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  1. Back In The Saddle

    Webster's definition of "stud" has your pic by it Jedd. Bravo and I hope to do that one day. Sitting I can probably only grab 50-60 pounders now. That is actually more impressive than my goal which is to do it standing. I just lift em till I stop. Ok today's workout: Warm up= 1 rep 45mm block set my 149lb GHP level 7. 2 reps mms with my 156.5lb MM1 replica. Workout= 2 Reps 40mm MM1 2 Reps 40mm MM1 2 Reps 40mm MM1 2 Reps 40mm MM1 1 Attempt 40mm 177lb BBSE with nice 20 sec 3/4" handle hold (it is in striking range) 1 Rep 40mm MM1 Set work with my filed BTR vulcan I am not quite ready to start work with my easy #3.5 and didn't mention last time that I only barely made a brief contact maybe twice during my close last week. I think that's enough for today. Not nearly my former regiment but I don't want to get over zealous too quick. -Jordan
  2. Cobra Vs Magnus Sammuelson

    Wow never thought I'd say this but...Sam, I think I agree with you...
  3. Cesare Ricchezza, Mm5

    Wow very belated but well done sir.
  4. Back In The Saddle

    Ouch. Dart to the heart buddy. Ok bro you got it. I got oodles of time this year. Guess I ought to head out your way sat. -Jordan
  5. Back In The Saddle

    Yes, very light. Real narrow spread too about 2 5/8" if memory serves me. It is the one in my avatar there. You can tell by the handles it's narrow. Anyway, hey Jedd do you still have that video of you curling the 90 lbs with one arm? I'd like to see it again for motivation that is where I'm trying to be right now. -Jordan
  6. Back In The Saddle

    Well it has been 2 years and its high time I got back to gripping. Added 25lbs and now I'm hitting the gym 4-5 days a week. Wow, I mean wow. Even I cannot believe how strong my first day back is. I didn't expect to close my easy #3 just get close with it. That thing felt like a #2 and with the world's sloppiest set I easily closed it from a fairly wide set (close to CCS). So I chalked up properly, set my MM1 replica which is actually harder than the actual MM1 by about 2 lbs on the infamous RGC (since the real MM1 isn't per regulations allowed to be calibrated please let the record show: this is solely my opinion ). I had my MM1 replica calibrated/rated with eric milfeld who is just a great stand up guy and one of the strongest human beings I've ever known. It came in as 156.5 lbs and approx 2 lbs harder than the real MM1. Anyway I just chalked up and slammed my MM1 replica and I am blown away. So I figure why not try my easy #3.5? I wait a while, mentally visualize the set, and closed my 166lb #3.5. Likewise I got my 165lb BBE which is actually more difficult for me because I have much more experience in IM grippers and am accustomed to the COCs. Yes warren tetting makes all the springs but the spread and feel of different grippers varies. For me the BB springs are somewhat easier to set but harder for me to finish. Typically, I can get my easy #3.5 before I can get my BBE. My goal is now to get my super hard #3.5 COC rated at 179lbs. It has a huge spread slightly less than 1/16" short of 3". When I get that in a CCS, I will get the IM cert. I'm much stronger now. Stronger than I've ever been and I've added 20+ lbs in the last 2 years. What always held me back before was my lack of size/strength and constant injuries. My next gripper is the first I've never closed= my adjustable BBSE rated (in it's current position at 177lbs. Today is my 1st day back in 2 years of being off. I'm back in the saddle again. -Jordan
  7. Ironmind Gold Nail

    Tommy, that was super impressive. Bravo man bravo! -Jordan
  8. Cesare Ricchezza | Revenge

    Chez it is stellar watching you try so hard you literally black out. Inspirational man! Bravo. You are making me want to get the MM2 and start climbing the ladder again.
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  10. Dark Knight Rises

    I want to see the movie so badly! That shooter would have had a different experience had he tried that in Texas with me in the audience. Something soft-point and .40 inches would have hit him in the face! The guy is among other things: an absolute coward! Shooting civilians is cowardly enough, but doing it with body armor in case someone had a CHL and shot back?= a coward. However it is an election year, and next year that darn gun treaty goes to the UN so things like this with registered firearms does cast a paw on law-abiding gun owners. I wonder if it wasn't a political move sometimes.
  11. News | Super Elite Possibly Retired!

    I have a BBSE adjustable gripper from Acorn and it is a good thing I got mine when I did. However, I am still miles from closing it.
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  13. Gripper Hierarchy Chart

    Your honor I object! The #3.5 is not normally harder than the GHP8. If that isn't enough why is the atomgripz 5 band rated below a #4? I've got news for you all: My 5 band is 214# and would prove too formidable for all save probably Nathan Holle.
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  15. Ghp Gripper Challenge

    you have quite the finish there: the way you paused in the middle I thought you weren't going to get it but you have an awesome finish! Excellent job!