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  1. Wrist Wrench Vs Rolling Thunder

    You sell these?
  2. Justin M: Barbell, Grip, Bending

    2/7/2016 Deadlift 245x5 280x5 320x8 Bench 170x5 200x5 225x11
  3. Pain In The Hand

    Yep I got the same thing doing negatives with a 3.5. Rest worked for me.
  4. Filing Service Preview

    Cool service. Your file jobs look better than mine.
  5. Rgc Vs Actual Difficulty For Choked Grippers

    Metal is kinda weird in general
  6. Valery Tolstyh Coc#4 Close Parallel Chocker

    Yeah I had to physically restrain myself from linking the video, lol."CAN YA HEAR IT"
  7. Request Thread - Change Username To Display Name

    If you can do that I'd appreciate it.
  8. Justin M: Barbell, Grip, Bending

    2/5/2016 Squat 245x5 280x5 320x7 Standing OHP 120x5 135x5 155x5 Bodyweight lunges x20 Done. Beer:30, steaks on the grill. Hell of a bad week for a few reasons. Some work, others a bit more intangible and out of my control at this point. Good to blow off some steam in the weight room even if it wasn't a stellar session.
  9. Request Thread - Change Username To Display Name

    Can I change my display name to Justin Matney?
  10. Upgrade - Usernames Vs Display Names

    I've wanted to change my display name for a while now
  11. The Dillinger Escape Plan - 43% Burnt
  12. Win A Free Wrist Thingy