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  1. still shocked about recieving a Super elite that RGC's at 227

    1. Jared Goguen

      Jared Goguen

      That's pretty damn heavy.

    2. Anthony C.

      Anthony C.

      LMAO. That'll make for a great lifetime paperweight.

    3. canthar


      Hide the tag and slip it in when a training partner is not looking. That's a crazy rating.

  2. NEW MEMBERS Introduce Yourself Here

    hey im Bill, 22, 5'10", 205. i got into grip training back in highschool in 06 and 07 for wrestling when jedd and smitty from diesel crew were training a teamate who ended up placing in state. at 17 years old i closed my #2 out of the package.back then they didnt have the #2.5 and the #3 seemed like an impossible feat . didnt do any lifting or training in college, went to work in the National Hot Rod Association working on a top fuel dragster then a Nitro funny car team and realized as a mechanic grip strength is a big part of my every day job. so after the 2011 season was over i bought a #2.5 and closed it out of the box with no specific grip training in 4 years. after that i realized i might finally be ready to go after my long time goals again. I WILL close my #3 and want to make it on the Mash Monster board. after my fire was re-lit i've added a BBGM another #3 (my old one had some rust on the spring b4 cleaning it) and a MM1 replica to my collection. Currently im about 1/8"-1/4" away from closing my Grand Master and 1/4"-1/2" away from my mm1 replica lands somewhere inbetween the two. my long term goals are to close the #3.5, BBE, and MM3 (or higher) cert. I have alot of respect for this website and its members and i hope to gain the knowledge and strength to achieve my goals from those who have been down the same road.