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  1. Fingertips Push-ups

    Hey all, my name is Robin and I am a newbie here. I have a question about fingertips push-ups : can they help to build serious grip strength ? And, if they do, what kind of grip strength? When I do them, I feel pain and tension in my fingers and they are obviously harder than regular push-ups. However, I never feel sore in my forearm after this exercise. My guess is that this kind of push-ups focus on tendon and ligaments strength. But, I m not too sure about it. A lot of martial artists consider it a must to build functional grip strength (see Bruce Lee's famous demonsration of one-arm, two-finger push-ups). So, what do you think? Do you practice them regularly? Do you think it's a good exercise to incorporate grip training into a regular bodyweight routine?
  2. Whooa! First Timer Closed #3

    I got that, but, anyway someone who brings two 50kg plates to the benchpress usually means to bench them. Add the weight of the olympic barbell and you have a 120kg benchpress ! Pretty good for a 17 y old! And obviously pinchlifting those plates onto the bench is quite a feat in itself You should definitely introduce this boy to grip training. Why not be his coach petski !
  3. Whooa! First Timer Closed #3

    Yeah !!felt like tossing all my grippers into the wastedumper and never touch a gripper again :) ,not as that was enough later that workout he lifted those 50 kg barbellplates(one in each hand) with a pinch grip ,up onto the benchpress bench. I can´t get any air under that plate when i try lifting it like that.there is a semi rounded edge on those plates nothing really to get a god hold onto. Does that mean he can also benchpress over 120kg? Not bad for a kid. What's his bodyweight (approximately) ? Btw is he Bruce Banner (hulk)'s son ? Cause that could explain many things.
  4. Really Strong

    2:10 ; look at the veins on his forearm
  5. NEW MEMBERS Introduce Yourself Here

    Hey all, my name's Robin, I am a french rock climber striving to build some real grip strength. I am 19 and tend to be that kind of very nimble lightweight (5'7" and only 125 lbs) climber with some promising skills provided that I work on my upper body strength and especially my pinching and supporting strength. So that's why I am here. Besides, I have been reading the posts for a month and really got hooked up by the whole grip thing. I've started some pinch routine and ordered some IM grippers (T and #1) that should be delivered in a fortnight or so (shipping to France seems to be a long way). Can't wait to start training with them. Btw are there any other french guys in here ? (Hope the spelling is not too bad )