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  1. Close A #4 Training

    Keep us updated lloyd80s
  2. Close A #4 Training

    Interesting thread indeed! I'll follow your training lloyd80s. Good luck to you.
  3. I Think I'm Addicted

    I have more or less the same background as you; been litfing weights since '97 and have never trained the grip... but now when I've discovered grippers, I can't stop thinking about 'em. Almost some kind of disease. Good luck hunting down that #2, it's a great feeling when the handles touch.
  4. First Attempt At A Gripper Vid

    It looked closed to me, but with an other angle it will be easier to see. I haven't tried to make a gripper vid yet, but they are sure fun to watch. Keep on punishing that #2!
  5. I've Joined The Coc #2 Club

    Thanks dimmers, spahn ranch and GetAGrip87! spahn ranch: I've never tried to order from IM. So far I've only used swedish webshops. Maybe my next order will be from the states (the customs is a scary place, but if you've been lucky maybe I should give it a try).
  6. I've Joined The Coc #2 Club

    Thanks alot everyone! I'll come back with new info later this fall hopefully... Mike
  7. I've Joined The Coc #2 Club

    Hello gripper friends! Today is a big day for me. I feel like I'm the King of the Gripper World... except I'm not of course. 15 minutes ago I got my CoC #2, and managed to close it after the warm up. Wow... a great feeling really. I screamed out load and held it shut for like 5 secs, hehe. I bought my #1 and #1.5 last month, and have trained 3 days a week with those. And now I can see the #2.5 in the horizon... My experience with these grippers isn't that long, but I guess the 10 years in the gym is helping me somewhat with the grip strength so far. Well, great to be a member here, knowing that so many share the same interest. Mike