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  1. Routine Advice

    Thanks wannagrip. used to do loads of chins but pulled a muscle under my armpit that always flares up if i do them. are one hand rows a good substitute? if so strict or 'kroc' style?
  2. Routine Advice

    Thanks Frank I also mix in some high rep double kettlebell clean and jerks. Great for cardio and grip endurance, not so great for raw power. Have had similar experience with club swinging and strand pulling. I enjoy all of them, trouble is you cant do everything and get results, spreading yourself too thin. One thing i've noticed is my ground strength is going up the more hand and thighs lifts that i do. a big pay off for a small movement. The old timers seemed to be keen on this too.
  3. Routine Advice

    Hi all Been hovering on the forum for a while, just thought i would pick your collective brains for advice on my routine. I'm 5 foot 11 195 lbs been doing mma and k/bells for many years. Got into heavy lifting bout 10 mths ago and have made good progress (168 lbs at start). My current routine is Low bar squat 4 sets of 3 reps Power shrugs 3 sets of 5 Hand and thigh lift 2 sets of 10 overhead press 4 sets of 5 Every workout i alternate between farmers walks and kettlebell swings for strength cardio and one set of wrist roller from a 15 foot high platform I carry a set of 210 lb grippers that i close throughout the day. I do this workout every other day for the most part. My goals are to have as high a level of grappling strength as possible without carrying to much excess bulk. Any pointers or advice to assist with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.
  4. Homemade Curling Device

    built a homemade curling device a few weeks back that has brought my numbers on quite well. Its a scaffolding plank with two eye hooks screwed in about 3 feet apart.bungees hooked onto the eye hooks with the bungee hooks bent over to stop them coming off.the top of the bungees hooked onto small karibiners that are hooked onto a barbell.then chains from the barbell going up through a 2 foot section of scaffolding bar.When you curl the scaffolding bar the barbell is a dead weight through the whole movement and the bungees will cut in as they stretch.you can use short bungees for an instant increase in tension or longer ones to delay the increase.make sure to stand/put weight on the plank.I use 3 bungees each side.these will make a heavy contraction at the top of the movement.Let me know what you all think?