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  1. Gripper Rankings Update

    thanks Hugo,have seen your vids on utube.My utube user name id cadaverhusk.All the best
  2. Closing The #4 Coc

    I thought the #3 was impossible for me when i first bought it.I told myself to forget it,you cant do it.But i trained,trained and trained some more.It has fallen in less than a year.So something i was convinced was impossible took less than a year of steady relentless training.If my perceptions on the #3 were SO wrong then i am convinced my perceptions on the #4 is just as wrong.By increasing my strength and my technique,just as i had to in order to close the #3,then the #4 is only a matter of time...
  3. Got A New Pair Of Grippers

    Good closing
  4. Coc#3 Its closed,but with a supporting left hand on the spring its far from a good close.BUT ITS CLOSED !!
  5. Gripper Rankings Update

    Can anyone tell me where in the rankings my rb 365 would fit? i think its beyond a #4 but i have not managed to see it mentioned anywhere on here.
  6. #3 Close

    Thank you. There has been alot of debate about gripper strength changing over time. I don't beilive they have gotten harder nor easier. But I agree that the older ones look better. My favorite is defenatly the grippers from 2005. GR8 shiny spring and just numbers on the bottom. btw not fooling anyone Edit- I wanted to add that if you ever feel that you need any grippers calibrated just send a PM to bencrush. thanks for the info,yeah it would be good to get my #3 calibrated,it does not seem to be much harder than my #2.5.Could be i happen to have an easy #3 and a hard #2.5.Best of luck with your grippers
  7. #3 Close

    hi mate im from wolverhampton just down the road from dudley. if you want to try a new coc 3 let me know and i can bring it over to you. boland Cheers for the offer mate,actually Dudley is my surname.Living in Banbury,Oxfordshire.I got and have closed the new #3.Did you get the close on your #3 yet? You find your hand takes a few days to recover the strength after maxing out on your grippers?
  8. NEW MEMBERS Introduce Yourself Here

    Hi, My name is Rob.Been training on coc's for about a year now.#2 fell within a couple of weeks,the #2.5 after a few months and finally the #3 has been crushed a few times.Suffering with painful tendons due to my inability to not train (pick up and do some reps) every day.It is my aim to close my beautiful chromed Robert Baraban 365 before i die.
  9. #3 Close

    Hello to all,this is my first post. Great close,i have heard talk that those older coc's are easier to close than the newer ones.I have also heard the opposite is true.Anyone know for sure? A small point but i actually prefer the look of the old ones.