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  1. Year 2. Strongman And Grip

    barbell.. Oh... I say balance, so just keep working on it and you'll probably get better. Make sure your hips aren't shifting real far one way or the other. k, thanks. Darius was at the gym today. He mouthed the word zemke to me then blew a kiss and winked.. Know what thats about? He probably noticed that your gut was getting almost as big as his so he came onto you.
  2. Year 2. Strongman And Grip

    barbell.. Oh... I say balance, so just keep working on it and you'll probably get better. Make sure your hips aren't shifting real far one way or the other.
  3. Year 2. Strongman And Grip

    On the single leg RDL's when I went righty I leaned outward on my foot alot. I couldn't keep my foot flat when driving back up.. I would press hard on the outside of my foot. wasnt so bad lefty but right was bad.. any thoughts? Is it a balance problem? What hand are you reaching with, same or opposite?
  4. Year 2. Strongman And Grip

    took notes. And when we were done with our workout we had a nice dinner for two. We sat at the smallest table I've ever seen and were surrounded by females. I'm pretty sure everyone in the restaurant thought we were gay.
  5. Year 2. Strongman And Grip

    You can't be any paler than the guy that passed out in the middle of my exam last night. Get some rest, fluids, and take your vitamins. I'm sure you know all that. You'll be fine in a couple of days.
  6. Big Hands?

    David, I'm the same way. Hand is 7.5-ish and span is 9-ish. I think my thumb is long? It's weird, though, because I feel like I have a short pinkie. Chris and Brandon even laughed at me. We weren't laughing at you, we were laughing with you.
  7. Schuna's Training Log

    Is this the same John Schuna that went to Eau Claire? Just wondering... I'm a senior at UWEC and remember a John Schuna.
  8. Zemke Intro

    Ya he left the tape on. If Brandon beats me to the 3.5 I quit. Im putting my hands through hell to get that gripper. If he just waltz's into it I wont be happy. Yeah, I left the tape on, it definitely allows you to do a higher volume. I think my form is getting better also. My sets have been feeling a lot more comfortable and more powerful. I don't know about me closing the 3.5 before Chris, that's a pretty big jump, but I dont' see why it can't be a goal of mine!
  9. Zemke Intro

    are you training strongman still? Just remembered your first thread and thought you mentioned it, you could probably do well with your size. Yep, still training for strongman and loving it. I'm doing my first competition on the 19th of April. I'm not really expecting big results, I just want to gain a lot of experience and perform to the best of my abilities.
  10. Zemke Intro

    Thanks for the support guys. I need to say a special thanks to Chris for introducing me to grip training. I must say that I've kind of fallen in love with grippers and becoming a captain of crush is now a goal of mine. Shizen- I should point out that I played Division 3 football, not D1.
  11. Chris Mathison Certification

    I witnessed Chris close the MM1 yesterday at about 4:45. Smashed it right out of the package. I think he is slowly becoming my idol.
  12. Chris Mathison Certification

    I will be Chris's witness. It's going down next Wednesday Feb. 27 at 4:30 p.m.
  13. Hello

    I just started training a few weeks ago and haven't even tried some of the events. I was able to lift a 245 lb stone and missed a 300lb, and haven't done it again since. I've done a 280 lb farmer's for about 20-25 feet, I think I can improve that pretty easily. Here are my pr's in the weight room: deadlift 500, bench 330, squat 450, power clean 290. I have never tried bending but I'm sure it would be fun. impressive power clean and lifts, how long you been training? Did you train mostly olympic lifting or power lifting, or where you just some athlete of some sort and now getting into strongman? I've been training since I was a freshman in highschool so I guess that's about 7 years now. My training has always been for sports until very recently when I started training for strongman. I've been power cleaning ever since I started lifting, haven't done a lot of snatching. I just started deadlifting again.
  14. Hello

    1/2" to 3/4", that's quite a jump isn't it? Where was this comp? Hell I would go enter one like that just to win one event at least, hehehe. 245 stone ain't bad. I need to make another one, I can shoulder my 200 for reps now I guess I should make a 250. Too bad there isn't a simple way to add weight to those things, just big jumps in size and weight. Have you tried a thickbar deadlift or continential clean yet? And you gotta try some bending, have you seen any of the old bending contests? you gotta love it. Yeah, I've gotten 250 overhead with a 2" axle. I''ve done 7 reps at 420 on the same axle using an over/under grip.
  15. Hello

    By my measurement, my hands are just a shade above 8.5 inches.