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  1. #3 Race

    Shite. Failed again. I think I got it closed on the second attempt today, but you can't really see it in the vid because I was straining so hard I didn't have any concentration left to pay attention to the camera. Oh, well. Nothing to do but keep trying!
  2. #3 Race

    MM certs are still done here. Just send it in to Wannagrip instead of making the vid public. Awesome, thanks.
  3. #3 Race

    Thanks, guys. I should be able to get the cert vid done on Sunday. Are we doing all of the certs through GripCerts.com now? Or are the MM certs still being submitted here?
  4. Closed the #3!! WOOHOOOO!!!

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    2. daniel reinard

      daniel reinard

      Congrats! Makes me jealous. Keep at it!

    3. Malice


      Awesome job brother!!

    4. RichardBean1


      AWESOME! Congratulations!

  5. #3 Race

    Finally got the 3 closed for two good singles on Sunday! Now I just need to get it on film. I learned a very valuable lesson recently: DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME TRAINING SUB-OPTIMALLY. I think it took me much longer to shut the 3 than it should have because I was training them in the morning, when I knew I was weaker. After being so close for so long, I was getting frustrated. Deciding to bring my grippers home and train them in conjunction with my bench and squat workouts was something I should have done long ago. I used the same workouts, but got much better results. Three weeks of training OPTIMALLY got me farther than six months of training the way I used to. When I shut it, I thought I had grabbed the wrong gripper. It was so easy, I thought I was holding my weaker #2.5.
  6. #3 Race

    almost got six with the 'big' #2.5 today, right-handed. Left was extremely weak today for some reason. Gonna try the 3 again next week
  7. #3 Race

    I really can't tell if that was closed, Calvin, but it was definitely closer than mine!
  8. #3 Race

    After much fighting with computers and logins, here we go!
  9. #3 Race

    Tried to post the vid, but it says I can't upload that type of file. My camera encodes in mp4. Anything I can do?
  10. #3 Race

    Aaaaargh! So close! I'll put the vid up later, but there is definitely some daylight between the handles. If I had done a better job of setting it on the first attempt, I think it would have shut. Got better sets on the next two attempts, but still didn't get it.
  11. First Gripper You Closed.

    HG150 and 200. Was disappointed at how easy they were. Then got a CoC #3 and was excited about how hard it was (couldn't even get it to parallel). Ordered #1, 1.5, and 2. Closed the #2 for 3 reps right and 1 rep left, right out of the package.
  12. Dang! Either My Gripper Lost Their Strength Or ...

    Gotta admit, this makes me want to install a flat-ways 2x4 as a pullup board. Ooh, ya know what? I could just lay a board across the top of my power rack! I have to try it. Not gonna do it this week, though. I plan on shutting the #3 on Friday, and I don't want to risk it.
  13. #3 Race

    Just checked the MM0 certs, and none of your names are on it. Roll Call: EeroR thehardway knyaz griparrayxp tchcalvin DannyGrip huntca turbinepro Vice indiladhar leonidas If any of you are gonna win this, you better get to smashin' with the tape rolling. I'm closing it Friday.
  14. #3 Race

    Wow... has it really been over nine months?!?!? Has nobody won this thing yet??? I'm damn close to getting it. I have recently blasted 8 reps on my average #2.5, and almost got 5 on my hard #2.5 (hasn't been cleaned and oiled in forever). I've tried all kinds of stuff... BFN's, heavy singles, high reps... nothing worked better than just repping in the 2-8 range three times a week with moderate volume. Haven't attempted the #3 in several months. Gonna give it a go on Friday, between sets of squats. Gotta make sure to get the vid, 'cause I think I can finally close it.
  15. John Brookfield's "the Rotation"

    I forgot all about this thread... We just had our second child, so I think its forgivable? Anywho, the build didn't work. As it turns out, PVC likes to 'stick' too much to get a smooth action.