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  1. Fantastic Cert Video

    Congrats buddy. Ben put so much effort into bending that he almost crapped his pants.
  2. The Nailman's Top 50 & Top 20 Bending List (merged) 9-28-14

    Great job Scott. It was awesome hanging with you at the BBB back in October.
  3. Who's #1 In The Usa?

    Big Steve, Dave Morton, Josh Dale and Ben Edwards.
  4. Rb Gripper Rankings

    Josh is correct about the RB's being all over the map. I have an RB240N and and RB260N and they are identical in difficulty. They are just a hair under my easiest # 3 =-O
  5. Flash Mash Monster News!

    Congrats Bro. Bill should have sent you the MM3, MM4 and MM5 at the same time so you could grind the handles on those also.
  6. Lots Of Bending Videos

    Thank you for posting these Franky.
  7. First Red

    Congrats Scott. I told you that you were ready.
  8. Tmmicklabs

    10-21-06 Bending: 6" x 1/4" FBBC Bar 7" x 5/16" Hexabastard Bar 6" x 5/16" Huge Bastard...PR 5.5" x 5/16" Grand Bastard...Kinked to 45 degrees...PR V-Bar: 96lbs x 1 206lbs x 1 231lbs x 1...PR York Blobs: 22.5 27.5 30 35...PR 37.5...PR
  9. Bbb Results

    This contest was amazing. It was so nice to finally meet so many guys from the board.
  10. Bbb Ii

    Thanks for taking are sharing those photos. It was great to finally meet you.
  11. A Bbb Food Update

    Josh and Ben are correct about the food. John is a Top Gun chef.
  12. New Magnificent Bastard!

    Congrats Aaron.
  13. Tmmicklabs

    10-11-06 Bending: 5 Twist Timber Tie x 2 60d Common Nail 6" x 1/4" Grade 5 7" Red Nail 6.5" Big Bastard...PR Just a quick light workout. I am breaking in a new set of leathers.
  14. First Impressions Of Stainless Fbbc

    Thanks Brother. If all goes as planned I will be certing on the 7" Shiny Bastard at the BBB2006. Good Times.
  15. Tmmicklabs

    10-09-06 Grippers - Left and Right Hand: 5 MMS closes of the Hard # 2 5 MMS closes of the Super Hard # 2 3 MMS closes of the Narrow Grand Master 2 closes of the Super Master hose clamped @ 7/16" 100 Crest Crushes of the RB260N