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  1. Great interview Nate!
  2. How would I go about locating other grip guys and benders in my state? I noticed that Mike Hadland is from Shawnee, Oklahoma which is pretty close to me but he is not on the member map and has been inactive for a while on here.  Myself and a friend of mine live fairly close and it would be nice to be near a guy of his talents or anyone else with similar interests.  

  3. New life

    Best of luck!
  4. 3x25kg Pinch

    We need voting by 7 more members! Let's support our grip brother here in judging!
  5. When in Doubt? Specialize!

    No, @wobbleris right on. Plus, I cycled the specialization which is key. I would often flip back and forth in about 8 week cycles typically.
  6. When in Doubt? Specialize!

    I was never very gifted in grip in reality hence my username "Wannagrip" So, what worked for me to be the best I could be to attain certain grip goals was to specialize to achieve the goal. For example, if I had a gripper goal to achieve I would only train gripper specific with total focus on grippers. The same for the blob. I would drop all gripper work and work solely on the blobs with full force! Anyway, this might be a direction for others as well to achieve certain grip goals you might have for yourself.
  7. NEW MEMBERS Introduce Yourself Here

    Welcome Tim! @temmmeeee
  8. NEW MEMBERS Introduce Yourself Here

    Welcome @Mattia gunny!!
  9. 3x25kg Pinch

    1. Must lift to full deadlift position. 2. Only chalk allowed. 3. Must be metal plates. Must lift smooth-sides-out. No rubber plates. 4. Lift must be followed to the floor.
  10. 2 45's Pinch - Delmar Carter

    He's been added to the list! Congrats Delmar!
  11. 2 45's Pinch - Delmar Carter

    He's been added to the list! Congrats Delmar!