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  1. Kirill Sarychev Crushing a CoC #3

    Dude is scary strong
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  3. Brian Shaw doing a 60lb York dumbbell toss and catch by the face

    Yeah that 1021 dl at the Arnold went up like nothing.
  4. Under the Spotlight - Grip Profile - Richard Sorin

    Also, I now know where I'm eventually getting my new power rack when mine inevitably collapses.
  5. Under the Spotlight - Grip Profile - Richard Sorin

    Amazing profile. I knew Sorin was strong, but mah god Maggle
  6. I just set an OHP PR to this
  7. Justin M: Barbell, Grip, Bending

  8. Justin M: Barbell, Grip, Bending

    Didn't know if I'd be able to lift this weekend. Had yet another bout of food poisoning last weekend, and injured my calf Wednesday night running up a hill. It popped and felt like a bolt of lightning went through my leg. Thought it was torn at first but it's been feeling better so I was able to get my reps in.
  9. Justin M: Barbell, Grip, Bending

    4/2/2016 Squat 250x5 280x5 325x5 OHP 125x5 140x5 160x5 Reverse hypers 4x15 Wrist thingy pro./sup. 4/3/2016 Deadlift 250x5 280x5 325x5 Bench 185x5 205x5 235x5 Reverse hypers 2x15 Dumbbell rows 50x20 100x15
  10. Justin M: Barbell, Grip, Bending

    3/24/2016 - deload weekend Squat 150x5 190x5 230x5 Reverse hypers 2x12 (before squats) 2x10 (after) Bodyweight lunges 2x20 Wrist thingy pro./sup. 3x15x50 (both hands)
  11. Homemade reverse hyper

    In action. Still getting used to the movement so I'm going light and deliberate for now.
  12. Powerlifting Log

    This is such a brutal log man.
  13. Justin M: Barbell, Grip, Bending

    3/20/2016 Bench 200x5 230x3 255x3 Seated dumbbell OHP 50x2x6 Dips 2x10 Wrist thingy pro./sup.
  14. Knife porn

    Just going by the title, this thread could've gone a dark direction