congrats! Still very good DO technic i see!
  12. I See Your Red, And Raise You A Shiny Bastard

    Congrats EJ ! Shinys are very hard in 1 IMP thats fore sure.
  13. Red Nail In One Ironmind Pad

    Congrats Juha! Thats a good bend. This kind of bending needs good painresisdent.
  14. 2 Or 3 Reps Level 8 Certification Video? Please Help

    Two reps looks pretty good, on the third Iam not sure!
  15. Christian Löwe

    Hy Guys, Can anyone remember Christian Löwe? He was a member one time here, and so far i know there wheresome missunderstands about this guy. He was translating his german to english with google translator > and the outcome was not perfect....... I found something interessting, he attemps an GHP8 for reps. In my opinion the block set is not to see, so this attempt will be an attempt! But looks not so bad, what do you think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWPXIqsyuL0&list=UUejFsmwQAt1M5yPD8wdfQ8w