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  1. Ghp Level 6 Ccs Close

    I have a ghp6 at 122lbs, rated by cannon.
  2. Most Impressive #3 Cert Ever?

    Yeah, he's strong. Gabriel sum was even stronger, probably. My point though is that their closes don't look as dominating as Jang Sung-hyun's. Not even close, in my opinion. I wrote "personally", not "in person".
  3. Most Impressive #3 Cert Ever?

    Well, certification or not, I have personally never seen anyone make a #3 look that easy.
  4. Most Impressive #3 Cert Ever?

    Yeah, I thought about it too. If you can confidently CCS, lets say, a #3 at 155 any workout, then a 140 at the day of the cert probably will look something like in his video if you're well prepared and fired up.
  5. Most Impressive #3 Cert Ever?

    Ah, yeah, I like that one too. I remember reading somewhere that he only trained tns, which makes it extra cool. What makes me extra impressed by Jang Sung-hyun's cert is how he LITERALLY makes it look like a trainer. He closes the thing so fast. The sweep should look way harder. You often kind of see 2 "phases" of the sweep when a person is closing a gripper with a wide set like that, but not with this guy.
  6. Most Impressive #3 Cert Ever?

  7. Most Impressive #3 Cert Ever?

    I have personally never seen such domination of a #3.
  8. Paul Knight

    Haha! I clearly remember this comment as well, even though it's a long long time since I read it.
  9. Cracking The Knuckles Generally harmless. Some studies say it may result in a decrease in grip strength though. So, I suppose we can't be sure yet, and therefore I think it's harmful to say it is completely harmless.
  10. Of course your hands can get thicker. Of course you can get super strong without having thick hands with thick fingers/bones.
  11. Annoying Ironmind Hub Question

    45 is a good lift.
  12. Annoying Ironmind Hub Question

    Well, you're the hubgeezer, so it was expected of you. What is your PR btw?
  13. Annoying Ironmind Hub Question

    Okay! 75 is kind of what I thought myself. Thanks, Eric. It's just that it's always difficult to compare two completely different feats/lifts, but it obviously is possible in some sense as you all answered ~75.
  14. Annoying Ironmind Hub Question

    What IM hub number would you compare to, say, a 3.5 mms close? I have been training grippers for a long time, but the hub is new to me and I would like to have a frame of reference. Also, I'm talking a IM hub lift that ironmind would actually green light, cause people can obviously lift way more when holding the thing differently (not to take anything away from those lifts/lifters).
  15. My Best Close To Date!

    Well done, Jared. Super explosive.