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  • Interests I enjoy powerlifting and anything strength related. I do 2 grip related workouts a week. I am a Police Officer in Minnesota and feel training for strength has helped me in several precarious situations. My general strength in all areas has increased since I began working on grip strength.
  1. Mashing the #3 CoC approximately 1 out of 4 attempts.

  2. I developed a topic on Facebook title captain of crush handgrippers.
  3. I live in Minnesota and am close to becoming certified with the #3 Captain Of Crush handgripper. I will contact Ironmind when I am consistently closing the gripper but am curious if there is a witness for the closing of the gripper available in the Minnesota area. I figured I would start this topic for people that live throughout the world to know of a contact where they live also. I know that Ironmind will line this up but I am just curious.
  4. NEW MEMBERS Introduce Yourself Here

    I think you will be even more amazing at what you do if you take the time to listen to some of these people on here. From what I have read so far on these posts there are some very dedicated and strong people on here. I have been most impressed with this site so far because everyone seems humble regarding themselves and take the time to help others get better. Best of luck with your training Ryan. Kyle That sounds like an awefully cocky attitude, what do you "do"? A little of this, a little of that. I'm a nobody; don't mind me.
  5. NEW MEMBERS Introduce Yourself Here

    My name is Kyle and I live in the Minneapolis Minnesota area. I have been into powerlifting for 5 years and grip training seriously for 2 years. I got my first Captain of Crush trainer gripper a little over 2 years ago. I later got the #1 followed by the #2. I have worked hard on each and progressed to the higher one up. I got the #2.5 gripper three months ago and came to within 1/4 inch of closing it on the first workout. I ordered the #3 a week later and at first was about a 1/2 inch from closing that. By the second grip workout I was closing the #2.5 with each hand. I closed the #3 a few days ago with the help of my left hand to get it started and held it shut for a 3 second count with my right hand. I have found for myself that working on a gripper I am not even close to closing helps me to close the one below it. I have been doing a lot of plate pinches and recently did 2 35lb plates with an individual hand. I plate pinch down to 5lb plates and work individual fingers. I have been working on my overhand deadlift with a bar and recently did over 400lb. I hope to purchase the Rolling Thunder soon and get started on that. I also enjoy using fat bars when possibe. I am so glad I found the gripboard site. I am impressed with the information and knowledge people have on this subject.
  6. Grip Contest In Minnesota...maybe

    I am in Minnesota (Wright County area). I am curious if you have any more grip contests coming up in Minnesota anytime soon. Kyle
  7. You seem to be on the right track. The only question I have is how often are you giving yourself to recuperate between hand workouts? Otherwise keep at it. Good work. Kyle