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  1. Anyone live near Arlington, TX?

    Hello Morgan. I live in Bedford, very close to you. Also Eric Milfeld lives in Ft Worth, he is a wealth of advice and knowledge on grip.
  2. Multiple arm wrestlers lift the inch!!

    Dang, thats awesome.
  3. 45lb Plate Hula 12 reps

    Wow, that is just crazy strong!
  4. CoC 3 wide set close

    Strong ! Well done.
  5. Mms reps for TNS

    8 reps MMS = 1 rep TNS for me.
  6. 250ish euro pinch from today's training

    Ridiculous pinch. Very nice !
  7. who's the lightest person to lift the Blob 50

    Bob Sundin and Derick Graybill,Both were very light to be lifting the blob.
  8. who's the lightest person to lift the Blob 50

    Evan my hands are 7.5 as well. Your revolving handle strengthis inspirational. With the blob, make a de-loader, It helps a ton.
  9. who's the lightest person to lift the Blob 50

    When I first lifted the blob50 I was145-150 depending on the day i weighed. Now I'm a fatish 200.
  10. Crushed to Dust Certification

    Well done brothers !
  11. Post a selfie

    i did a google search of " mullet " for a funny avatar. that guy looks awesome.
  12. Post a selfie

    Thanks man, but i gotta admit, it started off horizontally at hells kitchen. My bro got married and hells kitchen closed it's doors. I moved it to my work and thats the only way they would allow me to mount it. I kinda like it better vertically anyway.
  13. The 2016 Southern Squeeze Grip Competition

    Euclides, I got those same pants ! " you think anybody want's a round house to the face while I'm wearing these bad boys ? " Congrats to all, that looks fun !
  14. Wrist Curls 15 Kg Plate

    Thank you my man Casey! How are you these days my friend? I'm fat and happy. . .But mostly fat !